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This island is full of greenery and has food aplenty. Maybe that explains how so many of these creatures have grown so large. Take care that you don't get squashed!
— Daroach • Kirby Mass Attack

Green Grounds is the first island in Kirby Mass Attack, coming before Sandy Canyon. It has a total of 11 stages, one of them being a boss stage. The boss of the area is Whispy Woods.

General Information

Green Grounds is a peaceful plain in some of its regions. It has flat, grassy landscapes along with trees and bushes. It also has jungle environments that's infested with wild animals such as Snoozroots, Spideroos, and Posuras. Its most native creature is Beanbon. Rain occurs along the pathway to the deep forests.


Stage 1

KMA Green Grounds Stage 1.png

Number of Kirbys required to enter: 1
Number of medals: 5

This stage acts a a tutorial on how to play the game. Kirby follows a Beanbon up a tree trunk before fighting three of them. Plenty of fruit is found in the stage, allowing the player to accumulate more Kirbys. The heroes accidentally fire themselves out of an autocannon and hit Big Birdee later on, igniting her hatred for them. A rainbow bubble appears at the end, unlocking Stages 2, 3, and 4.

Stage 1 of Green Grounds was featured in the Kirby Mass Attack Demo, though it was altered slightly.

Stage 2

KMA Green Grounds Stage 2.png

Number of Kirbys required to enter: 2
Number of medals: 3

The Kirbys roam through the woods, riding and crushing enemies with Spire Vines. This stage introduces keys and Treasure Chests to the game.

Stage 3

KMA Green Grounds Stage 3.png

Number of Kirbys required to enter: 5
Number of medals: 3

The Kirbys enter deep woods. The Spideroos dwelling here ambush the group, forcing the Kirbys to defend themselves. They fire high into the treetops and battle Big Birdee with her clan of Birdees. The Kirbys then fall back into the dark forest where more Spideroos await them. Fruit hides inside these enemies' webs. A rainbow bubble appears at the end, unlocking Stages 5, 6, and 7.

Stage 4

KMA Green Grounds Stage 4.png

Number of Kirbys required to enter: 3
Number of medals: 5

The Kirbys escape the rain by going underground. The deeper the venture, the more skeletons they find buried in the walls. Pulling Jerkweeds and defeating a Battybat is required to progress. The pink puffs momentarily return to the surface before entering the underground once more. The unique Gold Beanbon is hidden in this stage.

Stage 5

KMA Green Grounds Stage 5.png

Number of Kirbys required to enter: 5
Number of medals: 5

The Kirbys venture through the woods. They can lower certain platforms by standing on them to progress. They eventually come across Jumbo Candy that helps them power through enemies. Throughout the stage, the Kirbys must combat members of the Schnoz family.

If the player plays each stage in numeric order, Daroach first arrives in his airship after this stage's completion.

Stage 6

KMA Green Grounds Stage 6.png

Number of Kirbys required to enter: 5
Number of medals: 5

The Kirbys find many Spinwheel Flowers and springy mushrooms on their trek through the forest; one of these mushrooms can bounce the group into a secret area. Moggys pass overhead carrying items in their bellies and Warwiggles emerge from the soil to impede the Kirbys' progress. This stage introduces skull keys to the game. Later on, Moles lead the heroes into a battle with Moley. A rainbow bubble appears at the end, unlocking Stages 8, 9, and 10.

Stage 7

KMA Green Grounds Stage 7.png

Number of Kirbys required to enter: 5
Number of medals: 5

The Kirbys board a rising platform that takes them up through a tall tree trunk. This tree is home to Soarars and Mono Soarars—the Soarars often carry items while the Mono Soarars attempt to attack. When the Kirbys reach the top of the tree, they can crack open an egg to release Small Soarars. If they fail, a rare Big Soarar takes the egg. At the end of the stage, the Kirbys must catch four Soarars carrying pieces of the exit door while avoiding Soarars carrying cards of Mono Soarars.

Stage 8

KMA Green Grounds Stage 8.png

Number of Kirbys required to enter: 7
Number of medals: 5

The Kirbys roam through more deep woods. Growing here are relatives of Whispy Woods: Little Woods, Wicky Woods, Tower Woods, Floaty Woods, Wobbly Woods, and Stumpee. The group must ride Floaty Woods like a raft down a stream and avoid being crushed by rolling Stumpees along the way. A rainbow bubble appears at the end, unlocking the Boss Stage.

Stage 9

KMA Green Grounds Stage 9.png

Number of Kirbys required to enter: 5
Number of medals: 3

On their way through a meadow, the Kirbys discover Jumbo Candy. They can ignore the candy altogether and traverse the stage carefully, or they can eat the item and effortlessly smash through all blocks and enemies in their way. The stage ends with a battle against Big Warwiggle, which can instantly be won if the Kirbys hit him while jumbo-sized.

Stage 10

KMA Green Grounds Stage 10.png

Number of Kirbys required to enter: 9
Number of medals: 5

The Kirbys go for a swim in a submerged cavern. They must swallow air bubbles in order to survive; these can be acquired from cracks in the floors, shells, and Awasuki. The Kirbys must battle Tortletummy toward the end of the stage.

Boss Stage

KMA Green Grounds Stage Boss.png

Number of Kirbys required to enter: 10

The Kirbys combat Whispy Woods, who attacks with spikes, spike balls, and gusts of wind.

In Other Languages

Names, etymology and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology and notes
Japanese グリングランド Translates to Green Ground.
English Green Grounds
Traditional Chinese 绿绿庭院 Translates to Green Garden.
German Grüne Auen Translates to Green Floodplains.
French Buisson Vert Translates to Green Bush.
Italian Distese Erbose Translates to Grassy Expanses.
Spanish Arboleda Verde Translates to Green Grove.


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Kirby Mass Attack: Green Grounds
Green Grounds in Kirby Mass Attack
Kirby Mass Attack
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Green Grounds is the grass-and-forest themed island in Kirby Mass Attack. It is the first level in the game.

Related Quotes

This island is filled with natural wonders.
— Daroach • Kirby Mass Attack


  • Early splash screens reveal that Green Grounds' name was originally going to be Green Ground.[1] These are likely based on the Japanese names, as Green Grounds' Japanese name translates to "Green Ground."
  • Scenery from Stage 1 of Green Grounds is used as a backdrop for Kirby Mass Attack-themed badge catchers and badge albums in Nintendo Badge Arcade.