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Honey Hill is the third stage of World of Peace - Dream Land in Kirby Star Allies, and the third stage overall. It takes place in a grassy forest area situated near a body of water. This stage features giant rolling spheres of Waddle Dees as obstacles. A Big Switch can be found here that unlocks the extra stage Extra Eclair.

Stage Overview

At the start of the stage, the player will encounter a Gim, then a series of Nruffs. Past a Burning Leo is an optional room containing a Cannon, whose fuse Kirby can light using Sizzle Yo-Yo to obtain two Picture Pieces. Moving on, the player will encounter grass that can be burned down, as well as more Nruffs. At the end of the room is a Friend Door, which the player requires at least one friend to open. Inside that room, the player and their friend take turns pressing switches to progress.

In the next room, the player will encounter Waddle Dees tumbling down a hill. Once they reach the top of the hill, they will find a Wester, and as they descend, they must deal with Nruffs charging at them. As the player climbs the next hill, more Waddle Dees will tumble down, but here, they take the form of a gigantic sphere of Waddle Dees packed together. As they descend this hill, an even bigger sphere of Waddle Dees will fall behind them, forcing the player to run away to the door as quickly as possible.

The next room also contains a hill, although this hill consists of segments that move up and down. At the top of the incline is an optional Cannon; to light it, the player must climb down into a cave in the center of the hill to light the fuse with Sizzle Yo-Yo. This opens up access to a puzzle room, in which the player must quickly press a switch to block an incoming sphere of Waddle Dees; doing so allows the player to get a key that leads to a big switch. Climbing down past the Cannon and avoiding Nruffs, the player will find the door leading onward.

Instead of appearing by themselves, Nruffs will in this room charge at Kirby, carrying Waddle Dees on their backs. At the end of the room, the path splits. The player will find a fuse connected to four Cannons; with three other friends (obtaining friends from the nearby Fire Copy Essence if necessary), each Cannon can be simultaneously entered, allowing the player to break through the stone slabs above and obtain the Rare Picture Piece of the level. Whether the player takes the Cannons or not, they will encounter the goal directly ahead.

Copy Abilities

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Rare Picture Piece and Big Switch

Celebration Picture Guide Big Switch Extra Stage
The First Rival Use Fire to light the fuse connected to four cannons. Have enough Friends to fill all of the cannons. Launching from the cannons will cause all four characters to destroy four Durable Blocks along the way. The player in the rightmost cannon will received the Rare Picture Piece. Use Fire and Yo-Yo or Whip to create Sizzle Yo-Yo or Sizzle Whip and light the fuse for a cannon. Launching from the cannon will destroy durable blocks, allowing entry to a round-trip door. After entering the round-trip door, press the switch to prevent the ball of Waddle Dees from destroying the durable blocks, allowing access to the key. Bringing the key to the locked door grants access to the switch. Extra Eclair