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Robo Mecha Dedede is the final boss of Kirby's Dream Course and a regular Boss in Kirby Wii.Robo Meacha Dedede first appears as a Giant Dedede with claws for hands and has no design on the tummy.The appearance changes a lot in Kirby Wii.Now Robo Mecha Dedede is a tan color and the design on the tummy returns and now has a laser gun arm and a drill-like hand and a wheel for feet.Robo Mecha Dedede now shoot a laser simlar to the Combo Cannon's laser.Althought Robo Mecha Dedede does not appaer in the anime,a simmilar boss does appear.
Robot Boss Kirby Wii2

Robo Meacha Dedede in Kirby Wii

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