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Ice Dinos is a large enemy in the Kirby series, debuting in Kirby Mass Attack. It is a larger variant of Ice Das.

Physical Appearance

Ice Dinos is a giant, bipedal creature with a giant head and no arms. It has 10 teeth (only four of which are visible under ordinary circumstances), horns, a tail, and four bumps on its back. It has a nose similar to that of a pig, as well as light blue skin and a big purple tongue.


Kirby Mass Attack

Ice Dinos uses the same ice block shooting attack as Ice Das, but this time, the blocks are three times bigger than usual. Thus, they take up more space and are more dangerous. As with Ice Das, Ice Dinos only appears in Stage 8 of Dedede Resort.

Evidence detailing an non-ice variant of Ice Dinos exists both in Kirby Mass Attack’s memory and within the final game itself. Orange Dinos sprites are buried in the game's code. Huge Star Blocks—which are the same size as the huge ice blocks spat by Ice Dinos—appear rarely in the game, and may have originally been intended to be used as ammunition by the enemy. In the game itself, a skull that greatly resembles an Ice Dinos’ head can be found in the foreground of Stage 1 of Sandy Canyon. Based on this evidence, it seems likely that Star Block-spitting Dinos (and small orange Das) were intended to appear in this stage.



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