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Glitches are unintended behaviors of a game, usually a result of a programming mistake, or by overlooking a specific (usually esoteric) sequence of events that players can, but aren't expected to, perform during normal gameplay. A glitch is usually non-detrimental to the player's experience, and can be so minor that it easily goes unnoticed. Sometimes, however, it can be severe enough to freeze the game, cause the playable character to be KO'd for no apparent reason, or even corrupt the entire save file and force the player to restart from the beginning. In certain cases, glitches can be helpful to players.

Note: The names of glitches listed on this page are conjectural.


In the Kirby games

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Kirby's Dream Land

Moonwalk Kirby

To achieve this glitch, the player must make Kirby jump, then rapidly press left and right on the +Control Pad. If done correctly, Kirby will begin to moonwalk. After about .7 seconds, he will begin to walk normally again.

Out of the Water and into the Background

In Bubbly Clouds (Level 4), Kirby will reach a room with a Mint Leaf on a platform near a body of water. If the player has Kirby inhale the Mint Leaf while holding up on the +Control Pad just as Kirby touches the surface of the water, Kirby will go behind the foreground. He can still harm enemies (or be harmed by enemies), and the effect of this glitch will go away upon losing a life or entering a door.

Superspicy Kirby Underwater

In the third level (Float Islands), Kirby will come across Superspicy Curry. If he manages to inhale it as he is touching water, he will be able to use the Superspicy Curry's power underwater; under normal circumstances, Kirby is supposed to lose this power-up as soon as he touches a body of water.

Fatal Flight

In Float Islands, if the player has Kirby ascend upward right after defeating Kabula, they will be able to access the bottom of the screen that normally contains the stage's Sparkling Star, which contains the death tiles and thus will cause the player to lose a life.

No-Impact Landing

Normally, after jumping, Kirby will make a small impact star upon landing. If the player presses down on the +Control Pad just before landing, however, no impact star will appear.

Kirby's Adventure

Early Ending Credits: Orange Ocean

Kirby must have the Stone ability for this to work. In Stage 1 of Orange Ocean, go through the first door to the Rolling Turtle fight. Use the Stone ability on the block Kirby is standing on, and he should be splashing up and down inside a small water tile. Use the ability again, and bizarre things should start to happen, such as the HUD (heads-up display) on the bottom of the screen flickering up and down, glitchy tilesets appearing, strange noises, or off-key music. If the player presses Start and B at about the same time, the credits should appear, and the credits themselves may be glitched. Be careful: doing this may result in freezing the game, crashing it, or even causing the loss of a save file. If this glitch is successfully done in Extra Mode, the Sound Test option will not be unlocked.

Slope Clipping

It's possible to clip out of bounds if a player rapidly hits the jump button against a slope on the ground or jumps directly at a slope in the air and causes Kirby to act as if he's hitting a wall and fall down when he's only hitting a single pixel. Kirby can freely float about and can go back in bounds with no problem; however, he can get stuck in small alcoves depending on level structure (e.g., the icy slopes in Stage 3 of Rainbow Resort). Should that happen, the only means of escape are losing a life, quitting the level, or resetting the game.

Abilities Underwater

If Kirby clips into the slope closest to the lake in the third room of the first stage of Vegetable Valley, he can enter the water from the side. If Kirby floats, then exhales at the right time, he can trick the game into thinking he's on land, allowing him to run underwater. If he uses an ability, a different range of things can happen. Most abilities will cause Kirby to "splash" and then return to his normal underwater attack, even with abilities like Sword. However, Kirby can use the first of the Mike's three attacks and his Crash attack normally.

Early Ending Credits: Vegetable Valley

If Kirby performs the Abilities Underwater glitch with the Stone ability, he can perform the same early credits glitch as in Orange Ocean (or cause the same graphical and/or musical bugs) by pressing B and Start in succession.

(Somewhat) Infinite Microphone

During the battle with Paint Roller, Kirby has to hit him three times (so his health is halfway down), and then swallow the Microphone enemy when it appears. Then, Kirby has to use it twice to damage Paint Roller so that one Mike remains. Immediately move to the middle of the screen and use the last Mike right where the Star Rod piece would appear. The level will end before Kirby loses his ability, so the counter will be at zero, which really means 256 more uses. When Kirby uses the Mike ability, the screen will become distorted with glitchy sprites (these sprites change depending where the ability is being used), although this doesn't negatively impact the game. This glitch can be attempted both in the main game and in the sub-game VS Boss. This is because of an underflow of the "number of use" counter.

It is also possible to do this in a level with a switch or in the Kracko battle.

Shine and Bright's Speedy Sprites

Kirby must have the Hi-Jump ability. Then, make sure Mr. Bright (sun) is in the sky and Mr. Shine (moon) is on the ground standing close to Bright. When Mr. Bright uses his energy beam attack, Kirby must use Hi-Jump to go through Mr. Shine, the energy beam, and Mr. Bright unharmed. The invincibility of the jump should wear off while inside Mr. Bright, so Kirby will take damage. At that point, most of the screen will become pixelated and filled with garbled sprites (though the player can still see the game clearly) and everything will move slightly faster.

Water Splash

To perform this glitch, Kirby has to discard his current Copy Ability in a stage he's already beaten, immediately pause the game, and exit the stage. If performed correctly, when the player presses B, Kirby will splash water on land. If Kirby forfeits the star from this "ability" and inhales it, Kirby will start flashing as if he inhaled an ability-bearing enemy, but no ability is obtained from actually swallowing the star; the same effect can be achieved if the player pauses the game just as Kirby loses his Copy Ability from being hit by an enemy. This is the only way Kirby can lose this "ability", other than losing a life, or by getting inhaled by King Dedede during his boss fight.

Pseudo-Permanent Copy Abilities

A variation of the above glitch that can be performed with any abilities that change the look of Kirby (the Sword, Hammer, Parasol, or UFO abilities). Upon exiting the level after following the steps for the Water Splash glitch, Kirby will still be carrying a sword, hammer, or parasol, or remain as a UFO, depending on which ability was used, and will use his normal pink palette instead of the orange-tinted palette used for most Copy Abilities. Now, if Kirby is hit by an enemy, he will not lose his ability. In the case of the UFO ability, he will also be able to keep it even after completing a level, and be able to use it in the overworld (though the standard Kirby sprite will still be used as the player exits doors before going back to the UFO). The same principles for losing this "ability" apply.

Kirby Color Change

Enter any Warp Star station with the Burning ability and use its rushing attack to dash into a Warp Star. Kirby will turn dark yellow or have the same color as his Warp Star until he crash lands at his destination.

Disappearing Act: Cutter Ability

Go to the Arena in Orange Ocean with the Fire Lion with the Cutter ability. Then, get the lion's health down to one hit point and fire a cutter just before getting grabbed by the lion. When the cutter comes back and hits the Fire Lion, it will be defeated, but Kirby will still be considered "grabbed" by the game and disappear. The only way to end the glitch is to reset the game (which will result in lost progress if the glitch is performed in Extra Mode). Kirby can also trigger the glitch by throwing a cutter in either corner of the screen so that it bounces off and hits the lion.

Disappearing Act: Laser Ability

Similarly to the above glitch, if Kirby brings the Laser ability to the Orange Ocean Arena and hits the Fire Lion with a laser when it's on low health right when it performs its grab attack, the Fire Lion will be defeated but Kirby will disappear, forcing the player to reset the game (and potentially lose progress in Extra Mode).

Graphics Bug

On the Wii U Virtual Console port, if the player manages to crash the game, then resets it or uses a Restore Point, the graphics will sometimes become a garbled mess, although the game will continue to play normally. The only way to return the graphics to normal is to go to the Home Menu and close the software before playing again.

Dying on the Pause Screen

With good timing, if a player brings up the pause menu just as Kirby falls into a pit, Kirby's death animation will play on the Pause Screen. Moreover, if this glitch is done during the Kracko boss fight, several background sprites on the overworld will be glitched, resembling rows of white squares. Entering a level or even just any sort of door (e.g. the door to a museum) will fix this. The player can also reset the game.

Dying on the Overworld

Kirby must be in a previously completed stage, have only one hit point remaining, and be about to collide with an enemy or attack for this glitch to work. Right before Kirby loses that last hit point, if the player pauses and exits the stage, Kirby will leave through the stage door and immediately die afterwards. Interestingly, when Kirby isn't at full health on an overworld, missing health points are represented by dashes; when performing this glitch however, Kirby's health bar will be completely blank.

Nightmare Softlock

When Kirby and Nightmare venture onto Planet Popstar for the ultimate showdown, Nightmare appears on the stage and the showdown begins. If Kirby dies before the stage can fully load, however, Nightmare won't respawn with Kirby when the stage reloads, and there'll also be no music. While the stage background still does move by as normal, Kirby can also move around, but since Nightmare doesn't respawn as intended, the player is stuck, forcing them to reset the console.

Sound Test Re-Locked

After Extra Mode is completed, a flag is activated in the game's programming that unlocks the Sound Test option for use in the main menu. Due to a programming oversight, if the normal mode is completed again after Extra Mode has already been beaten, the flag to unlock Sound Test will be de-activated and it will no longer be accessible until Extra Mode is cleared another time.

