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Hyness' prayer opened a path from another new dimensions untold. What possibilities await? Will you be a Dream Friend? Will you face even greater evil? Collect hearts and explore new worlds. The light of hope is yours to create.
— Pause Screen Description • Kirby Star Allies

Heroes in Another Dimension is a sub-game added to Kirby Star Allies as part of the Wave 3 Update on November 30, 2018.


In this mode, Kirby and co. navigate through Another Dimension, with Friend Hearts being the main collectible; there are 30 Friend Hearts in each of the main four dimensions, for a total of 120. Various puzzles that utilize Friend Abilities are present in Another Dimension. Hero Doors give Kirby a specific Copy Ability or change him into a particular Dream Friend, in which Player 1 will use every Dream Friend throughout the mode. In addition to exploring new levels, there are also newer, more difficult bosses. After beating this mode, the player will unlock a new difficulty in The Ultimate Choice: Soul Melter EX.



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The repeated chants of Hyness have opened a rift in the fabric of space that leads to another dimension!
— Heroes in Another Dimension
An action-packed, challenging mode for Kirby and all his Dream Friends set in another dimension!
— Calling all Dream Friends! • Heroes in Another Dimension
Duck inside a Hero Door to change Kirby's ability, or tag in a Dream Friend and keep going!
— Tag in friends and go for it! • Heroes in Another Dimension
Your rank is set when you defeat your final foe. Collect Friend Hearts to change the outcome of the battle!
— Collect Friend Hearts! • Heroes in Another Dimension