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Even the stoic Meta Knight has fallen prey to the enemy's evil influence, and now their foreboding fortress has suddenly appeared. Why have they come to this land? WHY?! Undeterred, Kirby and his friends charge forward with gusto.
— World Select • Kirby Star Allies

Fortress of Shadows - Jambastion is the third level in Kirby Star Allies, following World of Miracles - Planet Popstar and preceding Far-Flung - Starlight Heroes.

General Information

Jambastion is a giant fortress that has landed on Planet Popstar. The player fights Pon & Con and The Three Mage-Sisters in this level, and appears to be a warship of Hyness. It is unknown how he acquired the Jambastion, or the abilities it has other than space travel. It is shown to be quite fragile, as after Zan Partizanne is defeated she only punctures the reactor core in the background and the Jambastion is destroyed.

Physical Appearance

The Fortress crashing into Popstar

The main body of the Jambastion appears to come from an asteroid of some sort, as it appears to be made of an asymmetric rock. The Jambastion's design features four long off-white horns, bat-like wings and that may have been made in the likeness of Void Termina's third phase, and five red octohedrons that surround the palace's metal rings. On top of these rings are blue runes that appear to made of energy. Under the horns is a giant red eyeball symbol.


Rare Picture Pieces

Stage Celebration Picture Guide
Gatehouse Road A Delicious Picnic Located in the big Star Block in the room with the rising platforms.
Eastern Wall The Great Labyrinth Battle Use Suplex from Bugzzy or Beetle from Beetley to perform the Friend Throw Friend Ability to destroy some Durable Blocks, revealing a round-trip door. After entering the round-trip door, use Friend Throw again to destroy another durable block. Use Plasma to power wire to open gate.
Longview Corridor The Great Labyrinth Battle Use ESP from NESP and Stone from Rocky and perform Geokinesis over Floaty the Cell Core to destroy the durable blocks below it.
Western Outer Wall FIGHT FOR THE CROWN! Hit all of the Switches in the room where the characters are separated.
Inner Sanctum FIGHT FOR THE CROWN! In the room with the Bomb Copy Essence, defeat the Dekabu to reveal a round-trip door. After entering the round-trip door, use Plasma to get Zap Bomb and Bomb Bowl a Zap Bomb under the wire. The explosion will create a lightning bolt which will power the wire to open the gate in the ceiling.
Heavenly Hall A Miracle Sent to the Skies In the Friend Star segment, in the room with the Electro Saws.
Sector A The Great Labyrinth Battle In the Room Guarder area utilizing the Rising Sizzler Friend Ability, go to the top right to find a Treasure Chest.
Sector B The Great Labyrinth Battle Complete all of the jumps in the Friend Train segment.
Sector C FIGHT FOR THE CROWN! In the room after the cannon room, enter the round-trip door. Use Plasma and Water to perform Thunder Splash to destroy the Electro Saws.

Big Switches

Stage Guide Extra Stage
Eastern Wall Use Friend Bridge to bring the Key Dee to the locked door. Sector A
Longview Corridor Use the Geokinesis Friend Ability to destroy the Durable Blocks by guiding the stone through the spikes. The stone will slide down the slope after landing and pound an Electric Stake, opening a gate to a round-trip door. Dream Palace
Western Outer Wall In the second vertical segment, hit the Bomb Block on the right and enter the round-trip door. Obtain Artist from Vividria and paint the blank sign to create a key. Bring the key to a locked door near the end of the room, releasing a round-trip door. After entering the round-trip door, bring another key to another locked door. Sector B
Inner Sanctum In the room with the Electro Saws, use Zap Bomb to power a wire to open a gate in the ceiling. Sector C


Jambastion is a portmanteau from the word "bastion," defined as a "projecting part of a fortification built at an angle to the line of a wall, so as to allow defensive fire in several directions," referencing the location being a fortress, with "Jamba," referencing the Jamba Heart. "Bastion" in Hyness' language also means "heart."

Its Japanese name, ジャマハルダ (Jamahalda), is also a combination of the Japanese versions for "Jamba" and "Bastion," Jama and Halda. Additionally, its name is very similar to ジャマダハル (Jamadhar), known as a katar/katara in English.

Related Quotes

A dark and foreboding fortress----who could live in such a place?
— Official Kirby Star Allies website