Kirby's Dream Land 2

Dying in the Overworld

The player must make sure Kirby only has one remaining piece of health and is currently in a previously cleared stage. Pause immediately after Kirby takes damage. The player can then reset the game or exit the stage. If the game is reset, when the player returns to their file and selects a level to enter, Kirby will arrive on his Warp Star and die as soon as he touches the ground. If Kirby exits the stage instead, he will die after leaving the stage's door.

Delayed Animal Friend Death

A variation of the above glitch with (slightly) more favorable results. If the player follows the same steps, Kirby's current Animal Friend will die, but Kirby himself will still be alive (and thus, no lives are lost).

Kirby's Block Ball

Invincible Block

Obtain the Burning ability and enter Stage 4. Destroy one of the lowest ability blocks, then hit Kirby into the tiny space left. Instead of breaking the block Kirby bumps into, he will hurt the Blocky next to it. This can happen multiple times before the Blocky is defeated.

Pinball Block Rapid Score

This glitch can also be performed with the Burning ability in Stage 4, as in the above glitch. Do not break the ability blocks next to either pinball block. When Kirby is directly beneath a pinball block, press B. Kirby will rush through all the blocks in his way and through the pinball block but then hit the ceiling. The pinball block is immediately below the ceiling, and with a wall to the left and right, Kirby will be trapped inside the pinball block, rapidly earning points. He will eventually fire out the bottom at high speed.

Extended Kirby Ball

When the player presses the A button as Kirby hits a paddle, he will expand into his normal shape (called the Kirby Ball in-game), making Kirby slightly more powerful than his smaller ball-shaped form. Normally, the Kirby Ball only lasts for about two to three seconds, but if Kirby is hit by a boss's attack while in that state, he will not go back to his ball form for several seconds; this can prove helpful if the player can get Kirby to hit the boss while the glitch is in effect. The glitch can also be triggered if Kirby gets stuck between paddles on certain stages; however, he'll be unable to do anything or revert to his ball form until one of the paddles is moved.

Kirby Super Star

Swim in the Air

Find water and suck up an enemy. Keep the enemy in Kirby's mouth and go in the water, and just as he's about to exit the water, spit out the enemy. If done correctly, Kirby will now be swimming in the air. This glitch is corrected when Kirby is hit by an enemy.

Invisible Bomb

This glitch can only be attempted in Milky Way Wishes. First, select the Bomb ability using the X button while Kirby is underwater. Kirby will proceed to hold a bomb over his head as he normally does, and the bomb will explode right away. However, when Kirby jumps out of water and onto the ground, he will act as if he is still holding the bomb when he's really holding nothing at all. This glitch was fixed in Kirby Super Star Ultra.

Invincible Wheel

With the Wheel ability, transform into the wheel and hold down the B button until Kirby hits a wall. Let go of the B button and he should still be rolling slowly. Kirby is now invincible, and when an enemy touches him, it does quick damage.

Glitched Wheelie

In Revenge of Meta Knight, after Meta Knight is beaten and the screen fades to black, have Kirby turn his ability into a Helper right before the screen becomes completely black. If done correctly, in the scene where Kirby falls onto the Wheelie, the Helper he just called will be glitched into the sprite of the Wheelie he is riding, though it will turn back to normal for the chase sequence. This is not possible in Kirby Super Star Ultra due to the cutscene being rendered in CGI in that game.

Dyna Blade Stage 2 Softlock

A Helper is needed as otherwise this glitch won't work. In the second stage of Dyna Blade get the Helper to low health and have the last cutter enemy damage the Helper in a way the Helper loses all their health and starts dying (running around too). Make sure the Helper warps to Kirby just before it dies. If done correctly, it'll now be glitched out and look like a fireball. Kirby must then hop on the Warp Star. If executed correctly, the Helper will try to join Kirby on the Warp Star but can't since he doesn't interact with it as expected. This therefore causes the game to try and wait for the Helper to join Kirby and move on to the next area while the stage infinitely scrolls by (while wrapping back to the beginning) causing a softlock and requiring the game be reset to continue playing. It can take a few tries to do this.

Clone Marx

In the battle against Marx, have Kirby use an ability that can grab enemies (Jet, Suplex, Ninja, etc.). When Marx drops the orb that breaks into a wave of ice, try to grab that orb the moment it hits the ground. If done too early, Kirby grabs the orb. Too late, and he either blocks the ice wave or gets frozen. If timed just right, the orb will turn into another Marx.

Elevator Clipping

To trigger the glitch, step into an elevator with the Sword or Fighter ability. Move the elevator up, and perform an attack as it ascends. Kirby will slip through, and fall. This is fixed in the remake.

Improper Pause Screen

In Milky Way Wishes, pausing allows access to the various Copy Abilities collected. Unpausing and then pausing quickly will pause the screen but not display the menu in its place.

Invisible Mirror Kirby

This glitch only occurs in Milky Way Wishes with the Mirror ability hence the name of the glitch. The player must guide Kirby to the Star Fountain area at the end of any planet (except the hidden planet called ???). Once there the player must select the Mirror Option in the ability Pause Screen or In-game via the X button (the X button may vary per users proffered button layout). Then the player should have Mirror Kirby dash toward the small and large Stars and in mid jump the player should press the attack button (again the attack button may vary) so that Kirby splits before grabbing the Stars and ending the stage. If successfully executed Kirby will disappear for a split second along with the clones and the shard effect where they split and then Kirby will re-appear, do the Kirby Dance and end the stage.

Crash the Game

Again, this glitch only occurs in Milky Way Wishes. Go to planet Hotbeat and at the beginning of the level inhale a Sleep ability. Upon transforming pause and choose to exit back to the overworld map. Then, head to Nova and skip his cutscene, heading to him again as he moves across the screen. If successfully executed the game will now crash requiring a restart to continue playing. Before trying this, try to have finished MWW at least once.

Object Change Glitch

This glitch can occur in Dyna Blade, The Great Cave Offensive, and Milky Way Wishes. This glitch occurs when Kirby has a Hammer or Parasol ability, has an ally, and is in a area containing a lot of enemies. This will cause the game to lag and eventually glitch. If performed correctly, some of the game's objects (enemies, food, etc.) will change. Because of this, Kirby may teleport to a glitched Marx battle, in which the background is horribly corrupted, Kirby and his helper are off-screen (it is possible to walk back), and if done in The Great Cave Offensive, Marx will also be glitched up in color and his sounds will be corrupted. If Kirby wins, the ending of the game mode played will play. Completing this glitch counts as completing Milky Way Wishes and whatever game you used to encounter the glitch. Other objects can spawn too.

Glitched Bomb

If you get rid of the helper at the exact same moment you get the bomb ability, the bomb will disappear, and so will the ability cap. The bomb is invisible, but you can throw it. Equipping another bomb will display the tiles of the ability cap. This can be done in Cavios. You can fix this by:

  1. Spawn a helper
  2. Warp to another room via Warp Star or Door
  3. Throw out the ability
  4. Leave the level

Kirby's Dream Land 3

Stuck in a Gap

Together forever.jpeg

In the Stage 1 of Cloudy Park, there is a room with Shotzos, Sir Kibbles, and numerous small gaps holding stars that are only one block tall. If Kirby uses Cutter while being paired with ChuChu, Kirby can fit into one of these small gaps, because ChuChu's hitbox that would normally prevent this disappears as a result of her location constantly changing during the Cutter move. The player must leave the stage or forfeit ChuChu in order to escape.

Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards

The Moonwalk

This glitch can be performed when playing the game on the Virtual Console using a controller with both an analog stick and a +Control Pad. Simply push the left on the +Control Pad while simultaneously pushing the analog stick right. When using a Nintendo GameCube controller, he will start walking backwards; when using a Classic Controller or Classic Controller Pro, Kirby will seem to walk backwards but remain stationary. Kirby trembles violently while doing the moonwalk on a console, but will move smoothly on emulators.

Cairn through Walls

Kirby must inhale a Cairn and hold it above his head. He must then walk up to a tall column or pillar and throw the Cairn. Its bottom rock will break when it hits the column, but its middle rock and head will pass through the column. This glitch can be performed in Stage 4 of Shiver Star, among other stages.

Kirby Tilt 'n' Tumble

Water Skipping

If the player presses A after Kirby lands in water, he leaps out of the water and bounces across its surface like a skipping stone.[1]

Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land

Whispy Woods' Extra Air Puff

Right after Whispy shoots his second or fourth air puff, Kirby must hit him. He will take damage, then will act as if he's blowing an air puff, but no damaging air puff will appear. This can actually be observed in the end credits on Normal mode. This is noticeable in some of the GBA/SNES Kirby games.

Meta Knight's broken health bar, leaving an empty part misplaced.

Meta Knight's Broken Health Meter

While Meta Knight is taunting Kirby with his sword and jumping off his platform, Kirby must hit Meta Knight using the Sword ability before the knight's health meter fills up completely. He will take damage, but his health meter won't appear to go down. When Kirby hits him again, Meta Knight will take damage and his health meter will go down, but there will also be a gap in it, leaving behind the first section of health that was lost. Meta Knight's meter behaves normally upon Kirby's third attack.

Walk Through the Fire Lion

The player must wait until the Fire Lion attempts to pounce on Kirby, then move Kirby away so that the attack fails, leaving the Fire Lion lying face-first on the ground. Kirby may move freely right through the immobilized Lion until he starts moving again.

