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My name? Gooey? Maybe?
— Gooey • Kirby Star Allies

Gooey is a character in the Kirby series, debuting as a minor character in Kirby's Dream Land 2, but would later have a major role in Kirby's Dream Land 3. He is made from the same material as Dark Matter. The female character that resembles Gooey in Kirby's Dream Land 2 is also covered here due to their similarities and lack of information regarding the character.

Physical Appearance

Gooey is depicted to be very simple in appearance. He is a small blue blob with two round, googley eyes and a long, red tongue. He has arm-like appendages when he uses certain Copy Abilities, such as as Parasol and Cleaning. When Gooey flies around in his Mock Matter form, he is shown to have orange appendages much like that of Real Dark Matter.

In his debut in Kirby's Dream Land 2, Gooey's appearance was slightly different, being originally colored black. His female counterpart seems to be pink with a big bow on top of her head.


Gooey is often portrayed to be oblivious to his surroundings and absent-minded, such as in Kirby's Dream Land 3, where he fails to notice the ongoing invasion while eating a fish, and in Kirby Star Allies, where he himself is unsure of why he's even there. He is also forgetful, even questioning his own name in the latter. Despite these traits, however, Gooey is rather existential, as in Kirby Star Allies, he tries to find answers to the "big questions in life." Regardless, Gooey remains playful and kind, dancing and rolling about in Super Kirby Clash, and trying to comfort ChuChu after accidentally crushing a flower she was looking at in the intro for Sand Canyon.


Kirby's Dream Land 2

Gooey first appears in this game, where he is found in bags after defeating certain mid-bosses. He only appears when the Animal Friend supposed to be found in the bag is already paired with Kirby when it is opened, and he replenishes Kirby's health.

Rarely, a female version of Gooey will be produced from the sack instead of the usual male one. She gives Kirby a 1UP. The first time she is found, she adds 1% to the game's completion, making it necessary to find her in order to earn 100%.

Kirby's Dream Land 3

Gooey using the Parasol ability.

Gooey can be controlled by the CPU or by a second player. Gooey has similar powers to Kirby, specifically, he can also absorb the enemies' powers, with the exception that he licks them up as opposed to inhaling them. He can also team up with any of the Animal Friends just like Kirby, giving him the same Copy Ability combinations. Gooey, as an advantage over Kirby, can lick up stars and devour enemies underwater; however, unlike Kirby, Gooey can't eat two enemies at the same time. During the game's final battle in the Hyper Zone, Gooey's flying form, Mock Matter, is similar to Dark Matter's appearance, but with a different color scheme and facial features. It costs Kirby one square (2 HP) out of five to summon Gooey.

Kirby Star Allies

Gooey makes an appearance as a Dream Friend in the game's first update. Gooey's attacks use moves from Burning, Parasol, and Stone, all of which are abilities featured in Kirby's Dream Land 3, where Gooey was able to use them. He also has attacks based on Whip, and new moves involving his Dark Matter form. He can use and give the Splash element with his tongue and parasol, and the Sizzle element with his Burning attack. Additionally, Gooey can use the Friend Throw Friend Ability, and also the Curling, Geokinesis, and Rock Painter Team-Up Attacks.

Super Kirby Clash

Aeon Hero Artwork.png This section contains information that does not coincide with the main series canon. (Similar)

Gooey appears as a resident of the Castle Village after Venom Kracko has been defeated in the Dunes. He can be seen behind the Quest Board, scooting and rolling about, and occasionally performing one of his idle animations from Kirby Star Allies. He also appears as a sticker, which can be purchased from the Shoppe for 20 Gem Apples.

Kirby Fighters 2

Aeon Hero Artwork.png This section contains information that does not coincide with the main series canon. (Similar)

Gooey appears as a playable character in Kirby Fighters 2, being unlocked at Fighters Rank 3. He retains his moveset from Kirby Star Allies.


