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Eating a Miracle Fruit imbues Kirby with this special ability. After an explosion of energy, Kirby's stomach becomes a veritable black hole, allowing him to inhale giant objects!
— Flavor Text • Kirby: Triple Deluxe

Hypernova is a Copy Ability introduced in Kirby: Triple Deluxe. Obtained by eating a Miracle Fruit, it causes Kirby to undergo a temporary transformation that amplifies the power of his inhale enormously, allowing him to inhale larger objects and enemies that cannot be inhaled otherwise. Throughout the game, Hypernova is used to defeat certain foes, solve puzzles, and in some stages, completely inhale mid-bosses

Unlike most other abilities, Hypernova does not give Kirby a unique hat or wearable object but instead causes him to glow an assortment of colors in the rainbow spectrum; these colors are shown to constantly move around his body, even when he is standing still.

Hypernova appears only in the main game, where it can be found in two or more stages per level. It is used up to the last stage, where it is used to combat Queen Sectonia during her third and final comeback.


Move Controls Description
Hypernova Inhale B Kirby performs an intensified inhale capable of grasping any objects or enemies within its range and performs a massive swallow.
Inhale and Move Either of ←/→ while holding B As he is doing a Hypernova Inhale, Kirby can move to the left or right in order to bring certain objects with him. He loses the ability to jump, similar to when he is executing a regular inhale, however.


Hypernova is an occurrence when a sufficiently massive star collapses; this type of collapse usually produces a black hole.

Its Japanese name, ビッグバン (Biggu Ban), is named after the theory stating that the universe was created by a massive explosion known as the Big Bang.

In Other Languages

Names, etymology and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology and notes
Japanese ビッグバン Translates to Big Bang.
English Hypernova
Korean 하이퍼노바 Translates to Hypernova.
German Meganova Meganova
French Méganova Translates to Meganova.
Italian Ipernova Translates to Hypernova.
Spanish Hipernova Translates to Hypernova.


  • Hypernova temporarily replaces the ability Kirby previously had. This means if Kirby has a Copy Ability and goes Hypernova, once he loses the Hypernova ability upon completing the level, he will retain the ability he previously had.
  • If Kirby loses a life with the Hypernova ability, he will respawn with the ability. This is because the Miracle Fruit does not respawn after Kirby eats it.
  • If Hypernova inhales nothing for a period of time, Kirby will tire out, similarly to the Super Inhale in Kirby & The Amazing Mirror and Kirby: Squeak Squad. Ironically, Super Inhaling does not cause Kirby to tire out in this game.
  • In Stage 8 of Royal Road, upon eating the Miracle Fruit, the Kirby Air Ride remix of the Fountain of Dreams theme can be heard.
    • This is also the only extra stage in which Hypernova is used.
  • The term "Hypernova" is somewhat contradictory to what the ability actually does; by definition, a hypernova is a type of supernova explosion, but the ability's flavor text and actions imply that it is of a black hole - an implosion. However, a star that goes hypernova is massive enough to collapse into a black hole.
  • Oddly, while Hypernova Kirby can inhale in midair, nothing will be sucked up until he touches the ground.
  • Kirby's colors literally burst off of him when he eats a Miracle Fruit.
  • In one of its last appearances in the main game, Kirby uses Hypernova to defeat Flowery Woods near instantly. Flowery Woods is the only main boss fought with this ability, and its vitality depletes by 1/4 for every few seconds Kirby holds a Hypernova inhale on it.
  • When inhaling bosses (or defeating the final boss's last phase), Kirby breaks the fourth wall by also inhaling the boss's on-screen health bar upon defeat.