Fighting off treasure hunters is hard work, and these two dream of setting off on an adventure. Rumor has it they've built a raft... so why not leave? 'Because we'll sink! Can't you see we're made of metal?!'
—  VS Goldon and Silvox (Soul Melter EX) • Kirby Star Allies

Goldon & Silvox, also titled as The Metal Heavies, are bosses appearing in Kirby Star Allies. They are a harder version of Pon & Con. Goldon & Silvox are fought in Far-Flung - Starlight Heroes on Mareen Moon, serving as the tenth boss.

Physical Appearance

Goldon appears similar to Pon, except he has a golden color scheme with gold sparkles. Silvox appears similar to Con, but with a silver color scheme with silver sparkles. Notably, they lack Pon & Con's armor when fought.


Goldon & Silvox are fought in a similar fashion to Pon & Con. However, they have their dash attack right away, and use elemental bombs too. In their second phase, their roar knocks Kirby and the Star Allies into the air. More platforms and a giant tower appear in the middle. Goldon and Silvox can charge through the tower, and Kirby and co. can destroy the barriers in the tower. Sometimes, when they go into the tower, an elemental bomb rolls out, they then appear in a random lane and continue their path.

Goldon & Silvox appear in the game's boss rush mode, The Ultimate Choice. They appear in four levels of difficulty: Fiery Showdown, Infernal Crisis, Soul Melter, and Soul Melter EX.

Related Quotes

This glittering duo made their home on a backwater island on a certain planetoid, and they'll viciously attack anyone who stumbles into their territory. Beware the furry fury of Goldon and Silvox!
— VS Goldon & Silvox • Kirby Star Allies


Goldon's name is a portmanteau of "golden" and either "Pon" or less likely "raccoon," while Silvox's name is a portmanteau of "silver" and "fox."



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