Kirby! Follow me! We can fight Necrodeus together!
— to Kirby • Kirby Mass Attack

Heroic heart is the name of the star that popped out of Kirby when he was split into ten by Necrodeus' scepter during the events of Kirby Mass Attack. As the name suggests, it is Kirby's own heart. The heart is seen communicating its thoughts with the remaining Kirby after his first encounter with Necrodeus - it is likely that Kirby has to make conscious effort to follow its direction simply because he has been separated from it. Should all the Kirbys be KO'ed in a stage, the heroic heart winks out of existence and the game ends with a lone gray-angel Kirby on the ground.

This is the first time where Kirby loses his heart after being split, although the splitting has happened previously in Kirby & the Amazing Mirror and in The Fofa Factor in the anime.

Gameplay wise, the heroic heart serves as the player's cursor to direct the Kirbys with. In effect, it shares largely the same roles as the Power Paintbrush does in Kirby: Canvas Curse, although the heroic heart can be seen on the screen during gameplay, unlike the Paintbrush.


The heroic heart is a star-shaped object which glitters permanently with blue-white light. How bright it glitters depends on how urgent the action is - for example, if the player taps repeated on the screen, that makes the heart glow brightly and the Kirbys dash over to it instead of walk.


  • The heroic heart is expressed as a common noun, unlike most of the other unique characters or features in the game, including the Power Paintbrush.
  • It is most likely referred to as Kirby's "heart" because it is a reference to the cliché to "follow one's heart": Kirby literally follows his heart throughout the game.
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