Smash the ground with the Grand Hammer! Shake the Wii Remote to power it up, and pound even huge stakes flat!
— Grand Hammer's Flavor Text • Kirby's Return to Dream Land

Grand Hammer is a super ability appearing in Kirby's Return to Dream Land and serves as the most uncommon super abilities in the game, appearing only twice, excluding boss fights. This ability can be granted by inhaling a Super Bonkers after it has been defeated.

General Information

Grand Hammer is one of Kirby's copy abilities and appears to be a stronger version of the Hammer ability.


Move Controls Description Element
Grand Hammer 1 Button Kirby will wield his massive hammer and smash it on the ground below him. None
Hammer Plus Shaking the Wii Remote after Grand Hammer Kirby will enlarge his hammer, creating larger shockwaves and pounding objects downwards even further. None
Super Hammer Plus Shake the Wii Remote after Hammer Plus Kirby will create an enormous hammer that will obliterate any objects below him and create a massive shockwave. None
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