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Hoshi no Kirby ~Yume no Izumi no Monogatari~ / Mako Miyata is a Japan exclusive CD soundtrack collection for Kirby's Adventure that was released on July 21, 1994, was published by Sony Records, and retailed for about 2,800 yen.[1]

The CD contains 37 audio tracks, the first 8 being vocal remixes of several songs from Kirby's Adventure, with the remaining 29 being original tracks from the game.

The 8 new vocal songs were arranged by Takashi Takaomi, the lyrics were written by Masumi Yanagawa, and the vocals were sung by Mako Miyata (宮田まこ). The musical performance was done by the Star Rod Magical Orchestra, and the chorus was provided by the Dedede Corps Chorus.

Track Listings

  1. Kirby of the Stars
  2. Kirakira March
  3. Kirby Medley
  5. Make a Cocktail
  6. Eternal Keynote
  7. Starlight Adventure
  8. Good Night Kirby
  9. Title Screen / Demo
  10. Drawing Song
  11. Plains Level
  12. Invincibility
  13. Level Map Select of LEVEL 1
  14. Underground Level
  15. Boss
  16. Level Cleared Dance
  17. Sea & Ship Level
  18. Level Map Select of LEVEL 2
  19. Museum & Star Station
  20. Castle Level
  21. Forest Level
  22. Level Map Select of LEVEL 3
  23. Cloud Level
  24. Crane Fever (Bonus Level)
  25. Level Map Select of LEVEL 4
  26. Mountain Level
  27. Egg Bonus Level
  28. Level Map Select of LEVEL 5
  29. Underwater Level
  30. Level Map Select of LEVEL 6
  31. Dream & Cold Region Level
  32. Level Map Select of LEVEL 7
  33. Black & White (Game Boy) Plains Level
  34. Beginning of Level 8
  35. Final Boss
  36. Ending Demo
  37. Game Over



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