Freeze foes with icy breath! Kick ice cubes into others! When you dash, you skate!
— Ice's Flavor Text

 • Kirby Super Star Ultra

Ice is one of Kirby's Copy abilities. It is a very basic ability that displays freezing properties. It parallels the Fire ability.

Ice's main function is to unleash a wintery breath of ice, turning any enemy it touches into an ice cube. After that, Kirby is able to kick the frozen enemy forward into other enemies or obstacles. If the icy block isn't kicked shortly after it materializes, it automatically explodes. Rather than running, Kirby sometimes calmly ice-skates through the level, making it easier for him to kick his frostbitten foes along.

The Ice ability has two extensions, both of which are derived from properties of said ability. These are the Freeze and the Ice Skating abilities.

Attacks and Features

Attack Name Controls Description Element
Freeze Breath B/Y Kirby fires an icy blast from his mouth. The blast freezes enemies & mid-bosses (with defeated) on contact and they can be kicked around after that. In Squeak Squad it can be angled when a certain Copy Scroll is found. It can also be used to freeze water or momentarily harden hot lava. Ice
Freezer Blizzard

Dash + B/Y

or B/Y repeatedly

Kirby huddles down and encases himself in a freezing aura, easily freezing his enemies & mid-bosses (with defeated) and all the while making him practically invincible. This has the same properties as Freeze. Ice
Freezer Sprinkle B/Y (Midair) + Dash (Optional) Kirby spins in midair and simultaneously breathes ice in the air, freezing airborne enemies & mid-bosses (with defeated). By dashing Kirby will spin faster. Ice
Freezer Suction B/Y (Near Enemy) Kirby sucks up a nearby enemy , and then by pressing either B or Y Kirby will spit the enemy back out, frozen solid. Ice
Ice Kick Run into Block Kirby kicks in a forward direction. A kicked enemy & mid-bosses turns into a solid block of ice and can damage others in its way. Ice

Animal Friend combo abilities

Attack Name Controls Description Element
Rick B Kirby and Rick become a large two part snowman and create a blizzard that acts exactly like the Freeze ability. In the sequel it works similarly to in the first game but, it snows down snow from the ceiling. Ice
Coo B Kirby breathes ice like normal but he can aim it in any direction. The duo lose altitude when the move is used. In the sequel, Coo just launches three angled icicles. Ice
Kine B Kine surrounds himself in a blizzard like the ability Freeze, but he keeps moving. If the button is held down too long Kine freezes himself and can easily be attacked. In the sequel Kine freezes himself right away and acts like stone, dropping fast and becoming invincible. Ice
Gooey B Kirby and Gooey shoot off frozen puffs. Ice
Nago B Nago aims Kirby downward as they jet out a burst of cold breath and launch through the air. Ice
Chuchu B Chuchu lobs multiple snowballs at different angles. Ice
Pitch B Pitch is cranked up and releases an icy blast of breath that can be aimed. Ice

Kirby: Right Back At Ya!

Ice Kirby in the anime uses a slightly different hat design from the games with a six pointed blue gem and small visor at the front. His skin turns blue, as it does in Kirby Super Star. He can breathe icy wind at his enemy to freeze them, and naturally it's not very useful against an ice-based foe, like Ice Dragon unless it's an "inside" job, but can use the Freezer Suction/Ejection and Ice Kick on non-ice foes.

In the transformation sequence, a chill wind makes Kirby shiver and turn blue before his crown of ice crystals sprouts from his head and wears a visor crown.

Transformation Sequence

Other Quotes

First I'll freeze 'em, then I'll kick 'em along! Brrrr!
— Ice's Flavor Text

 • Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land/Kirby and the Amazing Mirror/Kirby Squeak Squad

Turn Kirby into the ice man and turn the enemies into frozen blocks of ice. Don't slip!
— Ice's Flavor Text • Kirby Super Star
Kirby can freeze enemies with his cold breath! He can then throw them into others!
— Ice's Flavor Text • Kirby's Adventure


  • Along with Sword and Tornado, Ice is the 4th most commonly used Copy Ability in the anime, with five appearances.
  • Ice Kirby appears as a collectible Trophy in Super Smash Bros. Brawl.
  • In Kirby & the Amazing Mirror, Kirby won't slip on ice if he has this ability.
  • Curiously, in Kirby Super Star Ultra, the gem is blue instead of orange. Also, in Kirby's sprite for Kirby Super Star, Ice Kirby's crown looks like blue flames.
  • In the artworks, only the artwork from Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land and Kirby Squeak Squad have Kirby's classic pink.



Other Ability Icons

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