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Ice Das is an enemy in the Kirby series, debuting in Kirby Mass Attack.

Physical Appearance

Ice Das is a small, blue reptilian creature with a piglike snout and a crocodilian face. It has four sharp teeth, a large pink tongue, four scales jutting down its back, and a small tail with a ball at the end. Ice Das has two short, stubby legs with two claws each.


Kirby Mass Attack

Ice Das appears exclusively in Stage 8 of Dedede Resort. It spits ice blocks at the Kirbys, which push the heroes backwards if they are not destroyed. Ice Das does this at regular intervals, usually at a fast pace. The enemy is sometimes placed next to fruit (notably Maxim Tomatoes), prompting the player to collect them before they are squished by ice blocks.Ice Das’ blocks serve as a minor threat, as they can crush Kirbys against walls, instantly KOing them.

A large variant of Ice Das known as Ice Dinos also appears in the game. It spits much larger ice blocks than regular Ice Das does.


  • Ice Das’ artwork is mostly bluish-turquoise with a red tongue and white horns. Its sprite, however, has a pink nose, horns, scales, and tail ball.
KMA Dice sprite
  • A non-elemental, orange variant of Ice Das that could possibly have spat out Star Blocks was going to be included in the game. Ice Dinos also has an unused non-elemental variant.



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