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Go on a friend adventure! Guest Star ???? Star Allies Go! is now unlocked!
— Guest Star unlocked • Kirby Star Allies

Guest Star ???? Star Allies Go! (sometimes shortened as Guest Star ????[1][2]) is a sub-game that appears in Kirby Star Allies. This sub-game acts as the Extra Mode, like Dededetour or Meta Knightmare Returns, but the player is a friend, similarly to Helper to Hero.


In this mode, the player plays as one of the game's friends and tries to traverse through the five worlds of the game as quickly as possible. The levels are almost identical to those from the story mode; however, some aspects vary:

Instead of rare Picture Pieces, players may collect Power-Up Hearts to increase their attack, speed, and health stats. Starting stats, especially health, are lower than base stats in Story Mode, so earning Power-Up Hearts is important for a successful attempt. In this sub-game, all point stars are heart-shaped rather than star-shaped, as they usually are.

Pressing a Big Switch causes collectibles to spawn, some of which may spawn a Dream Rod (one in Donut Dome for every friend; a second one in Friendly Field if the player uses Sir Kibble, Broom Hatter, or Birdon; and a third one on Planet Earthfall if the player uses a friend capable of doing a Friend Throw, such as Knuckle Joe and Gooey), allowing one to summon a Dream Friend. One must complete this mode as one of the standard friends (e.g. Blade Knight, Burning Leo) in order to unlock the ability to play this mode as a Dream Friend instead.

There are five levels, and at the end and midpoint of each level, the player can use a checkpoint to save and return to the title screen of this mode; these checkpoints also fully restore the health of each player. As in story mode, King Dedede and Meta Knight can be made Friends by throwing a Friend Heart at them after their defeat.

If amiibo is used at all during the playthrough, an amiibo insignia will appear next to the player's clear time. Similarily, the game will show if the playthrough was done with two players or more by showing the player number symbols next to the time for each level (P1, P2, P3 and P4).

Playable Characters

The player can choose among 37 characters (ten of which are Dream Friends added in three separate post-launch updates).


Dream Friends

Changes with Dream Friends

After Update 2.0.0 and 3.0.0, changes were made to the Guest Star mode that mainly relate to the Wave 1 and 2 Dream Friends:

  • When reaching the final boss rush (consisting of Zan Partizanne, Hyness, and Morpho Knight) while playing as certain Dream Friends, the arena will be slightly different than the one used in the main story and post-story content. In The Ultimate Choice, this only occurs during Morpho Knight's fight. Despite these changes, the gameplay of the boss rush itself remains the same.
    • The updated arena in Wave 1.

      When playing as the Wave 1 Dream Friends in version 2.0.0, the dark, interstellar background is replaced with a cloudy sky at what appears to be sunset. The background architecture of The Divine Terminus has been flipped upside down, and pieces of it can be seen falling throughout the boss rush. The flowers, vines, and crystalline protrusions in the background have grown, and the buds of the flowers glow bright blue. A pool in the center of the arena resembles Hyper Zone, glowing with a light-blue aura.
    • The updated arena in Wave 2.

      When playing as the Wave 1 or Wave 2 Dream Friends in version 3.0.0, the arena is further altered. The upside-down Divine Terminus continues to deteriorate, and the boss arena itself has also begun to crumble. The flowers have grown even larger and now glow bright purple. Purplish vines hang above the arena, and the previously red crystalline protrusions have grown and now glow purple. The pool in the center is larger and now resembles the core of Dark Star, where was fought.
    • The updated arena in Wave 3.

