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Gussa is a very rare enemy in Kirby: Squeak Squad that is only found underwater.


Gussa is a small, blue, mean-looking Narwhal with a white underbelly, an orange tail fin (which acts as a propeller), and a small white horn.


Gussa charges at Kirby or jumps out of the water to attack him. It is usually seen in groups, which will home in on Kirby. Gussa gives no Copy Ability when inhaled. If Gussa is going fast and hits a wall, it will get stuck and try to get its horn out for a few seconds, giving Kirby time to either escape or attack.


  • If Ghost Kirby controls a Gussa out of water, it will still have droplets of water streaming off its tail.
  • The Buttonbee enemies from Kirby's Epic Yarn act similarly to Gussa.