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You're being irresponsible! You have more important things to deal with. Important personal obligations...
— Hana • The Kirby Derby - Part I

Hana (referred to as Mrs. Blustergas in English dub) is the wife of Mayor Len Blustergas and a resident of Cappy Town.

Physical Appearence

Hana is a peach colored Cappy with no clothes, a necklace made of green beads and a purple hat with a white frill.


Soft spoken and kind, she is usually found in a good mood, but becomes vexed by her husband's bad decisions, such as forgetting their wedding anniversary. Hana spends most of her time discussing things with Mabel and Buttercup and likes to keep things tidy, although she may get someone else to do her housework to give herself a break.


You came just in time! I'm about to serve dinner. Would you like to come join us?
— Hana • The Meal Moocher
Darling, please tell the Waddle Dee not to forget the washing.
— Hana • Waddle While You Work