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The king of darkness returns for the very last battle. The world needs Team Kirby!
— Quest Description • Team Kirby Clash Deluxe

King D-Mind is a villain and final boss in the Kirby series, debuting in Team Kirby Clash Deluxe. He is the king of darkness, and appears to be a fusion of Dark Mind and Shadow Dedede.

Physical Appearance

King D-Mind's first form has a similar appearance to Shadow Dedede with a purple color scheme and Dark Mind's crown. His hammer and clothing contain eye logos, similar to the ones found on Parallel Susie's mech. He also has spikes on his back like those found in Dark Mind's first form.

King D-Mind can shapeshift by enlarging his stomach to the point that it engulfs the rest of his body. It then opens like jaws (which is a reference to King Dedede's stomach jaws from Kirby's Dream Land 3), revealing a giant purple eye that greatly resembles Dark Mind's second form.

King D-Mind’s Revenge appears for the True Final Battle in Team Kirby Clash Deluxe and his Super+ Party Quest in Super Kirby Clash, his color scheme has changed to a black and gray mix with a cyan shine. His core form now looks exactly like Dark Mind's second form, with the only exception being that it is inside King D-Mind's mouth-stomach. His hammer and halberd's color schemes are replaced with a black and platinum texturing, along with a cyan shine. This appearance is thought to be the villain's true form.


Team Kirby Clash Deluxe


As a last resort, Taranza summons the black mirror, bringing out Dark Taranza from its depths. Team Kirby battles the evil creature, ultimately conquering him. He summons the king of darkness, King D-Mind, to vanquish them. When this villain emerges from the mirror, however, he promptly destroys Dark Taranza. He then challenges the team and loses.

Team Kirby seals King D-Mind away in a far-off dimension and shatters the black mirror. With the mirror destroyed, Taranza comes to his senses, and peace returns to the Dream Kingdom.


King D-Mind is fought at the Decisive Battlefield in two quests, the first of which is called The Final Battle, which is unlocked for 180 Gem Apples. He is an Ordeal boss in the Tougher category. He attacks using many of Masked Dedede's and Shadow Dedede's techniques from Kirby: Triple Deluxe. These primarily include body slamming, jumping and floating around, firing projectiles from his hammer, and releasing projectiles from the jaws that emerge from his stomach.

When his first phase ends, King D-Mind replaces his broken hammer with a halberd. He wildly swings it around and creates explosions by striking it against the ground. He continues to use his physical attacks from the first phase. The most notable attack King D-Mind gains is the reveal of his core in which he transforms into an eyeball inside a toothy mouth. In this form, he flies around in attempt to hit the Kirbys and fires lasers from above.

King D-Mind is fought for the last time in his revenge form in the quest called The True Final Battle, which is unlocked for 200 Gem Apples after the previous quest's completion. He is an Ordeal boss in the Toughest category and is the only boss classified as such in the game. He attacks using the same techniques from the previous quest, now more powerful and in a different order.

King D-Mind’s Revenge replaces his broken hammer with a halberd like in the previous battle. He uses his halberd attacks from before but gains two new ones (which are reused from Masked Dedede's Revenge and Shadow Dedede): He spins around rapidly with it on the ground for one, and uses his rapid swinging to turn himself into a tornado for the other. He continues to use his physical attacks and core transformation, which now covers more ground with its laser attack.

When defeated, King D-Mind’s Revenge falls onto the battlefield. Team Kirby uses magic power to force him back into the black mirror before shattering it.

Super Kirby Clash

In Super Kirby Clash, King D-Mind appears once again as a boss in the Decisive Battlefield, having the same attacks as his fight in Team Kirby Clash Deluxe. The Ordeal is unlocked for 40 Gem Apples. In the game, Parallel Nightmare, the main antagonist, summons King-D Mind through a dimensional rift. However, like with Dark Taranza, King D-Mind turns on him and thwacks him with his hammer, sending him flying into the distance. He then does battle with Team Kirby, attacking the same way as his initial battle in Team Kirby Clash Deluxe, but is defeated, and explodes.