      When playing as the Wave 3 Dream Friends in version 4.0.0, the arena is nearly unrecognizable. The Divine Terminus has seemingly collapsed at this point, with debris floating throughout the background along with crystal chunks. There is a strange black growth which infests the arena, holding some pieces of the arena together (like the platform where Hyness stands). The pool in the center now resembles Another Dimension. It should be mentioned that defeating Hyness in this arena will cause him to sink into the pool, which is likely in reference to the events that occur in Heroes in Another Dimension.
    • The music in Morpho Knight's boss fight also changes under these conditions. When playing as Rick & Kine & Coo, the music is replaced by a remix of Dark Matter's boss theme and Cloudy Park. When playing as Marx, the music is an orchestral version of Marx's boss theme. When playing as Gooey, a remix of Hyper Zone's first theme plays. When playing as Adeleine and Ribbon, a mix of 0²'s theme, Miracle Matter's theme, and Ripple Star's stage select screen theme plays. When playing as Dark Meta Knight, a mix of the boss theme from Kirby & The Amazing Mirror and Dark Mind's theme plays. When playing as Daroach, a remix of the Squeaks' theme plays. When playing as Magolor, a medley of C-R-O-W-N-E-D, Dangerous Dinner's stage select theme, Another Dimension, Infinite Power, Arena Battle, and Sky Tower plays. When playing as Taranza, a medley of Sullied Grace, Fatal Blooms in Moonlight, and The World to Win plays. When playing as Susie, a medley of Vagrant Counting Song of Retrospection and VS. Star Dream plays. When playing as The Three Mage-Sisters, their second phase battle theme from Heroes in Another Dimension plays. As of version 4.0.0, fighting it as Bandana Waddle Dee, King Dedede or Meta Knight will replace the music with a remastered version of Nightmare's theme from Kirby's Adventure/Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land.
  • When playing as the Wave 1 Dream Friends, new areas appear at the beginning of Level 1, mid-way through Level 2, the beginning of Level 3, mid-way through Level 4, and the end of Level 5. The new areas in Levels 1, 3, and 5 reference other games in the series, and are different for each Dream Friend;
  • When playing as the Wave 2 Dream Friends, new areas appear at the beginning of Level 1, the beginning of Level 2, mid-way through Level 3, the beginning of Level 4, and the end of Level 5. Levels 1, 3, and 5 reference other games in the series, and are different for each Dream Friend.

Marx's name is spelled with blocks.

  • Before version 3.0.0, most characters had to go through the initial area of Extra Planet δ after Stage 5's first checkpoint. However, after the update, only the additional Dream Friends play through that area.
  • There are rooms resembling HAL Rooms, typically near the end of Guest Star, that contain blocks which spell out the names of Dream Friends added post-launch. Gooey's room plays the Ripple Field stage select theme from Kirby's Dream Land 3, Marx's room plays the title screen theme of Milky Way Wishes, and Rick & Kine & Coo's room plays the title screen theme from Kirby's Dream Land 2.
  • At the end of every Dream Friend's curtain call, a unique picture will appear in the right-hand corner, showcasing a screenshot of them from the game they first prominently appeared in.

