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These giant blocks drop down on you from above, so they're pretty nasty. However, their eyes and mouths open really wide right before they take that plunge, so maybe they're as surprised as you when they fall down!
— Figurine description • Kirby and the Rainbow Curse

Grindarr (both singular and plural) is a large enemy in the Kirby series, debuting in Kirby Mass Attack.

Physical Appearance

Grindarr are rectangular, stone blocks that hang from a long, silver chain. They have no hands, but have feet with three digits on each. They have a pair of vigilant eyes, a small nose, and a large oblong mouth. They come in a brown, cracked variant and a solid, gray variant. The gray variant is the most common.

The rarest variant is called Mega Grindarr. It is roughly twice the size of a normal Grindarr and has a large tongue.


Kirby Mass Attack

Grindarr is most commonly found in Sandy Canyon, though it is also found in Volcano Valley. It attacks by attempting to crush the Kirbys from above. However, a Grindarr will only attempt this if they are nearby, which is noted by a grunting noise. After it touches the ground, it will slowly rise up and wait for another attack. If any Kirbys are crushed, they are instantly KO'd.

Gray Grindarr are invincible but the brown ones can be defeated. A few hits from the Kirbys will destroy them, revealing fruit or a chain that can be pulled on.

Two brown Grindarr also appear in the Kirby Brawlball and Kirby Quest sub-games. They serve as outlane stoppers in the former and are fought in Stage 16 of Chapter 2 in the latter. If the Kirbys lose Survival Rush without defeating any bosses, they are awarded a Grindarr trophy.

Kirby and the Rainbow Curse

Gray Grindarr appears in the stages Dig and Dash and Hooplagoon, Relic of the Ruins. It does not connect to a chain nor does it look down before dropping. The enemy drops very slowly when it sees Kirby or another enemy--whatever it crushes is instantly KO'd. Alternatively, the enemy drops if the platform it rests on is eliminated. Grindarr cannot rise back up after falling.

A dusty yellow coloration of Grindarr appears exclusively as a scenery decoration throughout Yellow Dunes.


Grindarr is likely a corruption of "grinder," referring to how it attacks by crushing foes into the ground.

Its Japanese name, ゴプレス (Gopuresu), is likely a portmanteau of golem (ゴーレム Gōremu), referencing it as a living being made of stone; and press (プレス Puresu), referencing its crushing nature.

Related Quotes

Guards the ruins by trying to crush intruders as it falls from above.
— Official European Kirby Mass Attack website[1]
If you hear a rumble in the ruins, you're probably near a Grindarr. Those things will squash you flat if you stop under them. So don't do that.
— Daroach • Kirby Mass Attack


  • Grindarr are very similar, in both appearance and in attack patterns, to Thwomp from the Super Mario Bros. series.
  • The European Kirby Mass Attack website mistakenly calls this enemy "Gobchomplin."