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[[Category:Levels in Kirby Mass Attack]]
[[Category:Levels in Kirby Mass Attack]]

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Green Grounds is the first area in Kirby Mass Attack, coming before Sandy Canyon. It has a total of 11 stages, one of them being a boss stage. The boss of the area is Whispy Woods.

General Information

Green Grounds is a peaceful plain in some of its regions. It has flat, grassy landscapes along with trees and bushes. It also has jungle environments that's infested with wild animals such as Snoozroots, Spideroos, and Slugoos. Its most native creature is Beanbon. Rain occurs along the pathway to the deep forests.


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Stage 1

This is the very first level in the game. Because of this, there are many speech bubbles to give Kirby information on controls, movement, and how to defeat enemies. Beanbon is the first enemy the player will meet. In the middle of the stage, a guard room is visited, where three Beanbons will attack, one at a time. After they're defeated, a door will appear for Kirby (and his clones if he has any) to enter. Then, the player will exit the guard room and can continue. There are some Birdees outside to throw explosive coconuts. Later, an unstable tree with fruit is seen. It can be knocked down by making the Kirbys jumping through it. A few Snoozroots appear afterward. Finally, the Kirbys will shoot out of a cannon, hitting Big Birdee, who was delivering fruit. The Kirbys can then make their way to the goal.

Stage 2

Stage 3

Stage 4

Stage 5

Stage 6

Stage 7

Stage 8

Stage 9

Stage 10


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