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I'm Noseman!
— Honker Stomper • Kirby: Right Back at Ya! (Japanese version only)

Honker Stomper is a monster with a strong sense of smell, appearing in the Kirby: Right Back at Ya! episode The Thing About the Ring.

Physical Appearance

Honker Stomper is a huge, dull yellow nose-like creature with stubby arms and orange feet. He has sunken-in eyes and wears a purple detective's cap.


Honker Stomper was delivered to King Dedede by NME to help him find a missing wedding ring that Sir Ebrum had lost earlier. As Honker Stomper went around Cappy Town looking for the wedding ring, he ended up inhaling all the jewelry (and Curio's priceless artifacts) in town! Upon Honker Stomper's return to Castle Dedede with all the jewelry, King Dedede threw a fit because none of the jewelry Honker Stomper found was what he was looking for (but then again, he did decide to keep all the jewelry for himself).

At that point, Tiff, Tuff, and Kirby came along, and Kirby and Honker Stomper had an inhaling duel with each other. However, neither of them had any sort of advantage because both their inhales were so strong. Immediately, Tuff told Kirby to stop and tossed a pepper shaker into Honker Stomper's nose. Honker Stomper sneezed, blowing all the jewelry out of his nose and pinning both King Dedede and Escargoon against a wall. In a fit of rage over Honker Stomper's failure to accomplish his task, King Dedede used his hammer to send Honker Stomper flying out of Cappy Town.

Powers and Abilities

Honker Stomper is capable of sniffing up anything and sucking in anything he finds with his gigantic nose, very similarly to Kirby's inhale. Honker Stomper also has a weakness to pepper, and whenever any form of pepper is thrown into his nostrils, he has a tendency to sneeze uncontrollably. His sneezes are strong enough to blow away virtually anything.

Related Quotes

This big guy can sniff out a stone with the best of 'em. His name is...Honker Stomper!
— N.M.E. Sales Guy • The Thing About the Ring


  • Honker Stomper is one of the few monsters that can speak, though only in the Japanese version of the show.
  • In the English dub, Honker Stomper's voice was replaced with snorts.
  • Honker Stomper is one of the few monsters to not get defeated by Kirby, as it was King Dedede himself that got rid of him.
  • Honker Stomper, along with Popon, Kung Fu Lee, Doctor Moro, and others, is one of the few monsters that does not explode when defeated.
  • Honker Stomper is one of the few monsters that wasn't ordered by Dedede specifically to destroy Kirby. Others include Domestic Servant Robot and Crab.
  • Honker Stomper's rather disturbing appearance and abilities could be the reason the episode he appears in, The Thing About the Ring, was cut the first time Kirby: Right Back at Ya! aired in the United States.


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