King D-Mind also appears in two Party Quests. His Toughest fight is much the same as the Story Quest Ordeal, only with higher health and a different order of attacks. The Super+ Ordeal, on the other hand, consists of fighting King D-Mind's Revenge, fighting in the exact same way as in the True Final Battle Quest of Team Kirby Clash Deluxe.

Related Quotes

A caped wizard traveled across dimensions and summoned the terrifying King of Darkness!
— Quest Description (Tougher) • Super Kirby Clash
Time to face off against the King of Darkness yet again! Don't let the beams from his giant eyeballs mow you down!
— Quest Description (Toughest) • Super Kirby Clash
The ultimate King of Darkness has awakened! Our only light of hope in this desperate hour is Team Kirby!
— King D-Mind's Revenge Quest Description • Super Kirby Clash
All the dread of this world is said to be trapped in this cursed hammer of a dark king. Its strength is amplified by the power of warped black mirrors.
— Weapon description • Super Kirby Clash
Armor belonging to the dark king who plunged the world into fear. Its dark power boils with rage, seeking revenge.
— Armor description • Super Kirby Clash


King D-Mind's name is a portmanteau of King Dedede and Dark Mind, the two characters upon which this villain is based.

In Other Languages

Names, etymology and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology and notes
Japanese キングD・マインド
キングD・マインド リベンジ
Translates to King D-Mind.
Translates to King D-Mind Revenge.
English King D-Mind
King D-Mind's Revenge
Traditional Chinese D大王·意向
D大王·意向 复仇
Translates to King D-Intention.
Translates to King D-Intention Revenge.
German König D. Mind
König D. Minds Rache
Translates to King D. Mind.
Translates to King D. Mind's Revenge.
French Roi D. Diablik
Roi D. Diablik Ultra
Translates to King D. Mind.
Translates to King D. Mind Ultra.
Portmanteau of Roi DaDiDou and Psychédiablik, King Dedede and Dark Mind's French names respectively.
Italian King D Mind
La vendetta di King D Mind
Translates to King D Mind.
Translates to The Revenge of King D. Mind.
Spanish Rey D. Mind
Rey D. Mind vengador
Translates to King D. Mind.
Translates to Revenger King D. Mind.


  • Many projectiles from the original Masked Dedede and Shadow Dedede fights are replaced with stars, including the hammer's missiles and the halberd's energy balls. This is a reference to how Dark Mind uses stars as projectiles in Kirby & The Amazing Mirror.
  • King D-Mind's core transformation is his only original attack. The rest are reused from Shadow Dedede's moveset.
  • King D-Mind is the only final boss so far to have his stronger form renamed (in this case, to King D-Mind's Revenge).
  • During his battle, the fourth Power Tablet can only be obtained after he exits his core form.
  • King D-Mind's destruction may be inspired by Drawcia's destruction at the end of Kirby: Canvas Curse.
  • King D-Mind's Revenge in Super Kirby Clash has the highest known health of any Kirby boss, at 3,039,600 HP (higher than The Three Mage-Sisters, who have 3,200 HP; Magolor Soul, who has 999 HP; and Star Dream Soul OS's core, which has 800 HP).
    • This is mostly a result of the game's RPG nature and focus on multiplayer.
  • The music for the battle against King D-Mind (first phase) is an arrangement of Castle Lololo's music in Kirby's Dream Land, which also plays during Landia EX's battle.
  • The music used for the second phase is an arrangement of both Masked Dedede's and Dark Mind's themes.
  • In Super Kirby Clash, the music used for the Tougher and Toughest battles against King D-Mind is a remix of the Giant Masked Dedede battle in Kirby's Blowout Blast.
  • King D-Mind's Revenge is the only Revenge boss that does not or never had a shade of purple in its color palette.
  • During the fight with King D-Mind, the Dark Mind eye resides within the stomach. This may be a reference to Dark Matter, as that's where they resided when they possessed King Dedede in Kirby's Dream Land 3 and Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards.
  • King D-Mind is referred to as "MaskedBlackDedede" in the game files (Black Dedede being Shadow Dedede's Japanese name), as he is in a sense the Shadow Dedede equivalent of Masked Dedede.
  • Upon closer inspection on King-D Mind's icon shown in the Quest Board in Super Kirby Clash, he appears to be wielding his hammer and halberd at the same time, as his halberd can be seen clipping through his hammer.