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Sir! If you made the flat part round, would that change the "D" into an "O"?
— Honey • Teacher's Threat

Honey is a minor character appearing in Kirby: Right Back at Ya!.

Physical Appearence

Honey is an average yellow Cappy with rosy cheeks. She wears no clothes at all and has two pigtails tied by blue hair ties with two orange beads on each of them. Her hair is the same color as her skin.


The youngest and smallest of the Cappy children, she follows everything Tuff, Spikehead, and Iro do and, likewise, goes along with their many acts of mischief, although she seems to be the most innocent one of the trio, since whenever she and her friends commit pranks, she hopes that her parents won't know. She is shown to be somewhat clingy with Spikehead at times.


Is that your homework, Tiff?
— Honey • Un-Reality TV
Yeah, but it was our fault and we deserved it. Iro grabbed it cause he wanted to make it do tricks.
— Honey, about the Robot Pet • Kirby's Pet Peeve
But your family lives in this castle. How can you be lost?
— Honey • Abusement Park
They're so lucky. I wish King Dedede would come to our house and have dinner with all of us!
— Honey • The Meal Moocher
I'm staying home. I'm afraid of those bullies!
— Honey • The School Scam