Can a true believer find their way?
— Jammerjab • Kirby Star Allies

Jammerjab is an enemy in the Kirby series, debuting in Kirby Star Allies as a servant of Hyness and The Three Mage-Sisters, and serving as the main source of the Staff ability. Jammerjabs can be found alone or in single-file groups; if in a group, there will be a Jammerjab in front, followed by Jambelievers, Waddle Doos, or both. Jammerjabs without staffs are named Jambelievers.

Physical Appearance

Jammerjab has big, yellow, circular eyes. He wears a gray, woven hat with a purple diamond-shaped gem in the front and a purple ball on top, a scarf with zigzag and heart patterns, white gloves with purple backsides, and dark yellow shoes. As a friend, he wears the tiara portion of the Staff copy ability.

Related Quotes

The pink hero taught him that nothing is more precious than friends who believe in each other. And now he sets out to see the truth of this for himself!
— Guest Star ???? Star Allies Go! description • Kirby Star Allies




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