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The Island of Kit Cosmos is an area in Kirby: Right Back at Ya! that was once visited by Kirby, Tiff, Tuff, Lololo & Lalala in the episode Island of the Lost Warrior. As its name suggests, this island is home to the veteran Star Warrior known as Kit Cosmos, sergeant of the Galaxy Soldier Army.

The island's climate is tropical similarly to most of the penninsula that Dream Land is located in as well as the South Sea Island, home to beaches, lush rain forests and jungles where Kit Cosmos does most of his training, and teaches Kirby and friends how to battle monsters during their visit there after they were sent flying there by the monster Tornadon. Also found on this island are papayas and small fish swimming through small shallow pools around the islands, and deep in the thick jungles is a small grotto found in a cliff where Kit Cosmos makes his home. The jungles are also littered with various kinds of traps that he uses to defend himself from intruders.

After Kirby defeated Tornadon as Tornado Kirby and punished King Dedede and Escargoon, who had arrived at the island via boat and sent the monster on them and their elderly new friend, for stranding him and his friends there, the heroes used the boat to sail back to Dream Land, bidding Kit Cosmos goodbye as he chose to stay there until the events of Cappy Town Down where he decided to travel to Dream Land to help Kirby and the Halberd crew travel through space to challenge Nightmare.

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