Gobbler is a boss in the Kirby series, appearing in Kirby & The Amazing Mirror. He is the boss of Olive Ocean and the fifth boss in the game.

Physical Appearance


Gobbler and Snapper.

Gobbler is a fairly large and powerful shark, and is almost three times the size of Kirby, and his teeth are large. He has beady blue eyes and blue skin with light blue markings on his belly and the tip of his snout. Gobbler wears a red and white inner tube around his body, which deflates after he is beaten. The inner tube doesn't seem to affect his buoyancy, implying he's as heavy as he looks.


Kirby & The Amazing Mirror

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Gobbler uses his tail fin as a propeller to swim around quickly. He also wears a life preserver around the circumference of his midsection. While Kirby is underwater, Gobbler attacks him by charging into Kirby or by commanding Snappers to do that. These enemies can freeze Kirby and bite him. Gobbler fights in the water, so the Hammer or Sword abilities are the most useful abilities to use against him. Kirby also has the option to stay above the water on one of several small platforms. However, if Kirby stays on these for too long, Gobbler will jump out of the water trying to ram into him; staying underwater, if Kirby is attacked by Gobbler whilst his mouth is open, the shark will put him inside his mouth, chew him, then spit him out. Even if Kirby's friends aren't present, Gobbler can be defeated in about three seconds. This is accomplished with the Stone or Smash abilities; Gobbler's demise requires only six hits from Kirby's boulder-like form; this is easily accomplished (especially at the very beginning of the battle), by sinking down onto Gobbler while he's stationary.

After his health bar runs out, Gobbler unconsciously sinks to the bottom of the screen and explodes, leaving Kirby with the Mirror Shard. There is a glitch where if Kirby defeats Gobbler in mid-air, Gobbler will sink slowly in the air, not falling.





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