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Jambastion Entrance, is a stage in Kirby Fighters 2. It is based on the Gatehouse Road stage of Fortress of Shadows - Jambastion, the third level in Kirby Star Allies.

General Information

Jambastion Entrance features a flat ground with four floating platforms, with two on each side of the arena, leaving space in the center. The lower platforms are slightly smaller than the higher ones. The main hazards of the stage are The Three Mage-Sisters, who can be seen floating in the background. One of the Mage-Sisters will occasionally float over to the foreground to disrupt the ongoing brawl, and will retreat to the background once they have performed an attack. They are invincible and deal damage when touched. Each Mage-Sister has two attacks:

  • Francisca can float to the lower corners of the stage and swing her axe four times before following up with a thrust. Alternatively, she can float to the sides of the stage, turn her axe into a giant disk, and send it towards the opposite lower corner, damaging those that come in contact with it.
  • Flamberge can float to the upper corners of the stage and perform a large swing, sending fireballs flying in multiple directions. Alternatively, she can float to the lower corners of the stage and summon her Mega Broiler. Once the rope is fully burned, the cannon will shoot a large stream of flames along the lower half of the stage.
  • Zan Partizanne can float to the center of the stage and create a thundercloud before striking it, firing two lightning bolts at the ground, one on each side. Alternatively, she can float to the sides of the stage and summon her giant ring contraption before charging it up and firing three orbs of electricity at the center, creating a large explosion.

The music that plays in the stage is "Forgotizanne Flash of Lightning," the battle theme for Zan Partizanne in Kirby Star Allies. A remix of the music track can be unlocked for the stage as well.