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The Haltmann Works Company's logo.

The Haltmann Works Company is a corporation in the Kirby series, debuting as the overall antagonist of Kirby: Planet Robobot. Led by Max Profitt Haltmann, it is a company that specializes in technology and science. Its main goal is to achieve eternal prosperity. Its logo is an H with curved, pointed ends.


After Haltmann changed the directive of his company to achieving eternal prosperity, the Haltmann Works Company began to follow Star Dream's business plan: invading and mechanizing other planets. The Haltmann Works Company may have already visited Rock Star and Halcandra (or at least locations closely related to them), where they found the blueprints for Pix and Metal General and used them to create the Holo Defense API and the Security Force, respectively. The mission to invade these planets, called the Mechanizing Occupation Project, was overseen by Susanna Patrya Haltmann, who went by the nickname of Susie, President Haltmann's daughter, secretary, and executive assistant. These invasions involved mechanizing the landscape and some inhabitants of a given planet, developing its economy, harvesting its energy resources, collecting any blueprints and technology it has, and planting Research Facilities in various locations in order to conduct weapon research. One of the planets they invaded was Planet Popstar, due to its immense amount of unused energy and uncivilized natives. Their invasion of his planet provoked Kirby into action against the Haltmann Works Company.

Kirby eventually makes his way to core of the Access Ark, the main headquarters and mothership of the company, destroying legs of the mothership as he goes along. Susie makes several attempts to stop Kirby in his journey, but all of these attempts fail. The core of these headquarters serves as President Haltmann's office. When Kirby reaches the office, Haltmann engages him in battle in his own suit but fails to defeat the hero. Enraged, Haltmann activates Star Dream through use of a special helmet. However, Susie steals the helmet from Haltmann and reveals her intent to sell Star Dream. Before she can don the helmet and take control, Star Dream shoots down Susie and possesses Haltmann. After it reveals its intent on destroying all life, Star Dream flies to space. Susie is able to enlist the help of Kirby in his Robobot Armor. He manages to destroy the supercomputer, destroying the Haltmann Works Company as well, since all of its work was erased after Star Dream's defeat. In Kirby Star Allies, It is revealed the company has indeed collapsed after the destruction of Star Dream and Susie is looking to return the fallen company to its former glory. However, instead of mechanizing planets and people, as her English Guest Star description states, she plans to provide family harmony and happy lives with the power of science, and under such a philosophy, will eradicate the "savages," as stated in the original Japanese version.

The company's theme song, called "The Noble Haltmann," is seen being sung by Susie on multiple occasions. In addition, the company minted its own currency, which features the faces of President Haltmann and Susie.

Known Members

The Haltmann Works Company has a variety of enemies, bosses and characters known to be working directly for them in Kirby: Planet Robobot.