Bosses' Weak Spots

Mr. Shine's rolling attack on the ground provides no damage if Kirby is crouching. Kirby can also jump through Heavy Mole's thin arms (close to the circular, red blade) while they are fully extended. Likewise, Meta Knight can't harm Kirby with aerial attacks if Kirby is floating at the very top of the screen. If Kirby stands close enough in front of King Dedede when he tries to hit Kirby with his hammer, Kirby will not take damage. Also, if Kirby is standing close enough to Dedede and crouches, he will not be inhaled. Kirby absolutely can't be harmed by Dedede in any manner (except for his floating around and his subsequent air puff) if Kirby is floating at the very top of the screen. Nightmare's whirlwind attack will not harm Kirby if he stands in his normal fashion upon ground; some of these safeties do not apply to Meta Knight (the player) in his sub-game.

Forcing an Ability Star Through a Wall

While fighting Heavy Mole, Kirby must dig a pit (or wait until Heavy Mole does it for the player) and drop his Ability Star into the pit. The player needs to ensure it cannot bounce out of the pit. When the autoscroll sandwiches the star, it will be forced to move into the wall to its right, bouncing incessantly until it self-destructs, is inhaled, or comes out of the wall.

Knights Slipping Off Edges

If a Sword or Blade Knight is on the very edge of an open-ended platform, it can fall off. The knight must be the kind that waits until Kirby comes close enough to it to slash at him. If Kirby stands out of range and fires any projectile at the knight, it will attempt to block the attack. Upon its 12th consecutive attempt, it will fall off the platform onto anything below it. This glitch also works in Kirby & the Amazing Mirror, but is activated only by a Sword Knight's slashing at Kirby by its own choice, landing at the edge of its platform. Boxin may also be seen falling off their platforms while dancing around near the edge. This phenomenon of enemies "slipping" is more difficult to observe in Kirby & the Amazing Mirror than in Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land.

Cowardly Blippers

If a Blipper follows Kirby (and doesn't ram into him), after approximately 28 seconds, it will choose to permanently retreat. Kirby can then chase it in any direction he wants. This glitch can also be replicated in Kirby & the Amazing Mirror, but in that game, the retreating Blippers are more responsive to Kirby's chasing them.

Cutter and Star Rod's Missing Projectiles

For both abilities, the regular attack can be glitched by performing the attacks consecutively as quickly as possible. Only three projectiles seem to be allowed in the screen's view at once. Every additional attacks' projectile will be non-existent so long as three are currently on-screen. Kirby will only go through the motions of throwing the Cutter or swinging the Star Rod and no projectile emerges. Where the invisible projectile should be if it were visible, no damage is dealt to any enemy.

Dashing Silently

The player should cause Kirby to dash, then jump while holding left or right on the +Control Pad; then the player must let go exactly before Kirby touches the ground. Then, exactly after Kirby touches ground, the player must hold or press the same directional button pressed before. If the process is executed skillfully, Kirby will continue to dash, but without leaving any trail of dust behind him as well as no "dash" sound effect.

Kirby's Long-Fall, No-Bounce, Instant Attack

Falling from high enough in the air will cause Kirby to bounce onto the ground or most enemies upon impact. Pressing the B button will activate Kirby's simplest attacks; if the player times Kirby's attack so that it matches the very instant Kirby faceplants, the attack will be performed and Kirby will not bounce off the ground. Using the Sword ability's slow, normal slash attack provides the most distinct visual and audible feeling out of all the abilities when performing this glitch. The player will often still hear the "bounce" sound effect upon glitching. This glitch may also be performed in Kirby & the Amazing Mirror.

Flinging Enemies Through the Ground

Using Backdrop or Throw, Kirby may fling enemies downward through a platform he is on. The platform must be thin (for instance, all the cloud platforms when fighting Kracko and even the main arena platform). To perform the glitch using Backdrop, Kirby should grab the enemy in mid-air at a height of about the same thickness as the platform beneath. Backdrop is difficult to use for this glitch because the grab height required is terribly precise (likely down to a pixel); utilizing Throw is much easier and requires virtually no precision. With the Throw ability, Kirby can grab an enemy while it is on the ground; falling; about to fall; or jumping into, flying, hovering, or floating in the air. Kirby can then fling the enemy downward either left or right, provided he's standing on thin ground. If done correctly, the thrown enemy should fly right through. However, there are exceptions: some stationary Sir Kibbles (in Stage 5 of Butter Building) can be thrown down through a platform, while identical others can't unless they are grabbed while hopping over their own cutters. In the same Level and Stage, Waddle Doos walking with their parasols can only be thrown through every alternate, separate thin platform they walk on. Only certain enemies will work for this glitch; they generally cannot be types that hop.

Invisible Wall-Bounce Impact

Using the Ball ability, Kirby must hit the side of a wall after he bounces upward off the ground. Once he reaches his highest point in the air, he will appear to be flattened, have stars around him, and be accompanied by the "impact" sound effect, similar to the results of a normal wall, ceiling, or ground impact (except Kirby won't bounce off this "invisible wall"). Kirby must be glowing blue as he falls to the ground (before bouncing up and off the wall) to activate this glitch. Thus, a tiny bounce won't work. This glitch will also not work if Kirby touches the ceiling once he has bounced off the wall, because he will not have reached his highest potential ascent in the air.

A Mouthful of Nothing

When fighting a Boss, Kirby must try to inhale an object right after he deals the final blow toward the Boss. If the item is close enough to Kirby's mouth when the Boss takes the final damage, the object will explode and disappear, but Kirby's mouth will become full with the already-destroyed object. This is best accomplished when fighting Whispy Woods in his last bit of health by inhaling an apple, shooting it at him, and being in the process of inhaling another apple when the first apple fired deals the final blow.

The Dual-Side Platform Teleport

Kirby must have the Ball ability. When bouncing at full power in ball form on the edge of a solid platform, immediately come out of ball form upon closely approaching the underside or topside. Move left or right, as the case may be, off the open edge of the platform upon reaching its surface. In normal form, Kirby will travel at top speed either upwards (to the height of his Ball form's previous bounce's terminal velocity; in other words, to his max bounce height) or downwards (until the touches ground). Changing out of ball form right after a bounce at full speed also provides Kirby a giant leap (or, in some cases, a quick descent).

Extra Bounce While Discarding Abilities

As soon as Kirby bounces off the ground by falling, discard his ability star. This will make him bounce a second time during the first bounce.

Reset Kirby's Pose

Kirby must have an ability before performing this glitch. While stationed on a ladder, drop Kirby's current ability. Whatever posture Kirby is in when he stops climbing the ladder is automatically reset to a generic pose.

Delay in Ice Cube Disintegration

While the ice cube is still forming after using the Freeze or Ice abilities on a suitable enemy, kick it and hit another enemy with it. The cube will continue to form until it's complete, even after the enemy is destroyed by it. When complete, it will automatically disintegrate like it should have when it first hit the enemy; discarding either of these abilities while an ice cube is forming also produces a delayed disintegration.

Silent Attacks

Upon releasing an Ability Star, the player must immediately be in the process of acquiring the Spark or the Freeze abilities; pressing and holding B exactly after the mini-cutscene of Kirby's gaining either ability will temporarily allow the player to hear no sound from the newly-gained ability's attack. This glitch is also applicable to almost all of Kirby's abilities' attack sounds found in the game; for example, using Star Spit right when a previously spat-out star hits an object will produce a silent attack. Many sound effects in the game (as well as in Kirby & the Amazing Mirror) overlap and can cancel each other out. For example, when using Sword's aerial attack, the initial "float" sound effect is eliminated if Kirby is made to float immediately after the attack. This "overlap" effect can also be observed in Kirby Super Star Ultra.

Kirby's Lightning-Fast Mouth

Kirby must have an ability, float into the air, and discard the ability immediately after he exhales (and subsequently creates an air puff); upon discarding the ability, Kirby will instantaneously shut his mouth, and his mouth may not even be seen open, so long as there is extremely little time between Kirby's exhaling and subsequent discarding. This glitch may also be observed in Kirby & the Amazing Mirror.

Hard Water

If Kirby uses a single Star Spit, the water can block the attack if he performs the attack the instant he enters / leaves the water's surface.

Blipper's Mid-Air Splash

An aerial throw from Backdrop sends a jumping Blipper splashing through invisible water.

Using Backdrop, Kirby can rush and grab a jumping Blipper; the instant Kirby throws the Blipper, a splash of water will be seen in the air right where the Blipper was released; a second, normal splash is still seen once these types of Blippers are thrown down into water beneath them. The Throw ability may also be used in any direction against these Blippers to perform this glitch.

Involuntary Swimming

When Kirby drops an Ability Star while underwater, he will automatically perform a single stroke through the water.

Recoil-Free Slide Attack

Kirby will not bounce backwards if performing a slide attack that damages a Star Block first and then an enemy right after. This glitch also exists in Kirby & The Amazing Mirror, but only applies to the situation when Kirby performs this attack into an enemy from the greatest distance possible: the single pixel of Kirby starting to stand up (seen immediately after the attack) is what can cause damage to the enemy (i.e., he's temporarily invincible).

Effective Unstoppable Air Puffs

If Kirby fires an air puff at a distance (at the extreme end of an air puff's range of effectiveness) at a minor enemy, the enemy will be defeated, but the air puff won't explode on contact.

Flinging Enemies Through Walls

Kirby throws a former Parasol Waddle Dee through one of the Butter Building's walls.

