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There are two ways to play this game. In Grand Prix, you will race against King Dedede. Run through the course and collect food as quickly as you can. Your score is determined by the amount of food you gather and how many more times you reach goal lines before your opponent. In Time Attack, you will choose a course and race through it alone to try and get the best time possible.
— Game Modes • Kirby Super Star Ultra Instruction Booklet

Gourmet Race is a sub-game in Kirby Super Star and Kirby Super Star Ultra.


Kirby is seen floating up a steep mountainside (referred to as Gourmet World in Kirby Super Star but unnamed in Kirby Super Star Ultra) in search of food. He manages to reach the top, but when Kirby is still panting from the effort, King Dedede steps out and issues a challenge to Kirby. In Kirby Super Star Ultra, King Dedede taunts Kirby by munching on food in front of him instead.

General Information

The goal of Gourmet Race is to play as Kirby, go through the three courses, eat more food than King Dedede, and finish first. There are no enemies to fight, and Kirby cannot lose a life even though there are Spikes in some parts. There is a time trial mode, where players race to beat their own records in one of the three courses. The previous best time is represented as a ghost that takes the same path as the player took. In its incarnation in Kirby Super Star Ultra, player two can join the race as Yellow Kirby.

Gourmet Race in Kirby Super Star

Kirby gets one point for every unit of food he eats, and three points for every Maxim Tomato, which are less common and harder to get to. By reaching the finish line first, Kirby gets a bonus of 30 additional points, giving a possible maximum bonus of 90 points if Kirby wins all three stages.

Kirby runs much faster than usual in Gourmet Race, and is faster than King Dedede on the ground. However, since he just exhausted himself floating up the mountain, his floating, Slide attack, and jumping skills are slower and much less effective, and King Dedede is faster than him in the air.

In the last course, Onion Garden, Kirby can use a Copy Ability from a Copy Essence. The five pedestals from left to right are Jet, Parasol, Ninja, Wing, and finally, Wheel. One can also choose to do a time trial run of one of the three courses.



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Gourmet Race is a minigame in Kirby Super Star and Kirby Super Star Ultra. The aim is for Kirby to eat more food than King Dedede. The musical motif for Gourmet Race is recurrent throughout the series, and is commonly associated with King Dedede.

In the Super Smash Bros. series

Kirby runs through Gourmet Race.

Gourmet Race is a sub-area in the Light Realm in the World of Light mode of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. The player must travel down various paths to collect food with no way of backtracking. The amount of food the player collects determines what they fight at the end. If the player collects 3-6 pieces of food, they fight a Waddle Dee spirit. If they collect 7-10 pieces of food, they fight a Chef Kawasaki spirit. If they collect 11 pieces of food, they fight King Dedede.

Related Quotes

A large fruit orchard is filled with food. Kirby heard about the orchard and journeyed there, but King Dedede was waiting for him. Now all Kirby has to do is win the Gourmet Race. Piece of cake, right?
— Gourmet Race Story • Kirby Super Star Instruction Booklet
King Dedede challenged Kirby to see who's the hungriest gourmet! Who will reach the goal first? Speed to eat, eat to win!
— Gourmet Race • Kirby Super Star Ultra
You can eat and run for the goal versus a friend as well!
— Game Mode Explanation • Kirby Super Star Ultra