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The Heart Spears are objects introduced in Kirby Star Allies.

Although they are not obtained by the players as regular items, Heart Spears are imbued with a powerful energy, and are important to the game's storyline. They have been referred to as "spears of the heart" in English.

In Heroes in Another Dimension, they are the main collectibles for beating each Dimension. They are obtained by beating an area's Parallel boss. After all four are collected, they are used to unlock the Corrupt Hyness boss fight.

Physical Appearance

The Heart Spears are usually in a group of four, representing the four allies. The top of the Spear is heart-shaped. It has two small, sharp blades on two of its sides and a large, long blade.


Long ago, the Heart Spears were used by four warriors to fight Void Termina. The warriors defeated Void Termina and sealed him away with the Heart Spears.

At the beginning of the game, the Heart Spears can be seen containing the Jamba Heart in its seal. Hyness sought to resurrect Void Termina, but since he did not fully understand how to break the seal, the ritual went wrong, causing the Heart Spears and the Jamba Heart to shatter, sending their shards across the galaxy.

The Heart Spears were responsible for creating the pink shards when the Jamba Heart shattered. One of these pink hearts fell onto Kirby, which granted him the ability to create Friend Hearts, objects that allow Kirby to befriend enemies.

Later, the Heart Spears return and resonate with Kirby’s Friend Power, upgrading the Friend Star into the Star Allies Sparkler in order to defeat Void Termina, who was successfully resurrected.