Using the Throw ability, Kirby can throw common enemies, defeated Mid-bosses, and Star Blocks through walls with open space (air / water) on the other side. He must be right up against and facing the wall, then he needs to throw the enemy at an angle parallel to the ground, not up or down. The enemy flies through the other side of the wall, and continues until it's out of range, or hits a barrier (e.g., while flying through the air, or sinking down through the water ((just like when double-Star Spit is used underwater))).

Temporarily-Frozen Boss Sprites

When fighting most major boss characters, Kirby can take advantage of the lag time exhibited by a Boss's animation of damage-taking. First, the player must inflict damage to the Boss, and then press Start during the Boss' subsequent shaking and flashing (it is best done ASAP); upon exiting the Start menu, the sprite or repetitive action displayed immediately before the Boss's "flinch sprite" will often remain unchanging and continue for varying lengths of time, depending on the situation. The only way to observe this is by inflicting the damage and pressing Start right before the Boss changes its movements. An excellent example: inflicting damage and pressing Start right when the battle with Kracko's true form begins, he changes fully into the cloud, and is "fluffing" at his normal rate. The result: for the duration of Kracko's first attack, he will continue "fluffing" at his normal rate (not his double-time rate typically seen in this electric attack), until he ends the attack. Hitting the Boss while it's "frozen" nearly always will not hinder the duration of the seized sprite's / sprites' movements (or lack thereof). Using the described technique, Kirby can also inflict the next bout of damage sooner than if the technique had not been used. This glitch can be performed successively on a single sprite (i.e., an already "frozen" sprite can continue to be "frozen" if the technique is used on it). Nightmare's Power Orb and wizard forms are unaffected by this glitch; Mr. Bright is only partially affected. On very rare occasions, the game may softlock; the system's buttons will have no effect, but the music will continue to play and loop normally.

Whispy Woods' Rotten Apple

Meta Knight induces the production of a rotten apple.

Following the same freeze-activation process as described in the preceding glitch: if Whispy Woods is hit right before he makes an attack (it is essential that he takes the hit not during, but slightly before his "Apple Drop" attack), a small, deformed left eye will appear with the finishing touch: a brown, slightly-pixelated apple just right of its center.

Whispy Woods' Multiple Faces

Building somewhat off of the previous glitch, the timing of Kirby's attacks and Start presses can result in several different mutations of Whispy's face. If the aforementioned two-step process is applied at various times, it may briefly result in any of the following (not including the "freezing" of repetitive actions or sprites): Whispy's mouth and / or nose will disappear, both eyes will become enlarged in excess and will be spaced extremely far apart and the mouth placed far to the left on the trunk, or Whispy will cry, even though he is not yet defeated.

King Dedede's Sky-High Stars

The king's "impact stars" float high in the sky.

Using the same technique described in the aforementioned "Temporarily Frozen Boss Sprites" glitch, Dedede must be hit toward the endings of his high jumps (excluding the similar hammer attack). Kirby has to inflict the damage when Dedede is about 1/4 of the screen's height off the ground. When King Dedede lands, his impact's resulting stars will be left where his single "frozen" sprite was the previous moment. The stars may still be inhaled or destroyed, and can still inflict damage to Kirby.

Vaporizing Heavy Mole

Heavy Mole can completely vanish without any explosion when Kirby deals the final blow: Kirby must damage Heavy Mole exactly when he opens up to fire a Drill Ball. The length of Heavy Mole's firing intervals is always erratic (aside from the first Drill Ball fired), so this glitch is quite difficult to pull off.

Kirby's Invisible Landing

When Kirby just about touches ground while falling normally (not while floating), the player must press the A button. Performed correctly, the player hears Kirby's landing on the ground, but does not see his landing: Kirby simply inhales some air and floats.

Vanishing Ability Star

When King Dedede falls flat on his face during the boss battle, Kirby can take advantage of a new way to get rid of an Ability Star. Right before the king stands up after faceplanting, Kirby must discard his current ability. The star will be seen only until Dedede returns to his standing position, whereupon the star instantaneously disappears.

The Magnetic 1UP

In Stage 5 of Rainbow Resort, the firing of a cannon leads to a room with four 1UPs. Kirby should float into the double-block-formed corner (as far as he can go) beneath the two 1UPs at the left: If he faces right, he'll automatically gain the left-most 1UP. This glitch doesn't apply to Meta Knight in Meta Knightmare.

Mid-Boss Stationary Slip-Ups

Regarding Mr. Tick Tock and Mr. Frosty, if the former is led to run into the left wall of the arena, he will not bounce off of it, but will lie in place on his back kicking his arms and legs. The latter will fall on his face in place if he is facing opposite either side wall and is as close to it as possible; when he goes to throw an ice cube, it will drop right to the ground.

King Dedede's Weakling Jump

During this Boss's battle, when the King is floating in the air, Kirby must lead him to the far side of either corner of the arena. If Dedede is as close as possible to the wall, and is at that same time facing opposite the wall, once he exhales and lands, by chance he may decide to jump in the direction of the wall or straight up with his hammer; he will not, however, get off the ground (partially, in rare instances). He will not move either left or right while jumping, nor will he return to normal if Kirby damages him. Dedede returns to normal if he is made to move away from the wall or performs his tackle into the wall. If he doesn't perform the tackle in any of the first five of his attacks, he will inhale as usual, but will not get off the ground: he will sit on the ground with dust puffs underneath him when he should be initially floating into the air, preceding his "float chase". After this, the floating King Dedede will chase after Kirby as normal.

Extreme Speed in Water

Using the Backdrop ability into a body of water when grabbing an enemy, Kirby will hit the water's surface and speed along in the jump's direction (pressing the A button ensures a super-high jump when using Backdrop); holding the A button (optional: use in shallow water) and left or right on the +Control Pad, the player will allow Kirby to speed through the water. Using one of Meta Knight's attacks (the Meta Chop) repeatedly when going into water also yields the same effect.

The Accelerating, Flying Mr. Tick Tock

Kirby can send this Mid-boss flying back at increasing speeds once the final blow is dealt. When Mr. Tick Tock charges at Kirby, he will occasionally slide into Kirby while performing his alarm-clock-like attack. He must be hit right when he begins to slide.

Waddle Doo's Erratic Beam Attack

Using Backdrop's rush-and-grab attack, Kirby should grab a Waddle Doo while it is in the middle of performing its beam attack; this may be done from either side of the Waddle Doo. The current beam attack will cease and another will begin anew once grabbed by Kirby.

A Delay in Star Block Busting

Star Bocks can on occasion be found placed right next to either edge of the screen. Facing the edge of the screen, Kirby can perform a slide attack on the very edge of the Block and it will break once the attack is ended; typically, Slide attacks performed off the very edges of any of the types of Blocks will not bust the Blocks.

Backdrop Ability: Rushing Through a Secured Rope

Kirby can dash-and-grab right through the rope located in the very beginning of Orange Ocean's third Stage. Kirby needs to stand on the small block found lining the left side of the pit that's located immediately left of the rope: facing the rope, Kirby can then rush right past the pit, through the rope, and into part of the ship's hold below.


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Sometimes, when getting Game Over on Nightmare's Power Orb form in Extra Mode, hitting continue will result in a black and white Kirby during the Level 8 cutscene. Kirby will return to his normal coloration when the cutscene ends, however. [citation needed]

Kirby & The Amazing Mirror

Wheel Through Walls

First, go to Olive Ocean and head to the room containing Bonkers. Super-inhale both Sparky and Sword Knight to make use of the Mix ability; repeat until Kirby gets the Hammer ability, then pound the stake with it. Return to swallowing Sparky and Sword Knight again until Kirby gets the Wheel ability. Now, have Kirby move up to the point where the screen scrolls towards Bonkers, face left toward the chasm, change to Wheel form and change back right when Kirby gets off the edge. Kirby will now be inside the walls; while floating, he may travel through the walls by first moving slightly to the right or left and floating up once. If Kirby moves nearly out-of-screen to the right, and immediately when any of the other Kirbys (if they are present) defeat Bonkers, Kirby can continue to float down and through the walls (if the Bomb Block below isn't destroyed). This glitch can be replicated at other Mid-bosses, or with other abilities that transform Kirby besides Wheel.

Stuck and Relocated Flamers

Throughout the game, Flamers can be found in rooms with unique structural layouts. If Kirby bumps into a Flamer while using the Wheel ability (any other ability will also work if it partially damages a Flamer and sends it flying far enough), it can be knocked inside a wall. It can then fall onto and circle around any platform beneath it, whether it be a type of Block, or part of the wall complex (since walls are technically gigantic platforms), etc. It may also simply drop out of sight, as is seen especially in one of Rainbow Route's rooms that's full of Star Blocks. Another type of Flamer will temporarily float and follow Kirby relentlessly upon being partially damaged; when following, if this type of Flamer has a solid barrier between it and Kirby (standing right up against the barrier), it will vibrate erratically. The Flamer can be made to vibrate in different directions, depending on how Kirby leads it upon damaging it; most of the time, the stuck Flamer will not harm Kirby.

