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Gloomybat is an enemy in the Kirby series, debuting in Kirby Mass Attack.

Physical Appearance

Gloomybat is a shadowy bat with gleaming yellow eyes. Like many other bat enemies in the series, Gloomybat is small in size. It has a large grinning mouth that is the ideal size for snatching up Kirbys.


Kirby Mass Attack

Gloomybat appears exclusively in Stage 6 of Volcano Valley. It attacks by lunging downward and snatching a Kirby up in its mouth. The remaining Kirbys must rescue him. If the Kirby is not rescued in time, he is instantly KO'd. If Gloomybat misses, its jaws stick in the ground, giving the Kirbys a chance to defeat it.

A Gloomybat attacks a Helmee on the lower path of the stage, stealing its lamp. To progress, the Kirbys must defeat the Gloomybat responsible (as well as another), retrieving Helmee's lantern.

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