Move Controls Description Element Damage
Kirby Star Allies
Quick Lick Press and release B Gooey quickly shoots out his tongue, dealing damage and grabbing items. Splash 18
Flicker Lick B repeatedly Gooey's tongue stays out after shooting it out, trapping enemies in the attack until the player stops pressing B. Splash 13
Snack Lick Press and hold B, and then release Gooey's tongue grabs an enemy or star. Splash 40
Tongue Slingshot Snack lick + B/Snack Lick + → Gooey throws the enemy/star, similar to the Suplex ability. Splash 57
Parasol Gooey ↑ + B Gooey summons a parasol and holds it above his head, dealing damage. Splash 24
Parasol Spin Press and hold B during Parasol Gooey Gooey will spin his parasol around, causing enemies that touch it to go flying in the opposite direction. None 9 (Initial Hits), 3 (Final Hit)
Burning Gooey Dash + B Gooey bursts forward for a short time, creating a fire effect. Sizzle 22 (ground), 24 (aerial)
Stone Gooey ↓ + B Gooey transforms into his Stone form from Kirby's Dream Land 3. It acts the exact same way as the normal Stone Copy Ability, although it does not change shape. None 44 (Stone Change), 22 (Shock Wave), 35 (Sliding), 51 (Sliding Finish), 22 (Change Back)
Dark Laser Flare ↓, and then ↑ + B Gooey leaps up into the air, transforms into his Mock Matter form, and shoots four lasers in an X-formation. In Kirby Fighters 2, the lasers can be angled downward by pressing down while rising. None 18 (body), 20 (Dark Lasers)
Mock Matter A in midair Gooey transforms into a form very similar to that of Dark Matter. While in this form, Gooey can hover by pressing A, though he slowly loses altitude between presses. None 0
Dark Laser B during Mock Matter Gooey shoots out a laser, which travels about halfway across the screen. Although it only shoots out of his front side, it will target any enemy that he is facing. Using this attack will cause Gooey to stop losing altitude while in his Mock Matter form. None 20
Protective Bag L/R Gooey hides in a bag similar to the one he is trapped inside in Kirby's Dream Land 2. This works the exact same way as dodging, although Gooey cannot move while in this state. None 18 (Guard End)
Friend Grab Hold ↑ Friends jump on Gooey's tongue. None 0
Friend Throw Press B/joystick after using Friend Grab Gooey throws the friend he is currently throwing, much like the Suplex, Fighter, or Beetle ability. Holding the joystick in different directions before pressing B will change where the friend is thrown. None 82

In the Super Smash Bros. series

Gooey appears as a collectible trophy in Super Smash Bros. Melee.

Gooey appears as a primary, Advanced-class neutral spirit in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. His spirit sports no effect when applied to a fighter.

In Other Languages

Names, etymology and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology and notes
Japanese グーイ Officially romanized as Gooey.
English Gooey
Traditional Chinese 蠱依 Translates to Gooey.
Simplified Chinese 蛊依 Translates to Gooey.
Korean 구이 Translates to Gooey.
Russian Гуи Translates to Gooey.
German Gooey Same as English
Dutch Gooey Same as English
French Gooey Same as English
Italian Gooey Same as English
Spanish Gooey Same as English


I can use the same attacks as Kirby!
— Gooey • Kirby's Dream Land 3 instruction manual

Related Quotes

While Kirby swallows enemies in order to copy their powers, Gooey wraps them up in his tongue to steal their abilities. In Kirby's Dream Land 2, he occasionally appeared inside of a bag, but by Kirby's Dream Land 3, he was a full-fledged partner. He could be controlled by setting him up as Player Two.
— Trophy description • Super Smash Bros. Melee
Gooey from Kirby's Dream Land 3 has hopped over for a visit. That oddball!
— Gooey • Kirby Star Allies
This googly-eyed wonder from Kirby's Dream Land 3 comes in search of answers to the big questions in life... Who am I? Where? What time is it?
— Guest Star description • Kirby Star Allies
It's Gooey-with the ridiculously long tongue! This weird wobbler has hopped in from Kirby's Dream Land 3. Not even Gooey knows why he's here, but we're all glad to see him show up!
— Flavor Text • Kirby Star Allies


  • The fact that Gooey is a friend of Kirby's proves that even a creature related to Dark Matter has free will and independent thought.
  • In Kirby's Dream Land 3, the player is able to perform an exploit to regain health. When Kirby has one hit point, he can summon Gooey and then swallow him to gain two more hit points, boosting his vitality to a total of three. Summoning Gooey again will take away the vitality gained, so Kirby cannot do this repeatedly to fully recover.
  • In the Japanese version of Kirby's Dream Land 2, a character named Chao from the Japan-only game Yūyūki makes a cameo appearance. Since the reference would understandably be lost on people overseas at the time, she was replaced with the female variant of Gooey. Despite this, however, Chao herself later appears in all releases of Kirby's Dream Land 3 along with Goku, another character from the same game.
  • Although no arms are seen during most of his moves, when holding the parasol after getting its ability, a single stubby arm can be seen sprouting out of Gooey's body.
    • This seems to have been retconned in Kirby Star Allies since he now uses his tongue to hold the parasol.
  • When Gooey uses the Burning ability, the color of the fire is blue, due to the nature of Gooey's transformations.
  • In Ado's depiction of Gooey, he appears to have a forked tongue, despite appearing with a normal tongue.
  • Gooey's use of his tongue to ingest enemies is similar to the abilities of Yoshi from the Mario series.
  • When using Rock Painter, Gooey's stone form references the opening of Kirby's Dream Land 3, where Gooey holds a fish with his tongue.
  • In Guest Star ???? Star Allies Go!, when Gooey faces Morpho Knight, a remix of the first Hyper Zone theme from Kirby's Dream Land 3 plays instead of the normal theme, perhaps referencing Gooey's connection to Dark Matter.
  • Though not stated in his move set in Kirby Star Allies, Gooey is capable of doing the Searing Burn move like Fire Kirby.
  • Kirby Star Allies erroneously states that Gooey first appeared in Kirby's Dream Land 3 when he actually first appeared in Kirby's Dream Land 2. However, it could be due to the fact that Gooey was a playable character in Kirby's Dream Land 3, whereas his appearance in Kirby's Dream Land 2 only served a minor role.





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