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Ravenous foes called Gobchomplins live in the cemetery. They'll gulp you down in one bite.
— Daroach • Kirby Mass Attack

Gobchomplin is an enemy in the Kirby series, debuting in Kirby Mass Attack.

Physical Appearance

Gobchomplin is a large, purple-black carnivorous plant with vicious sharp teeth resembling a bear trap and a white bead-like body. Growing out of its mouth is a tiny orange flower with four petals, likely to act as a lure to attract prey. Gobchomplin's base has six purple and green petals.


Kirby Mass Attack

Gobchomplin appears in Stage 11 of Dedede Resort and Stage 5 of Volcano Valley. It waits beneath thin floors or on the ceiling for the Kirbys to approach. When they do, the enemy pops out of its hiding spot, snatches one or more Kirbys in its mouth, chews on them, and spits them out. This KOs any Kirbys caught. The Kirbys bounce off its rubbery head and become dizzy when flicked at it, so it is best for the player to avoid the dangerous plant.

Gobchomplin is an invincible enemy. There are two ways to defeat it: The first is to grab Invincible Candy and touch the enemy. The second way involves abusing a subtle game mechanic. If one Kirby is captured by an enemy and another finds a way to leave the current room, every Kirby is dragged to the next area; this includes the captured one, who destroys his captor in the process. One Gobchomplin in Volcano Valley can be defeated using this trick, if a Kirby is caught while another grabs a skull key.[1]


Gobchomplin's name is a combination of gobble and chomp, which is how the enemy attacks. It's name may also come from goblin.