Related Quotes

It’s time for the sidekicks to step up as they race through remixed stages.
— Official Kirby Star Allies website
“I will be a swordmaster like my idol!”
This green warrior swears upon his blade that he will master his weapon, learn how to attack with flame, wind, and lightning, and ultimately conquer the world!
— Blade Knight • Guest Star Blade Knight Staying Sharp
“Just like my blade, I keep coming back!”
What’s inside that armor? Classified! Just like his golden blade, this guy returns to the fight again and again. Pluckiness is the best armor of all!
— Sir Kibble • Guest Star Sir Kibble Cutting in Style
“BOOM! I love that sound!”
It’s the guy with the eternal grin! He’s off on an explosive adventure, but all he really wants to do is bring a little fun and fireworks into people’s lives.
— Poppy Bros. Jr. • Guest Star Poppy Bros. Jr. Bombs Away!
“...Hmph! *THUD*”
With a will as hard as...something very hard, this rugged fellow is a real heavy hitter. He slides on water or ice and has an uppercut to end any argument!
— Rocky • Guest Star Rocky Rock the World
“The world’s treasure is all mine!”
With western style and a dandy heart, he takes on any task, all so he can set out again to explore the world! With his flexible whip, he searches for treasure!
— Wester • Guest Star Wester Wild-West Whip
“Ook ook! I love bananas!”
He’s always looking for bananas! Even when he loses sight of this goal, this giant gourmand smashes anything in his way, wherever he likes!
— Bonkers • Guest Star Bonkers Banana Mania
“…I will walk the path of mastery.”
Under cover of the night, hidden in villages, this elite ninja takes a journey to learn the ninja’s way. With his blade of violet lightning, he speeds through the land!
— Bio Spark • Guest Star Bio Spark Savage Silence
“Finally, it’s my turn!”
With word of a mechanized invasion in the the [sic] works, Gim sets out on a journey! What does the robot see? Why does he use his mischievous gimmick? Who knows?
— Gim • Guest Star Gim Up-and-Down Dynamo
“Can true believers find their way?”
The pink hero taught him that nothing is more precious than friends who believe in each other. And now he sets out to see the truth of this for himself!
— Jammerjab • Guest Star Jammerjab Staff Striker
“You set fire to my heart!”
Burning Leo, proud of his blazing mane, declares from his heart, “I will go on an adventure and share my flames!” But don’t get carried away. He might burn you!
— Burning Leo • Guest Star Burning Leo Roaring Fire
“To the edge of the world!”
This snowman wishes to travel far before it gets too warm…and he disappears. He sets out from his home, sure that he can achieve his dream!
— Chilly • Guest Star Chilly Chill Winds
“I’ll bet it all on this beam!”
It was the first Copy Ability that anyone ever got, and the origin of all abilities that came later! So much potential from a beam! And now, he wants to see why the beam…bends!
— Waddle Doo • Guest Star Waddle Doo Beam Land
“I’m Plugg! What? Never heard of me?”
Plugg has been updated to shoot plasma! He might not be well-known, but for all who couldn’t join him now, he will shine brightly for all their sakes!
— Plugg • Guest Star Plugg Powered Up
“I’m Driblee! I ♥ clean water!”
Driblee can’t stand the destruction of the environment and wishes for only the purest of waters for the world! With that, Driblee sets off on a journey!
— Driblee • Guest Star Driblee Rinse and Repeat!
“Hee hee hee…”
Though not quite yet an adult, he brims with the power of a new generation! He predicts there’s something out in the darkness and sets off to find it…with teleportation!
— NESP • Guest Star NESP Psych Out!
“Flapping to new horizons!”
He hates spending every day stuck in a bird cage and decides to see how high he can fly! And just that easily, he’s off to find freedom. Fly high and fast!
— Birdon • Guest Star Birdon Freedom in the Sky
“I’ll clean the whole world!”
Dust here, dust there! Broom Hatter just can’t stand so much mess. So he takes on the quest of a lifetime: to make the world spotless!
— Broom Hatter • Guest Star Broom Hatter Spring Cleaning
“Gonna be the top fighter anywhere!”
He’s eager to prove himself in a legendary tournament and sets off at full speed to find it…wherever it is! He’s up for any battle, no matter how tough!
— Knuckle Joe • Guest Star Knuckle Joe The Contender
“I was the king of insects!”
This aging insect king passed on his title to someone younger. Now he’s off to fight dark forces with techniques that would put a wrestler to shame. What a mandible!
— Bugzzy • Guest Star Bugzzy What's the Bug Idea?
“I’m the new king of insects!”
This young king wants to challenge the old one to see who’s truly mightier. But first…into the darkness! He braves any challenger with his horn!
— Beetley • Guest Star Beetley Unbeatable Beetle
“After years of work…a major role!”
He doesn’t just hang around anymore. He’s the three-eyed hero who was nominated by his kind to go on a quest! Now he can snare evil in his web!
— Como • Guest Star Como A Tangled Web
“You chose me? Great! Time to sing!”
The sun is shining! The parasol’s open! And it’s time for a stroll! That parasol is great protection, after all, and it lets him float sweet as a breeze.
— Parasol Waddle Dee • Guest Star Parasol Waddle Dee Floaty Dreamer
“Watch me, sisters! I’ll do my best!”
She swears on her ♥ to do her best, so she doesn’t lose to her sisters, not in battle and not in artistry! She sets off to prove herself...and hopefully get into a good art school!
— Vividria • Guest Star Vividria A Colorful ♥
“Extreme feast? Eep! I’ll get cooking!”
This chef goes on the hunt for ingredients beyond the edge of the world! He senses great deliciousness and must control his hunger until his culinary quest is done!
— Chef Kawasaki • Guest Star Chef Kawasaki Flavor Attack
“I’ll be the one to keep the peace!”
Kirby's first rival, from Kirby's Dream Land, wants to clean up his image, so he's set off to save his people. There's no stopping this self-made king, so watch out, world!
— King Dedede • Guest Star King Dedede Fight for the Crown
“This darkness must meet my sword!”
The Knight that dates back to Kirby’s Adventure joins the fray! This mysterious figure occasionally shows up in his massive ship to stir things up. Now, into darkness!
— Meta Knight • Guest Star Meta Knight Scourge of Darkness
“I’m not just a pretty face!”
He's got stellar attendance in the Kirby series and deserves a prize. That bandana! That spear! With his courage, he sets himself apart from carefree parasol holders!
— Bandana Waddle Dee • Guest Star Bandana Waddle Dee The Legend Of Dee
“Friends by air, sea, and land!”
This triple-deluxe pack of pals from Kirby‘s Dreamland 2 is here to help! You'll hear 'em coming: pitter-patter, splish-splash, and flutter-flap!
— Rick & Kine & Coo • Guest Star Rick & Kine & Coo Animal Trio
“Got a plan? Glad to help!”
The cosmic jester from Kirby Super Star sensed danger from afar and is ready to roll across galaxies on his ball! This final boss is here to help!
— Marx • Guest Star Marx Galactic Ambition
“My name? Gooey? Maybe?”
This googly-eyed wonder from Kirby’s Dream Land 3 comes in search of answers to the big questions in life... Who am I? Where? What time is it?
— Gooey • Guest Star Gooey Who...Me?
“Back for a new adventure!”
The attack artist from Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards and her pal Ribbon have returned! And with Adeleine's newly improved painting skills, these two are ready to be in the mix!
— Adeleine & Ribbon • Guest Star Adeleine & Ribbon Artful Adventurers
Is that the uninvited knight from Kirby & The Amazing Mirror?! Guess he had a fight with Meta Knight. The Mirror World must cast a long shadow across the galaxy... At least he's here as a friend!
— Dark Meta Knight • Guest Star Dark Meta Knight From the Shadows
“Those bejeweled hearts will be mine!”
The famous thief from Kirby: Squeak Squad heard tales of dark, gem-shaped hearts and set out to find them. Such seemingly wicked treasures are certainly worthy of his talents!
— Daroach • Guest Star Daroach Enter the Space Thieves
”I will show you the power of Best Friends!”
The fearless deceiving mage from Kirby’s Return To Dreamland has mysteriously joined the battle. You don’t want him as an it possible that he could end up becoming a true friend?
— Magolor • Guest Star Magolor Best Friends Forever
”No doubt. A miracle will happen for sure!”
Hoping for a true miracle, the boy with silver hair From Kirby: Triple Deluxe is making a bid for the alter. Deep in his heart, he already knows the outcome. But if he could just reach that bright light...
— Taranza • Guest Star Taranza To Meet That Flower
”The company he built... I will bring it back!”
Cool and collected, Susie from Kirby: Planet Robobot is all business. Following in the footsteps of her employer, she uses science to advance her mission—mechanizing new planets and peoples.
— Susie • Guest Star Susie Extermination by Blaster♥
"If you resist, I will freeze you into ice."
The cold-blooded blue priestess from Kirby Star Allies pays a surprise visit! Along with her sisters, she seeks paradise. But will standing too close to Flamberge throw water on her dreams?
— Francisca • Guest Star The Three Mage-Sisters From Prayers to Hope
"Ha, ha, ha! Come on Francisca. Let's get wild!"
The hot-blooded red priestess from Kirby Star Allies pays a surprise visit! Along with her sisters, she seeks paradise. But can the trio handle her at her most heated?
— Flamberge • Guest Star The Three Mage-Sisters From Prayers to Hope
"Sure thing. I will show you... the terror of the Three Mage-Sisters!"
The lightning gold priestess from Kirby Star Allies pays a surprise visit! Along with her sisters, she seeks paradise. Will she make Lord Hyness proud?
— Zan Partizanne • Guest Star The Three Mage-Sisters From Prayers to Hope
You cleared it with all of your friends! Lots of friends have now become Star Heroes!
— Announcement • Kirby Star Allies
You've cleared this mode with all Dream Friends, who are now heroes in their own right. You are the master of friends!
— Announcement • Kirby Star Allies


