Jambeliever is an enemy in the Kirby series, debuting in Kirby Star Allies as a variant of Jammerjab and servant of Hyness and The Three Mage-Sisters. They represent the common followers of the Jambastion Religion, hence the name, with Jammerjabs seemingly being of a higher rank. Jambelievers can be found either by themselves or in single-file groups; Jammerjabs lead some of these groups, while others consist solely of Jambelievers or a combination of Jambelievers or Waddle Doos. Unlike Jammerjabs, Jambelievers cannot be befriended with a Friend Heart.

Physical Appearance

Apart from their different hat and the lack of a staff, Jambelievers possess an appearance identical to Jammerjabs: they have big, yellow, circular eyes, a woven, purple hat with a red-rimmed, gray diamond on the front, a scarf with zigzag and heart patterns, gloves with purple backsides, and dark yellow shoes.


Kirby Star Allies

Jambelievers behave similarly to Waddle Dees, simply walking forward slowly and reversing direction when they reach an obstacle, another enemy, or a ledge. They do not react to Kirby's presence, and so their only method of attack is physical contact. They first appear in Fortress of Shadows - Jambastion, and serve a similar role to the Halcandran Dees and Sectra Dees.



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