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Here Comes the Son is the 17th episode (19th in Japan) of Kirby: Right Back at Ya!. It is notable for being the first appearance of Knuckle Joe and his father and the first appearance of the Fighter ability.


Knuckle Joe travels to Castle Dedede in search of the person who killed his father. He comes across King Dedede and Escargoon, who tell him that Kirby is the warrior who had done it. Seeking revenge, Knuckle Joe runs to Cappy Town to challenge him to a battle.

Episode Summary

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The episode starts with a white figure flying around, and he sees the N.M.E. Sales Guy. The white figure asks to see the Star Warrior of Popstar, so the N.M.E. Sales Guy takes him there.


An ultra-powered Knuckle Joe takes on Waddle Dees.

When he gets there, he creates an earthquake that alarms everyone in the castle. King Dedede immediately orders the Waddle Dees to attack the enemy, while everyone else goes to see what's going on. But when they arrive, the Waddle Dees have already been defeated, so Meta Knight decides to fight the mysterious entity, but he dodges all of his attacks, so King Dedede and Escargoon arrive with their tank and shoot a cannon ball at the entity. Unfortunately, they miss him and only end up with destroying the wall, and both of them are thrown outside the castle, where the entity starts to lose his white light. He introduces himself to Dedede as Knuckle Joe, and asks him about a Star Warrior; Dedede responds by telling him about Kirby, so Knuckle Joe goes in search for him, running rampant around the village. Tiff and Tuff hear about this, so they evacuate Kirby out of his house that was filled with fruit he found earlier, while also surprises Tokkori. All of a sudden, the Warp Star takes Kirby away from his home while Tiff asks Tokkori to go to Cappy Town and warn everyone that they are in danger. However, before he can warn anyone, Knuckle Joe zaps him with a lightning bolt and starts to destroy the town whenever someone doesn't know where Kirby is. When the night arrives, while the other citizens hide at the police station, Tiff, Tuff, Chef Kawasaki, and Kirby go to a cave with a bag full of food to hide themselves, but Escargoon sees them. Arriving at the cavern, Tiff tells Kirby that it is too dangerous to fight Knuckle Joe and it is better to run away from him, but thanks to Escargoon and King Dedede, Knuckle Joe finds them and is surprised to see Kirby is only a baby. After a bit of doubts, he challenges Kirby to a fight and easily takes him with Vulcan Jabs, Smash Punches, Spin Kicks, Down Kicks, and Throws. Tuff then tells Tiff to summon the Warp Star during the battle. Tiff starts to, but then Escargoon ties them up to prevent her from summoning it. Chef Kawasaki tells them, "You can't tie kids up like that!" but then Dedede ties him up too.


An ultra-powered Knuckle Joe faces off against Meta Knight.

Knuckle Joe knocks Kirby into a cliff and hits him with a roundhouse. He then decides to finish him off, surprising Dedede, Escargoon, Tiff, and Tuff. Then, at the last second, Meta Knight jumps down and blocks Knuckle Joe's fist with his sword. Dedede and Escargoon run up and tell him to mind his own business. Tiff and Tuff run up to him, thanking him for saving Kirby. Dedede and Escargoon then turn around wondering who untied them, which was revealed to be Blade Knight and Sword Knight, who in the meanwhile where also freeing Chef Kawasaki. Meta Knight then tells him that it was he who killed Knuckle Joe's father. A flashback ensues about Knuckle Joe's father and Meta Knight both in the Galaxy Soldier Army. They were the greatest of friends, but one night, when they were asleep, monsters ambushed them, and Knuckle Joe's father was captured. He was dying, so eNeMeE revived him, while at the same, he became one of eNeMeE's men. When he went back to the Galaxy Soldier Army, he attacked them, so Meta Knight had no choice but to kill Knuckle Joe's father for the galaxy. He succeeded, but before he died, he gave Meta Knight a locket containing a picture of Knuckle Joe as a baby. Knuckle Joe still doesn't believe him, but to prove that he is telling the truth, Meta Knight gives him the locket, but when he does, Knuckle Joe calls his father a weakling. Meta Knight proceeds to tell Knuckle Joe that he has become a monster too because of what he has done to Kirby, but Knuckle Joe refuses to believe that and Meta Knight tells him that the only way to prove that is to challenge Kirby so they can see who he really is.

Knuckle Joe continues fighting Kirby, and Tiff tells Kirby to inhale what he throws next, so he inhales his Smash Punch, and becomes Fighter Kirby for the first time. He counterattacks Knuckle Joe's attacks with his own. Suddenly, Knuckle Joe unlocks a strange power he has and turns into a spike-ball. Kirby inhales one of his needles and becomes Needle Kirby. He shoots needles at Knuckle Joe and reverts him back to normal, but before losing consciousness, he says that he is not a monster and Meta Knight says he knows that. Later on, he says goodbye to everyone, and leaves through the Nightmare Enterprises delivery system, adding to what Dedede still owes to N.M.E.

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Changes in the dub

  • Many swear words were removed from the dub.
  • Spin Kick was changed to Roundhouse. In The Kirby Quiz, however, it is called Spin Kick.


  • Knuckle Joe is purple in this episode, but this changes in later episodes. This is a reference to the fact that the enemy Knuckle Joe] in Kirby Super Star are initially purple, and change color when they become allies with Kirby.
  • The title of the episode is a reference to "Here Comes the Sun," a song by the British band, the Beatles.