  • In Level 5, the player's character falls through several rooms containing Room Guarders before moving right to a room with another Room Guarder. The Room Guarder here is based on the player's character. For example, Blade Knight must fight several Blade Knights and Chef Kawasaki must fight Twin Kawasaki.
  • When the player chooses a character, the name of the mode changes. The "????" is replaced with the name of the chosen character and "Star Allies Go!" is replaced with a unique phrase for each character.

Kirby's Pause Screen description

  • Before the 3.0.0 update, through a glitch, it is possible to play as Kirby in this mode. To do this, one must have the Nintendo Switch in Handheld or Tabletop mode, and then tap between New Game and Best Times. If the right place is tapped, the mode will start as Kirby. However, Kirby does not have any flavor text (the text is in Japanese that means “No Data Set”).
  • The credits theme for beating Guest Star ???? mode is a remix of the credit themes from Kirby's Dream Land, Kirby's Adventure, and Kirby Super Star.
  • Gim's special quote implies that he was unaware that the events of Kirby: Planet Robobot have already been resolved.
  • Prior to the 2.0.0 update, King Dedede, Meta Knight and Bandana Waddle Dee did not have their own unique intro menus and instead shared the standard intro menu that all the other friends shared.
  • In the 3.0.0 Update, Guest Star now allows the player to have multiple save files for each friend, and if the player has played the mode before the update, they can continue by creating a save file through the Best Times records. In the update, stages for the regular Friends have been slightly adjusted as well.


  • In the 4.0.0 update, The Three Mage-Sisters' room features the trio's names like other Dream Friends. Unique to this is the fact that each name has some differently colored blocks that create the secret message "FRIENDS." However, to do this it uses the lettering "Framberge," presumably combining her English name "Flamberge" with her Japanese name, "Fran-Rouge." The fact that the names appear this way when playing in Japanese as well supports the idea that this misspelling is intentional.



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