Hunger Struck is an episode of Kirby: Right Back at Ya!.




Full episode summary==

After discovering what the Waddle Dee's usually eat (Which is suprisingly better than King Dedede's Ramen) result in alot of expense. so King Dedede made a contest to make the Waddle Dee's food eat diffrent meal's other than Ramen. King Dedede and Escargon was wondering how Waddle Dee's eat their meals so when a Waddle Dee's soldier was passing through then Dedede asked the Waddle Dee to stay there for a while,so Escargon brought a senbei (flavored cracker) when they fed it to Waddle Dee it went through it's mouth and devouring it. Escargon and Dedede was terrified as Waddle Dee walked in the castle. So Dedede made some sort of a contest which chef Kawaski was obsessed with.Kawaski said "Why don't we make the Waddle Dee's thin sandwich's for them and make them paid 1 Deden's. When it was served to the Waddle Dee's,they were furious and throwing thier plates everywhere. Starving and tired they lay around,when Tuff (Bun) was carrying a cookie the Waddle Dee's gather around with their spear's and so on they did not want the citizin's of cappy town to eat after bieng hunger strucked. Dedede ordered the Demon beast "Fryclops". Fryclops made the Waddle Dee's his personal chef,Fryclops make's sushi for the Waddle Dee's.But Dedede told the Waddle Dee's to kill/destroy Kirby as they did that Meta Knight,Knight and Blade warn them but it was to late but Tiff(Fumu)Tuff and Kirby found a secret passage to the Waddle Dee's Cafeteria.Where they found sir Ebrum,Lady Like and chef Kawaski and heard he was going to be killed so Fryclop's gave Waddle Dee's some food but Kirby was trying to defeat Fryclops in a cooking contest so he inhaled Kawaski's pan and became cooking Kirby. Kirby made the Waddle Dee a big steak but Fryclops made a 2x big fried chicken Which the Waddle Dee's ate and Fryclop's was goig to cook Kirby unfortunatly Kirby hit Fryclops with the frying pan and exploded so the Waddle Dee's was back to work and can eat other food's.

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