Kirby's Friends' Long-Lasting Hats

In both Boss Endurance and the main game, once Kirby defeats Dark Mind's giant eye form, the player must press the R button once the screen goes completely red; one or all of Kirby's friends may arrive with an ability. Occasionally, an item will come with them, too. Each one that arrives with an ability and its respective hat and / or weapon will move freely throughout the following cutscene, always without interference (though sometimes, they may move around a bit and then line up in formation). Only those that are standing still, as normal, will get Warp Stars in that cutscene. All those who got "left behind" will still arrive with their respective Warp Stars in the final battle. Most of the time, the hats and / or weapons will carry over into the final battle and be seen in the top-left corner of their respective Kirby's Warp Star; Missile's hat will appear on top of a Kirby's head. Some Kirbys may come with certain abilities, like Fighter, that will render themselves invisible during the final battle with Dark Mind's third form, while others, like Cupid, will freeze the game right before the final battle.

Blockin Ladders

In some areas in the main game, the first room via Carrot Castle's castle door entrance in particular, Blockins can often be found in close proximity to ladders. Kirby should push the Blockin into the ladder through the use of an ability or simply allowing it to attack him. The Blockin will return to its Star Block form, and Kirby may casually approach the enemy; if the enemy is positioned partially on the ladder, Kirby will be able to cling partially onto the ladder's open side and usually proceed downward or upward in the same vertical position. Worthy of additional note, when climbing any ladder, Kirby is able to climb up past the point where the ladder ends. Kirby may protrude past the upper rung significantly and still be invulnerable to damage incurable from enemies above.

The Levitation Glitch

Kirby has to battle Dark Meta Knight before fighting Dark Mind. When Kirby strikes the final blow, he must float to the top of the screen and stay there. Dark Meta Knight will shatter and Kirby will fall to the bottom of the screen, bounce off the ground, and levitate. This glitch can also be induced by using Smash's Final Cutter attack and the same move in the Sword and Master abilities. Use the attack just before Dark Meta Knight shatters, and Kirby will fly way up and end up levitating at a much higher level than strictly by bouncing. In Boss Endurance, Kirby can get the UFO ability via Mix from various Bosses (inhaling multiple mini sharks that follow after Gobbler as he charges from off-screen at Kirby, Bombar's dual-missile attack, etc.), and keeping it to the end of Dark Meta Knight's battle will automatically levitate Kirby at any part of the screen when Dark Meta Knight shatters. In any case, the levitational effect will cease when Dark Mind's portal appears. Sometimes, while this glitch is in effect, Kirby will go through the floor as he enters the portal.

Ability Star Through Walls

Kirby (with a Copy Ability) must stand in front of a door that can be opened by a switch. However, for this glitch to work, the door must be shut. Kirby must face away from the door and drop his ability. The Ability Star will bounce through the wall onto the other side.

Master Glitch

Kirby needs the Master ability for this glitch. Fight a Boss and lower Kirby's hit points to around 2. Then, call the other Kirbys and get rid of the Copy Ability and leave it bouncing around. Have Kirby quickly die in the fight, then return to the Boss arena. If done correctly, Kirby's friends should still be heard and seen fighting the Boss while Kirby's not in the Boss's arena. This glitch only works against Moley, Kracko, and Gobbler. Left in any room, the Master ability (or any discarded ability) will remain there indefinitely (in the Ability Stars' case: only until it breaks), so long as any of the other Kirbys are still in that room when Kirby re-enters the room.

Stuck in Snooter

Kirby needs the Smash or Stone ability for this glitch. Find a Snooter and have Kirby call his friends (any number of them will do), then have Kirby turn into stone with Snooter directly in front. The other Kirbys will sometimes walk in front of Kirby and the Snooter will swallow the others. Snooter then goes into his spitting movement, but nothing will happen and he can move naturally. The player can see the swallowed Kirbys floating behind the Snooter. After a while, all the Kirbys will fly out at the same time from Snooter in the direction they were swallowed in. This glitch is rare, so it may take a few tries to pull off.

Master Hand's Freeze

In Candy Constellation, en route to Master and Crazy Hand, the player will fight Master Hand alone. There is a pit with a covering of a few Star Blocks just to the right of him. While he's on the right side of the screen, the player should defeat him while he's high in the air and/or as far right as possible (taking advantage of his Burning Finger attack is best for meeting both of these conditions). If Master Hand is defeated correctly, he'll fall toward and into the pit on the right. Alternatively, if Kirby defeats him while he's high enough in the air and farthest to the right, he will land on the Star Blocks; then the player can shoot air puffs at the Star Blocks underneath him, and he'll fall into the pit. If the player waits, he/she can hear a Mid-boss's explosion and its "trigger" before it. When the "trigger" sounds, Master Hand will freeze at whatever altitude he is falling/resting at and then explode (the player can thus see the "freeze" effect if he/she carefully times the destruction of the Star Blocks). The "trigger" undoubtedly possesses this levitational effect; the "freeze" effect is only clearly observed in this particular Mid-boss battle with Master Hand; however, this "freezing" phenomenon is likely applicable to all defeated Mid-bosses.

Push Past Water Current Barriers

Kirby will need the Missile ability. A tower section exists inside the ornate castle entrance in Peppermint Palace. Climb to the very top, and on the right, a Blipper trapped above and a Heavy Knight underneath will be seen. Destroy the barrier that's holding back the water and the Blipper. Kirby must then fly up the waterfall, landing right in the little pond above. This trick can also be used in Radish Ruins in the horizontal water tube; there's a large navigable space to the right, but there is an invisible barrier that cuts Missile Kirby short. Unfortunately, repeatedly down-thrusting with the Master ability (this technique can be successfully used against other water current barriers) while moving to the right in this area also doesn't work. However, this technique of the Master ability is always the quickest way to move through any space of water in this game.

Falling Through Walls

In Candy Constellation, there is a room in which a small switch is in the center supported by three Stone Blocks with a Sir Kibble to the left and two Rockys to the right. Kirby should stand on the platform above the switch and walk (not dash) to the left off the platform. If the player constantly holds the left button on the +Control Pad while Kirby is walking and falling, Kirby will fall through the wall's horizontal-decline junction below. This works for the junction on the right of the platform, too, but the player has to use the "float and spit an air puff" process, instead of walking off the platform.

Kirby's Amazing Burning Colors

Right after beating Dark Meta Knight in his true form, just before he shatters, Kirby must use the Burning ability's Flame Tackle. Kirby will fly forward, and when he stops on the ground, his body will be any one of several flame-colored palettes. However, the colors will only last about one second.

Reverse-Direction Ice Cube Attack

Use the Ice ability's attack on something freezable, and while it is being frozen, quickly inhale and shoot the air puff through it. If the air puff is touching the other side of the ice cube when the cube completely freezes, the air puff explodes and sends the cube flying back towards Kirby. The reverse-advancing ice cube still remains effective against enemies.

Dark Meta Knight's Straight Ricochet

In fighting both his true and masqueraded forms, Dark Meta Knight can be made to fly backwards straight through the air. Right when Dark Meta Knight is in the process of landing on the ground after having jumped, Kirby must slide at him so that he bounces back off the Knight. Occasionally, at this time the Knight will have made the attempt to flip-jump backwards in a blur. However, when Kirby slides into him, Dark Meta Knight (as well as Meta Knight in other games) will then jump above Kirby and try to down-stab onto him. In the combination of his trying to jump backwards and jump up at Kirby to down-stab, Dark Meta Knight will exhibit this glitch. From anywhere on the ground, he will fly straight backwards (frozen in his jumping posture), in a blur at an angle towards the wall. He often leaves a star on the wall, like he normally would if he wall-kicked, but in battling his true form, sometimes he will just bounce right off the wall to the ground without leaving a star. Upon glitching, he'll also sometimes decide to wall kick and fly up and out of the screen's view, making it trickier to predict where he'll land.

Cross the Wind Tunnel Without the Bridge

In Radish Ruins, along the canyon path (in the room with the cannon and a Jack at the end of it) there is a room with a pit that leads to a treasure room. A strong wind to the right is blowing down into spikes and Kirby is normally supposed to hit the Bomb Block above to activate the bridge. This process can be bypassed simply by constantly holding up and right at the same time on the +Control Pad. Doing this, Kirby will float into the wind, not be harmed by the dangerous spikes beneath, and reach the treasure chest on the other side. Kirby can cross and not have to call up his friends or have a specific ability to activate the bridge.

The Safe Corner of the Arena

In Boss Endurance (and in some places in the main game), when battling Boxy, stand at the very left edge of the screen. When Boxy tries to ram into Kirby, she'll ofttimes miss him completely and smack into the wall. Most of the time, Boxy won't inflict damage, even if Kirby is holding something in his mouth, inflated, standing normally, dashing / walking into the wall, or crouching. If Boxy jumps at Kirby right onto the wall boundary and immediately rushes forward, she'll smack into the wall and damage Kirby (even if Kirby possesses the Mini ability).

The Hovering Bronto Burt

In Cabbage Cavern, there is a room that has a spike maze with a Sparky at the bottom and Flamers running the length of the spike maze (above this room is the room with the Heavy Knight, Sparky, Gordo, and the UFO enemy). At the bottom of the maze room, stand on the ledge between the Sparky and the spike mat. A Bronto Burt will come sailing down at Kirby from the upper-right side of the screen. Kirby must crouch where he is, and the Bronto Burt will end up hovering directly over him until it decides to fly away; otherwise he'll ram into Kirby.

