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Ill Gate is an enemy in the Kirby series, debuting in Kirby Mass Attack.

Physical Appearance

Ill Gate resembles a normal door. It has an evil expression on its face, a vicious mouth, and magenta bat wings.


Kirby Mass Attack

Ill Gate appears exclusively in Stage 7 of Volcano Valley. It does not attack the Kirbys, but when it appears, the area darkens, and Ill Gate switches around with a normal door. The Kirbys must then guess which door is the right one. If they enter the enemy, it takes them to a small room containing one or more enemies; the Kirbys must defeat them to escape. The most common enemies used in an Ill Gate trap are Mosomosos; semi-commonly, a Big Stactus; and rarest of all, Posuras.

Ill Gate cannot be defeated without Invincible Candy.


Ill can mean evil, and gate refers to the object that it's mimicking.


Hearbell.png This section contains unused content that was cut, altered or otherwise does not appear in-game.

Unused sprite

  • Ill Gates have an unused sprite that lacks the door border and gives it purple wings, like the real door. This version of Ill Gate can be seen in the role call only in the Japanese version, despite not being used in the main game.