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Robo Mecha Dedede is a giant mechanical construct resembling King Dedede. It first appeared in the spin-off title, Kirby's Dream Course as the final boss, and later made a reappearance in released material for the unreleased Kirby GCN.

The mech is piloted by King Dedede himself. In Kirby's Dream Course, this is right after Kirby confronts him in the eighth level of the game. It is destroyed after receiving ten successive hits.


Its first incarnation in Kirby's Dream Course is a clockwork-like entity, and is uncannily similar to King Dedede right down to the proportions and rounded belly, but has a drill on the right hand and a pincer-like claw on the left, while having a rather menacing look on the face. Its reappearance in Kirby GCN material is completely otherwise, however, and its only resemblance to Dedede is in its name and having his trademark symbol on the its chest. While it retains its drilling right arm, its left is switched to a laser cannon.

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