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Pumpin' gas can be tricky. There could be trouble if he goes pushin' the wrong buttons.
— Gus • A Blockbuster Battle

Gus is a character in Kirby: Right Back at Ya!. He runs the town gas station and employed Kirby for a short period. Since only two people have cars (King Dedede and Mayor Len Blustergas), it doesn't seem like he'd get much business, but he also fixes King Dedede's car every time it's destroyed.

Gus used to be part of a motorcycle gang with Fang, and they thought they could outrun anyone, even the legendary Steppenwolf. However, Steppenwolf overpowered Fang and reminded Gus that being a biker was about freedom rather than causing trouble for fun. He hasn't been proud of his past with Fang since then, despite still owning his motorcycle.

Physical Appearance

Gus is a tall, burly pear-shaped Cappy who has two tufts of spiky hair and dark gray eyebrows. He wears turquoise overalls with a brown belt and yellow buckles and a dark gray patch on the center of his overalls.


Gus' character is described as rough-hewn, but reserved. He tends to get angry very easily due to his short temper, but he's an otherwise easygoing Cappy. He is also quite fond of sushi, as he was shown to be able to eat more than 250 plates of it in one go in Dedede's Raw Deal. He may look and sound like a rough guy in the dub, but he's actually a rather kind, whole hearted and soft spoken guy.


Gus' name comes from the word "gas," referencing his occupation of running the gas station.


Gunpowder is what's inside this pistol, right?
— Gus • Cappy New Year
Huh? Uhh... Kirby don't come round here, much. He don't need gasoline.
— Gus • Here Comes the Son
Hey! That's dangerous, stop!
— Gus to the Mini-Monsters • Monster Management (Japanese version only)
A long time ago, Fang and I were in the same gang. Back then, we thought we were the baddest bikers on the road. Nobody could beat us... not even Steppenwolf! So Fang and me...we challenged him to a race. We figured we'd leave him in the dust, no problem! But we were wrong. Steppenwolf made us look like amateurs! He was the real deal. Fang could see Steppenwolf was gonna win, so he decided to play dirty. But that didn't stop Steppenwolf. He just whipped that old chain right back at Fang! Then he wheeled round and headed straight for me. I thought he was gonna run me down, but then he stopped dead, and just stared at me.
— Gus, about his past • Born to Be Mild - Part II
And I got the muscle to tune this baby up for ya!
— Gus • Cappy Town Down
That engine's incredible. It's puttin' out a massive amount of energy, but it purrs like a kitten.
— Gus, about the Halberd's main engine • Combat Kirby