Jet into the air and body slam enemies!
— Kirby Battle Royale - Kirby's 25th Anniversary Copy Ability Poll

Jet is one of Kirby's Copy Abilities. It appears in Kirby Super Star (and its remake, Kirby Super Star Ultra), in the anime, and later reappears in Kirby: Planet Robobot.

General Information

With this ability, Kirby wears a hat with jet-plane wings, a big jet rocket attached on the back, and some shades on the front that drop down to protect his eyes. He uses this ability to hover for a long time and uses jet-fueled tackles to destroy enemies. This ability also appeared in Kirby Super Star’s Gourmet Race sub-game in the Onion Garden course. It can only be obtained through the third copy pedestal towards the start of the level.

Jet also appears as a Mode for Robobot Armor in Kirby: Planet Robobot.


Move Controls Description Notes Element
Store Power B or Y (hold) Kirby charges up the jet's energy. It can be saved by jumping or guarding, allowing Kirby to move around freely; if Kirby gets hurt, he will lose his charge. N/A Sizzle (exhaust)
↑ + B (tapped) Kirby does a quick moon kick that hits enemies from above. This attack is exclusive to Kirby: Planet Robobot. Sizzle (exhaust)
Jet Kick B or Y (tapped) Kirby lunges forward, foot outstretched and kicks enemies, damaging them. N/A Sizzle (exhaust)
Jet Heading B or Y (tapped, midair) Kirby dives forward, plowing through foes. It has more momentum if Kirby is airborne from a dash jump.
Kirby now tires out upon repeated use of uncharged Jet Headings. After five are used in rapid succession, he will travel half the normal distance with more gravity acting on him.
Sizzle (exhaust)
Jet Dash B or Y (tapped, full charge) Kirby launches forward at high speed, ramming enemies.
Due to the changes in hitstun, Kirby can now hit all foes and bosses with both the dash and the Jet Cracker, which was not always possible in Kirby Super Star.
Jet Cracker B, Y or after colliding into a wall during Jet Dash A burst of energy is shot out from the jet and released through Kirby's arms. Covers a wide radius and has high power. Cancels Jet Dash.
KSSU logo
This attack gives Kirby less invincibility after it finishes, but has much less ending lag.
This attack has less range.
Jet Blow B or Y (tapped, not full power, near enemy) Kirby sucks the enemy into his thruster and blasts it out the back, colliding with other enemies and dealing damage.
Captured enemies are thrusted much farther than they were in Kirby Super Star.
Rocket Dive B or Y (tapped) + ←/→/↑ (full power, near enemy) Kirby grabs an enemy, then loops around in an arched plunge before plummeting back down to the ground and violently kicking them away.
Enemies now fly erratically after being kicked away, rather than in a small arc.
Hover A (midair) Kirby's afterburn keeps him afloat in midair.
Kirby's vertical acceleration while hovering is much higher.
Ultra Jet Jump A (tapped, midair, full power) Kirby launches himself into the air at high speed, using up the charge from his jetpack.
This attack is one of the techniques that can KO any mid-boss automatically when struck from below, due to the inexplicable "weak point" below the mid-bosses in this game. The weak point was removed in Kirby Super Star Ultra.

Damage Values

Move Damage
Somersault N/A 16, 12 (sourspot)
Jet Kick 14 (no charge), 22 (some charge) 16 (no charge), 12 (multihit); 24 (some charge), 18 (multihit)
Jet Heading 14 (no charge), 22 (some charge) 20 (first hit), 15 (multihit)
Jet Dash 30 35
Jet Cracker 45 46
Jet Blow 60 (after enemy throw) 52 (thrown enemy)
Rocket Dive 80 (after enemy throw) 50 (initial loop), 42 (explosion), 57 / 40 (thrown enemy / if previous hits landed)
Hover 10 2
Ultra-jet Jump 26 32 (collision), 20 (blast), 2 (multihit)
Exhaust (from Jet Kick, Jet Heading, and Jet Dash) ? 6, 2 (multihit)

Robobot Armor Mode

Move Controls Description Element
Frequent Fire B The Robobot Armor rapid-fires shots directly forward. None
Missile Salvo Hold B a little longer, and then release The Robobot Armor fires two missiles forward. Sizzle
Missile Spread Hold B even longer, and then release The Robobot Armor fires four missiles; two normal missiles and one large missile forward and another large missile backwards. Sizzle
Flip Flight A/L/R The Robobot Armor boosts forward invincibly for a few seconds before moving back again. None

In Kirby: Right Back at Ya!

He is Jet Kirby.
— Meta Knight • Delivery Dilemma
Jet Kirby

Jet Kirby in the anime

Jet Kirby in the anime looks the same as the game version, and can move faster than the speed of sound,making it his fastest ability. The only attack he is shown using is 'Jet Cracker'.

Jet is obtained once when Kirby inhales a bike's exhaust port, and another time when he inhales part of a hot air balloon.

Transformation Sequence

During the transformation sequence, a jet pack dashes past Kirby, spinning him. It about-turns in the background and chases Kirby, whom is panicking. As it collides into him, it attaches to his back and a pair of shades flip down.

Flavor Texts

GameFlavor text
Turn Kirby into a dangerous Jet. Store Jet power by holding Y. The more power you store, the more powerful the attack.
KSSU logo
Strap jet power to your back! Hold the B Button to charge, then let go to hit Mach 5!
This high-flying ability full of aerodynamic power makes its return! Charge it up with B, and then jet toward enemies at extreme speed!

Related Quotes

There's no escape from these wings. Lock on... Missile Salvo!
— In-game description for the Jet Mode of Robobot Armor • Kirby: Planet Robobot

In Other Languages

Names, etymology and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology and notes
Japanese ジェット Translates to Jet.
English Jet
German Jet Same as English.
French Jet Same as English.
Italian Jet Same as English.
Spanish Jet Same as English.



Volume #12 cover of the manga.





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