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It's like trying to freeze a refridgerator!
— Escargoon • Kirby: Right Back at Ya!

The Ice Dragon Robot is a large mechanical version of the Ice Dragon monster. It appears in the 28th episode of Kirby: Right Back at Ya!, Labor Daze.

General Information

The Ice Dragon Robot is not a monster made by Nightmare Enterprises. In fact it is not a monster at all, although it resembles the Ice Dragon. The robot is created in the episode Labor Daze. Tuff applied for a job in a factory, and later and took Tiff and Kirby to see what the factory was manufacturing, where they discover the Ice Dragon Robot. Tuff becomes upset that he helped manufacture the machine, so he ran over to a construction vehicle equipped with a wrecking ball and swung it at the robot; however, the impact doesn't do faze it in the slightest. The robot freezes the construction vehicle, with Tuff narrowly escaping. Tiff, Tuff, and Kirby run to a place where everyone is "playing" and show them the Ice Dragon Robot. The others escape while Kirby attempts to freeze the robot by using the Ice Copy Ability; the attempt is ultimately useless. Kirby freezes the boiler and sets the factory on fire. The Ice Dragon Robot becomes trapped within the collapsing factory and is destroyed.

Physical Appearance

The Ice Dragon Robot is very identical in appearance to the Ice Dragon monster, except fully mechanical and with no tongue. It has a cockpit in its head where King Dedede and Escargoon control it from, and has Dedede's "Peace" symbol on its chest. It blows a different ice breath than the regular Ice Dragon, and uses different roars, too.

Powers and Abilities

The Ice Dragon Robot's abilities are similar to the original Ice Dragon. It can release ice breath from its mouth which is cold enough to freeze vehicles, and even be strong enough to overpower Ice Kirby's Ice Breath. Due to its massive size and weight, it immediately crushes anything it steps and can utilize its tail for strong attacks. Ice Dragon Robot is also able to plow straight through steel walls and was able to free itself from being frozen solid.


  • As it was ultimately the boiler that defeated it, the Ice Dragon Robot is the second monster in the anime not to be defeated by Kirby, the first being Blocky, who was drowned in the ocean.


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