A Flamer Stuck in the Air

In the room described in the above glitch, Kirby should enter it from the upper-left mirror; a Sparky is at the very entrance, and Kirby must obtain the Spark ability. Heading down through the maze, Kirby will find two Flamers: he must use Spark to destroy the center-screen wall protrusion's Star Blocks before the top Flamer rounds its first corner. The Flamer will take no damage, stop mid-air, and spin normally just below the ceiling spikes. It is essential that Kirby times this correctly: he should head down to the Flamers at a constant pace all the while, as this is the only known way to accomplish it. Duplicating this glitch in other areas of the game has yet to be proven.

Blippers' Star Block Breakout

In Olive Ocean, in the second to last room before Gobbler, two Blippers are stuck in a diamond-shaped mass of alternately-spaced Star Blocks near the end of the room. Destroy all the Star Blocks except eight (one block positioned on each side the Blippers). Stationing Kirby directly underneath and / or above both Blippers, wait approximately five seconds. At this time, the angered Blippers will break out of their Star Block prisons and pursue Kirby. (If the player has waited at a distance for about 30 seconds, the Blippers won't break out; they are actually trying to retreat from Kirby.)

Fighter's Platform-Penetrating Down / Sky Kick

There are certain platforms that allow ready access to lower levels (e.g., platforms in the intermediate rooms in Boss Endurance). Holding down on the +Control Pad, the player must press B the instant Kirby passes downwards through the platform (not sooner, as this will activate Kirby's Slide Kick). Kirby's Down / Sky Kick will be activated; if there are any of these permeable platforms in the line of the attack, Kirby will not land, but will pass unheeded through each platform until a solid surface or water is reached.

Fighter's Strictly-Downhill Aerial Spin Kick

Certain slopes in the game are at a low angle of incline / decline; a slope of a specific angle is necessary to perform this glitch (e.g., the long, grassy platform right beneath the overhanging rock slope with the Roly-Poly, to the left of the trapped Sword Knight and Rocky; found in the Cabbage Cavern room that contains the following: a huge water column moving upwards on the right and a treasure chest at the very top of the room). As typical of all stationary elements in the game, there are "joints" (vertical lines that form from the joining of two identical tiles; e.g., a vertical line in a brick wall/floor) in these slopes. The player has to stand on the slope, facing downhill, so that the "joint" lies directly beneath the base of Kirby's larger foot. With precision, he / she must cause Kirby to perform his Aerial Spin Kick. Kirby will "hug" the ground as he moves down the slope, instead of spin-kicking into the air. This "hugging" is normally achieved by performing the same attack into an upward slope that then immediately shifts to a lower angle. Also, concerning all viable platforms that have multiple joints: every other joint does not work to activate this glitch.

Terminal-Bounce "Skid" Sound

Bounce off a slope of sufficiently-high angle by falling from high up. Kirby must bounce in an arc off the slope, so he must fall straight down. Near the end of Kirby's bouncing in an arc, the player should hold left or right on the +Control Pad, as the case may be; hold left or right in the direction opposite the arc's path (e.g., if Kirby arcs through the air to the right, the player must hold the left button on the +Control Pad). At the end of Kirby's spinning, the player will hear the "turning / skid" sound (encountered when Kirby changes direction while walking / dashing on ground) while Kirby is still in the air.

Dark Mind's Energy Beam Echo

When fighting Dark Mind's "giant eye" form, the player must deal the final blow to Dark Mind's while he is firing the massive energy beam. The beam's audible sound effects will continue for some time, even though the battle is over and the beam itself is non-existent.

Dash Sound While Crouching

Dash and immediately crouch so that Kirby falls to a solid surface below (or jump and land on the ground); hold left or right (as well as down) simultaneously, during the landing process (this is essential). Upon landing and crouching, the "dash" sound effect is heard. This glitch does not occur in Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land.

Kirby's Unbreakable-Block Bounce

Kirby can bounce off Star Blocks, Bomb Blocks, and others without breaking them. He must fall onto them from the air at the very minimum height required to face-plant.

Bomb Ability: Sound Transfer

The player can hear Kirby's bombs' explosions from a room next to the one the bomb(s) is / are thrown / placed in. Firstly, any number of Kirby's friends must be in view. Secondly, Kirby should throw / place a bomb. Thirdly, well before the bomb explodes, Kirby must immediately exit the room. If Kirby's friends have not moved out of view (in the room on the other side of the mirror), and the bomb has not exploded before Kirby left that room, the player will hear the explosion while Kirby is on the other side of the mirror.

Bomb Ability: Instantaneous Double Depth Charge

While in the air over a stretch of water, Kirby must plant a bomb mid-air. If Kirby times this correctly (so that he and the bomb hit the water's surface exactly when the bomb starts to drop in the air), two bombs will be produced instantly. Worthy of mention, Kirby's performing this while moving left or right in the air results in a bomb x bomb barrage mat.

Bomb Ability: Color-Changing Waddle Doos and Switch

A Waddle Doo with a glitched palette.

In the room with the large Heave Ho Block standing in the way of the mirror that leads to the Chalk Spray Paint, there are four mirrors. The one in the upper right hand corner leads to a room which contains a Droppy. Waddle Doos and / or the small switch must not be visible in order to result in a color-change. Kirby must have the Bomb ability and allow the Droppy to steal it; Kirby must then allow the transformed Droppy to blow up, as the glitch will not work if Kirby hits the new Foley with an air puff. Depending on the vertical location of the Foley is when he drops, the visibility of the switch or Waddle Doo(s), and possibly the horizontal location of the Foley, the result of the explosion is varied. The Waddle Doo(s) and / or the door switch will stray from their typical palette color patterns: the switch may be a bright gold and brown color, a faded typical color palette pattern, or a dark red and gray color; the Waddle Doo(s) will vary from being outlined in sky blue and bright red to a dark, faded variation of the typical color palette with green. Additionally, the beam the Waddle Doo(s) attack with may be of the standard yellow color or a dark and faded red. The glitch's effects will not disappear until Kirby leaves the room or loses a life therein.

Bomb Ability: Color-Changing Snorkel Mask and Spray Attack

There is a room in both Peppermint Palace and Cabbage Cavern that contain a Droppy, as well as a body / bodies of water. Here, Droppy must be allowed to steal Kirby's ability and change into a Foley. The Foley must be allowed or caused to drop and explode. This results in different colors of masks and spray attacks when in the water. Kirby and his friends can have green masks which spray green and yellow water, pink masks that spray pink water, golden masks that spray yellow water, or yellow masks that spray black water. In Cabbage Cavern, a delay in color change to green will often occur until Kirby plunges deep enough into the water, closer toward the Blipper. His friends need not be present at a Droppy's assimilation for the glitch to apply to them: they may simply be called up.

Semi-Silent Ascent

The player should press the A button to ascend while floating; he / she must press it repeatedly as fast as Kirby will allow. If pressed in short-enough intervals, one or more "silent floats" will be performed in succession; Kirby will flap his arms and climb higher, but no sound will be heard. These "silent floats" are also observed in Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land, but only by the player's continuously holding up on the +Control Pad.

Scatter Dark Mind's Mirror-Spawned Enemies

In fighting Dark Mind's giant eye form, he'll occasionally sweep one or both of his mirrors across the screen. When the mirror(s) make(s) its / their final pass, it / they will spawn three enemies (six, if one validates the possible combinations of three Parasol Waddle Doos, Sir Kibbles and their blades, etc.); during this third pass (or occasionally, a single pass), before the mirror(s) produce and drop the enemies, upon hitting the mirror(s): the enemies produced will often be teleported from their original drop zone to a new drop zone (sometimes far outside the screen). Applying the Master ability's "up-thrust" attack is the easiest way to activate this glitch.

Teleporting Mini Sharks via Pummeling

Using Fighter's mid-air windmill kick (or any other ability's attack(s) that shoot(s) enemies up into the air without killing them), drop onto a mini shark when battling Gobbler. The little sharks will pop out of the water, but instantly return to their original position in the water; they will not fall into the water with a splash, but "teleport" right down into the water.

Gobbler Floating Down in the Air

Defeating Gobbler while he jumps out of the water will cause him to sink (not fall) through the air; this "sinking" is the same speed as when defeated in the water.

The Weakling Bronto Burt(s)

Upon defeating Wiz, if one or more of the Bronto Burts he produced are still flying around, Kirby can just run into and damage them without taking damage himself.

Master Sword's Fiery Sheath

Kirby must be possessing the Laser ability. In the very beginning of each of the four battles with Dark Mind, the Master sword stands by, ready to be wielded by Kirby. Kirby must fire a laser beam while he comes in contact with the sword. The flashes of light produced by Kirby's head apparatus will immediately change into flames. This "stand" of flames is visible only during and shortly after the gaining of the Master ability.

Silent Suction

When about to activate a big switch, inhale using the Throw ability. If the B button is still being held after the cutscene, no sound of inhaling will be present.

Extra Puffs of Dust

During uninhibited dashing, every fifth second will yield an additional puff of dust.

Inaudible Warp Stars

During the cutscenes that appear while using Warp Stars, the player may press Start and return again to the cutscene; the interrupted sound byte will not be heard until it has finished playing.

Ineffective Mach Tornado

If Kirby defeats Dark Meta Knight just as he performs a Mach Tornado, the tornado will continue moving across the screen for a second or two before dissipating. Before it leaves, Kirby can pass through without taking any damage.

