Kirby's pink and at home in the rink, bodychecking enemies on his skates. Hit B to start or stop and A to bust a lutz.[1]
— Description • Nintendo Power (Volume #134)

Ice Skating[2] is a Power Combo appearing in Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards. Kirby obtains this ability by mixing together the Ice and Cutter abilities. With this ability, Kirby dons a pair of ice skates and dashes through enemies. With skates on, Kirby moves very fast. When he jumps, he spins, creating a small, icy tornado that surrounds him and can destroy nearby enemies. When the player moves the Control Stick in the opposite direction, or if Kirby runs into a wall, Kirby will brake and stop. In later titles, Kirby can Ice Skate by using the Ice Copy Ability in a similar manner to this Power Combo.


Move Controls Description
Skate B Kirby starts skating. While Kirby is skating, he cannot float.
Frozen Axel A Kirby gracefully jumps and lifts his skates up off the ground doing a midair pirouette. While spinning, a frosty cyclone gently spins around him. Enemies not skewered by the skates are frozen by the icy wind caused by the spinning.
Halt B + B Kirby comes to an abrupt stop, skidding ice in front of him, and going back to walking on foot.

Related Quotes

Kirby puts on ice skates that allow him to skate on any surface and jump into the air for spinning attacks.
— Description • Official Strategy guide
Kirby straps on his ice skates and skates across the landscape. Press A while he's skating to see a world-class jump.
— Description • Official Strategy guide


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