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King Dedede's Limousine is a limo with many traps, gizmos, and goes at break-neck speed. It is first seen in the episode The Kirby Derby - Part I when King Dedede orders it from Nightmare Enterprises to win Cappy Town's first annual race-car derby. Since Dedede doesn't know how to drive, Escargoon drives it. One of the obvious powers the limo has is to whack things with a giant mallet, same to when King Dedede gets mad at Escargoon. Against the odds, Dedede was last out of four racers, as revealed in The Kirby Derby - Part II. Tiff and Tuff took 3rd, while Meta Knight's car blew up because of the limo. Even Wheel Kirby couldn't win 1st, and he got a close 2nd. Surprisingly, Mayor Len Blustergas and his wife beat King Dedede's speedy limo. Throughout the rest of the episodes, the limo is Dedede's transportation vehicle instead of his tank, even though it gets destroyed several times.


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