Dual Death: Extended Dark Meta Knight Theme

Kirby must be using the Master Ability for this glitch to work. During the fight with Dark Meta Knight, get Kirby's health down to one point and Dark Meta Knight's health to a point where a single attack will defeat him; then, wait until Dark Meta Knight is about to perform his Mach Tornado attack. With precise timing, use the Sword Beam attack just as Kirby gets sucked up by the tornado. Kirby will lose a life while the Dark Meta Knight defeat sequence plays. When Kirby returns, Dark Meta Knight's theme will begin to play again as the portal to Dark Mind appears and Kirby is sucked into it. The Boss theme will then begin playing, ending the glitch.

Dual Death: Pseudo-Ghost Kirby

Kirby must possess the Cutter, Bomb, Laser, or Cupid ability while fighting Dark Meta Knight's true form; Kirby must have one hit point left, and Dark Meta Knight must have an amount of health left that is sufficient to deal the final blow with the abilities' projectile(s). When Dark Meta Knight preps his Mach Tornado and sends it flying at Kirby, Kirby must fire the projectile so that it hits Dark Meta Knight while Kirby is sucked up in the Mach Tornado; both Kirby and Dark Meta Knight will die practically simultaneously, the screen will turn black, then white, and the battle will begin again. This time, Kirby and his friends can pass through Dark Meta Knight's person and attacks without taking any damage whatsoever (for the duration of Kirby's temporary invincibility at the beginning of the battle, however, Kirby can actually take damage); all of Kirby's attacks will affect Dark Meta Knight as they normally would. When Kirby defeats the knight, the Pseudo-Ghost "ability" will be lost.

Dual Death: The Invisible Mirror World

Kirby and Dark Meta Knight must both be defeated at the same, as in the previous two glitches. The only difference is that the process must be repeated with Kirby starting the battle with no lives left. Upon dying and automatically returning to his spot beneath the Dimension Mirror, almost everything will be invisible, including: Kirby and his friends, mirrors, stars resulting from contact with solid surfaces, water splashes, blowing air, cannons, Warp Stars, Copy Pedestals, stakes, switches, Heave Ho Blocks, switch-and-handle activated doors, discarded abilities, platforms hung on ropes, Kirby's friends' status markers (top left of screen), the Kirbys' cell phones, nearly all attacks (although Crash's ending flash is visible and Meta Knight can be seen through Magic), Treasure Chests and their contents, stationary Mid-bosses, moving parts of Bosses (King Golem's stationary hand and body remain visible), and minor enemies. Per successful glitch attempt, recovery items are very rarely visible. Mirror entrances are often seen to either remove secondary backgrounds (e.g., top and bottom mirrors in the Olive Ocean room that leads directly back to the main room containing the Dimension Mirror) or are a particular color (often red or blue) or shape (e.g. an arched door that comes to a point). The animation of any blocks' destruction is rendered non-existent; it simply disappears when destroyed. The collision detection remains intact, however, so a good memory of where enemies and mirrors are located is essential for long-term exploration of the "Invisible Mirror World". When Kirby dies, defeats a Boss, uses the Magic ability (excluding the Mix option gained from the roulette), hits an enemy with the Hammer ability's Hammer Flip, or even when a Bomber explodes, everything will become visible again.

Parasol Ability: Automatic Crouch n' Slide

Kirby should drop down onto a solid surface from the height of one Star Block; then, he'll touch ground and automatically move a short distance in whichever direction he's facing when he lands.

Involuntary Directional Change

When walking on icy surfaces, Kirby can crouch and face the opposite direction in which he is moving; when Kirby stops crouching, instead of walking backwards, he'll instantly switch direction and walk in the direction of the slide. If the glitch is performed in Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land, Kirby will "moonwalk".

Edge-Penetrating Reverse Jump

When walking or dashing, Kirby must jump and, by skillfully tapping the +Control Pad, immediately face the opposite direction of the jump. This must be done into a flat, open-topped solid surface (for example, a Star Block or ledge). Contact with the vertical surface must be made close enough to pass beyond the horizontal surface (underside/topside). If performed correctly, Kirby will pass (upward, in the direction of the jump) through the edge of the surface, and onto the immediate surface below. This glitch cannot be performed if Kirby jumps face-first into the surface: he has to jump backwards.

Recoil-Free Slide Attack on a Switch

For all small switches, if Kirby is close enough to one and performs a slide attack, Kirby will not bounce back off of it, but will go straight through.

Double Star Block Inhale

If any item is sitting on a platform made of Star Blocks, Kirby can inhale the item as well as a couple Star Blocks at once. Standing on or near the platform, Kirby will inhale two Star blocks simultaneously. This is an extremely rare glitch to encounter.

Stubborn Star Blocks

Kirby should stand so that there are two "block lengths" between him and a Star Block; Kirby must be positioned perfectly on top of the "block" and a then move a tiny bit to the left. Kirby must be facing left. Upon inhaling, the Star Block(s) will not budge until Kirby achieves a Super Inhale. In Kirby Super Star Ultra, this is also seen if Kirby inhales while out-of-range while moving vertically (e.g., falling) to then be in range of any Star Block: the Star Block cannot be inhaled unless another, normal attempt is made in-range.

Kirby's Crowd

Underneath the Dimension Mirror lies the Master ability. If Kirby's friends follow him, they can cover up the Master ability lying there. If enough of the Kirbys are crowding there, Kirby can occasionally walk through his friends and right past the Master ability without gaining it (assuming Kirby possesses no current ability).

Hot Head's Crack-Penetrating Fireball

Kirby should be standing on a slope and persuade a Hot Head to fire its long distance attack. If the fireball hits a junction between two "blocks" or "tiles" (a group of pixels of a fixed size used to create the appearance of a certain environment such as a wall, ground, etc., usually repetitively placed next to each other), it will in rare instances travel down a "block's" length into the crack.

Gobbler's Frozen Face

If Kirby inflicts the final blow while Gobbler's face is scrunched up, when he's preparing his quadruple-consecutive-charge attack, his scrunched face will freeze like that. Gobbler will then slowly sink and explode.

Kirby's Current Ability... in Name Only

In Olive Ocean, a room contains a dry cave with a Bomb Block in the center of the floor; two Waddle Doos stand above it on a platform, and a wandering Droppy explores the whole area. Kirby must go into this section with any ability, and should stand close to the Bomb Block: when the Droppy comes near, he should destroy the Bomb Block and then let the Droppy try to take his ability. The Droppy and Waddle Doos will drown and Kirby will be left with no ability, save its title in the bottom left hand corner of the screen. Its description will not appear. The title will change if the player accesses the Start menu, obtains a new Copy Ability, or is damaged. The U.F.O. ability's lasting title can still be kept while in the central room of Rainbow Route (the one containing the Dimension Mirror).

Delayed Death

In rooms where Snooters and pits are both present, Snooter will delay an unfortunate Kirbys' demise for a second or two: when Snooter falls over a pit, Kirby can get caught in his mouth and will only die once Snooter spits him out... deep in the dark of a bottomless pit.

Mr. Frosty's Teleport

When battling Mr. Frosty, Kirby should first lead him to the very edge of an arena (with no barriers on the sides). Facing away from the wall, Mr. Frosty may decide to charge at Kirby; he'll go out of screen and right when he charges forward, he teleports forward to his edge of the screen.

Heavy Knights Isolated on Edges

Using an ability that will partially damage a Heavy Knight and send it flying, Kirby can hit any of these Knights so that they land on the extreme edges of platforms. Heavy Knights will not be able to move toward or away from Kirby once they are at a certain point on the very edges of platforms; they will appear to be floating over the free space that lies past the edges of platforms.

"Giant" and "Heavy" Enemies Cloned

In a room in Rainbow Route, a Heavy Knight will appear mid-air and land onto the platform below if the first is defeated. If Kirby moves far off screen, but not enough to cause the new Heavy Knight to disappear, he can move back, and the first Heavy Knight will have respawned. Two Heavy Knights will then be visible together. This presents a perfect opportunity for Kirby to Super Inhale the Knights and gain the Mix feature. This glitch is also applicable to the Giant Rocky found in a room in Moonlight Mansion.

Freeze Glitch (Japan Only)

If Kirby uses his cellphone as soon as he dies, the next time he re-spawns, the game will be frozen. The music will continue playing, but Kirby can't exit this way. The only way to unfreeze the game is to reset and reboot the game.

Temporarily Modified Views of Arenas

Using the Cook or Magic abilities, Kirby can with great ease change the viewable area of arenas during Mid-boss battles. Using Magic or Cook (repeated used is possible, so long as no pre-battle enemies are in view) during the point in which he is immediately "sucked" into the battles, Kirby can gradually change the viewable battleground: the Mid-Boss will always be able to freely move about during these ability-induced pauses in the battles.

Kirby Air Ride

Breakdancing Kirby

Red Kirby spins around on the floor.

Find a time bomb and plant it in the middle of where all the machines would be in Free Run. Then, go to the openings to the underground at the city and have Kirby stand on the ledge. (Not too high and not too low, but in the middle). Jump on the ledge and move a little bit towards the gap so the middle of Kirby's body hits the ledge. When done correctly, it should make Kirby fall slantwise after he hits the ledge of the slanted wall. Kirby should then proceed to fall to the ground. After doing this, Kirby must not jump or get into an Air Ride Machine, because it returns him to normal. Have Kirby make his way to the time bomb and get hit by the bomb. Kirby should now perform his hit fall animation while on the ground, which makes it look like he's performing a breakdance. Getting Kirby hit after this stage will not stop his animation. Kirby can also be sent into his spinning state if he is hit by an opponent's machine with high offense, such as the Hydra.

