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Heat Phanphan is an elephant-like enemy that has only appeared in Kirby Air Ride. Its name and appearance suggests it is related to Phan Phan.

Physical Appearance

Much like regular Phan Phan, it is a creature that resembles an elephant. Unlike the regular Phanphan, its ears are straight instead of droopy, and has orange feet more similar to Kirby. The tip of its ears feature flame patterns and unlike Phan Phan, it has two tusks protruding from its face. Heat Phanphan has a short trunk that is tipped with a flame pattern. Its face features small rosy cheeks, much like Kirby, as well as bright green eyes and a marshmallow-shaped body. They can fly by flapping their large ears.


Kirby Air Ride

Heat Phanphan will idly sit on the racetrack until a player comes by, at which point it will get up and fly in the same direction as the player. The creature will shoot fireballs from its trunk onto the ground, where they will stay for a short time, acting as obstacles. This is very similar to Kirby's Fire ability, which can be obtained by inhaling the enemy.

Kirby GCN

KKCancelled.png This section is about an unreleased or cancelled game

Heat Phanphan has also been shown as a Helper in the trailer of the unreleased Kirby GCN. It could carry up to three passengers. The one shown in the trailer was green, but one can assume that it would have had its original palette (as a CPU helper), or could have come in yellow or blue (depending on which player was controlling it).