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Kabu Canyon is a series of rocky cliffs and canyons located in Dream Land. It is home to the ancient stone sage, Kabu, Dream Land's wisest being and one of its greatest treasures.

When the people of Dream Land need information, they visit Kabu Canyon where they can turn to Kabu for advice. The road to Kabu is ancient and rocky, and Kabu's area is surrounded by tropical plants while Kabu himself has gently burning flames in front of the entrance to his inside, which is a small blue ancient chamber room where Kirby's Warp Star is located.


  • Much of the episode Kirby's Duel Role took place in Kabu Canyon.
  • Besides the fight between Kirby and Meta Knight in said episode, some other battles also took place in Kabu Canyon, most notably the fights in Crusade for the Blade and the two-part Air-Ride-in-Style.
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