Twitching Kirby

After performing the above glitch, Kirby will begin twitching if he (or a nearby CPU or player) uses the Mike ability.

Out of Bounds

Pick the Dragoon. Fly to the invisible wall next to the castle and continue bashing it. (Or, if flying high enough, Kirby can pass right over the wall.) If done correctly, Kirby will break through the wall and start shaking. At this point, the pink dot on the minimap that represents Kirby is out of the playable area. Around the map, there are ramps that otherwise would be inaccessible that lead back up into the normal playing area. However, if one goes far out enough, eventually another insurmountable barrier will block his path.


This glitch is most easily performed in time attack mode of Checker Knights. In the 3rd lap, small Gordos and a Wheelie appear every few seconds. To do it, have Kirby obtain the Wheel ability, and hold down the A button when Kirby gets near enough to the Gordos (not too close). While the thunderball is operating, Kirby stays in wheel form, long after the time when he should return to normal under usual circumstances.

Space Jump Glitch

A glitch can make the Bulk Star capable of infinite flight distance. In the Stadium Air Glider, choose the Bulk Star and hit all the boost pads; as the Bulk Star takes off, rapidly tap the A button. Normally, boosting in mid-air with any other machine would cause the character to drop to the ground. However, under these circumstances, the Bulk Star will forcefully vibrate up and down and maintain altitude. This can allow the player to reach the end of the track, which is just around 4,500 feet. Alternatively, a player can use a turbo controller, set the turbo to the A button, and simply hold the button. The Bulk Star will rapidly ascend to the end if this method is used.

Spin Dash

This glitch allows users to race around the course at much higher speeds. By using the Wheelie Scooter, Quick Spinning, and charging while up against a wall, the Wheelie Scooter quickly accelerates to around 70mph, which is it's typical boost speed and more than twice the speed of the Swerve Star.

Wall Dash

Similarly to the Spin Dash, and also only doable by the Wheelie Scooter. It follows the same set-up as the Spin Dash, but doesn't use the Quick Spin, and doesn't go as fast either. It only works on certain walls.

Boost Slide

Using the Wheelie Scooter, when holding the A button after going off a ramp, Wheelie Scooter's speed decelerates much slower than normal. This gives it more control while moving at quick speeds, allowing it to more easily hit multiple boost panels consecutively; this is particularly useful in Checker Knights.

Camera View Glitch

While playing City Trial, go onto a Super Boost Ramp and pause as soon as Kirby touches it, and move the camera view with the C stick. The camera will turn in a circular motion instead of left and right. This can also be done in Celestial Valley when Kirby is climbing up the waterfall.

Top of the World

This glitch requires at least two players. While playing City Trial or Free Run, have Player 1 have the Hydra, and Player 2 have no vehicle. Go to the Highland Plains, near the golf holes. Have Player 2 float above a golf hole, and Player 1 go in the hole. If Player 2 gets hit by Player 1, Player 2 will go flying straight upwards until he hits the vertical barrier. Then, Player 2 will float in place for about 15 seconds, and then begin to fall down.

Kirby's Long Fall

Kirby falls deep into Destruction Derby's abyss while the unused impact warning appears.

In the first Destruction Derby, there will be two pits covered with rocks. The player must destroy one of these rocks so that a pit will be exposed. Alternatively, the player can wait until a CPU or another human player does it. The player must then have Kirby die right above the pit; this is best achieved using the Golden Spikes / Gordo item close to the pit. If done correctly, Kirby will fall for longer than he normally would and both an unused impact warning and alarm sound effect are activated for less than a second.

Underneath the City

Underneath the city, Kirby can see one of many tunnels and the dilapidated houses seemingly floating in mid-air.

In Free Run, pick the Flight Warp Star, head towards the volcano, and find the stone wall leading to an icy room with a large Super Boost Ramp. If it appears near the lava dragons, it'll be impossible to perform the glitch, so quit and retry until it appears elsewhere. Have Kirby charge up his Flight Warp Star just in front of the entrance so that he falls inside while charging. Tilt the joystick slightly to the left and tap the A or L button just above a small platform next to a yellow rail; make sure not to land on the rail, as it will move in the opposite direction. The ground behind it is also too flat to glide upward, so not stopping on the small platform and continuing onward can potentially trap Kirby. Another way to set up this glitch is to using Wing ability to fly over the short wall into the second volcano room, then stalling until the ability runs out and Kirby is back on Flight Warp Star. The small platform will give Kirby enough height to fly up against the wall; the area where the wall meets the volcano (colored red) isn't solid, but it's positioned close to the spiral formation next to the volcano, so the player must tap A/L to successfully clip Kirby out of bounds. He'll start flying under the city and can even reach functioning patches of water past the city's normal barriers; while doing this, Kirby's map marker may disappear. Eventually, an unused impact warning and its accompanying sound effect are seen for a little over a second before Kirby falls and respawns in the city.

Delayed Boost/Super Boost

The player must get hurt or fall off a cliff while all the way charged up. This is a minor glitch, and it works with any machine.

Spin Longer (rarely happens)

This only works with 2 players either one with the Hydra and the other none. The player on the Hydra has to get the player not on a machine in the corner by the waterwheel, and the Hydra player there must also be present. At first it looks like the Hydra player is not spinning at all and that is what is supposed to happen; then the player actually spins, and it happens for a little bit longer!

Wheel Cap

In Kirby Air Ride, Kirby automatically turns into a wheel. However, on Nebula Belt, if the player pauses at a precise time, or someone attacks Kirby, then Kirby will not instantly transform, and will show his red and yellow cap.

Kirby: Canvas Curse

Invisible Wall

Kirby needs his Stone ability to perform this glitch. Select the Silent Seabed level and go up to the part with the wall that has to be tapped three times to get rid of it. While in Stone form, roll up to the wall and it should appear to be destroyed and become passable. However, if the player taps the area where the wall once, it would apparently seem that the game did not register the wall as being destroyed already. The invisible wall will still require three taps to be rid of completely.

Kirby: Squeak Squad

Sinking Maxim Tomato

To perform this glitch, Kirby needs the Ice Bomb power. Have Kirby go to the first stage in Prism Plains and walk until he reaches the pool of water with the Maxim Tomato in it, then have him throw a bomb at it. When the bomb explodes inside the pool and freezes the water, the tomato will slowly sink into the ground. Going into the water and breaking the ice blocks will cause the tomato to pop up again and behave as though nothing had happened. If Kirby does nothing, however, the Maxim Tomato will fully sink into the ground and disappear. When Kirby walks away from the pool of water and then back to it, another Maxim Tomato will appear.

Distilled Throw Power

To perform this glitch, Kirby needs the Throw ability with its respective Ability Scroll. Upon entering the battle with Mrs. Moley, when she pops out of her hole, have Kirby stand next to her while facing away. When she starts throwing things, have Kirby inhale an item. If Kirby simply stands there and does not throw the inhaled item, the held item will damage her. If Kirby defeats Mrs. Moley in this manner, the inhaled item and its glowing aura will both disappear and the usual whiteout ensues. When it is over, Kirby will get rid of the item automatically by throwing a glowing ball of energy.

UFO Discoloration

To perform this glitch, Kirby will need the UFO ability. If Kirby gets killed by Bohboh by being thrown into the lava pit in the center of his room while having the UFO ability, the colors of Kirby's body and feet will considerably lighten. He will also be covered in strange pale lines similar to the panels of the Metal ability.

Ghost Through Walls

Kirby needs the Ghost ability for this glitch. Pick any area where there is a Sword Knight, Metalun, or a Heavy Knight standing on a slanted platform with a wall at the end, and then have Kirby possess the enemy and have it attack in the direction of the wall. If done correctly, Kirby and the enemy will now be inside the walls. He can then get rid of the enemy and freely roam around (and, in most cases, can return to the level with no side effects), but he will be permanently trapped inside if he ditches the Ghost ability. Getting a Bun to throw Kirby into a wall when he is right next to one of the said enemies will also cause the glitch.

Sliding Acchi

With the Ghost ability, control Acchi. Next, double tap left to have it slide a little bit, then jump. If done correctly, Acchi will fly across the screen for as long as the A button is being tapped.

Abilities Through Walls

When the screen gets automatically scrolled (like in the rooms right before Dark Nebula or due to a Mid-boss battle), bubbles and ability stars get pushed into the current screen even if there's a wall, similar to the "Wheel Through Walls" glitch from Kirby & the Amazing Mirror.

Beam Sound Carry-Over

If Kirby enters a door while a Waddle Doo is using its Beam Whip attack, the sound of the beam can be heard during the transition from that room to the next.

Floating Flamer

Find an area where two Flamers can be on the screen at the same time. Destroy any blocks keeping them from full freedom of rolling. If done right, the first Flamer will be rolling while the second is floating above it. If it hits a wall it just bounces right off, too.

Moving Copy Glitch

Go to the second stage of Secret Sea, after the Warp Star. This glitch can be performed with either the Sir Kibble or Acchi. Inhale and swallow one of them quickly. As Kirby is copying the power, he will be moving until he reaches the wall.

Spark Ability: Two Attacks at Once

Red Kirby's electric barrier attack becomes glitched after using another attack at the same time.

Kirby needs the Spark Ability and its respective Ability Scroll. The player must then have Kirby charge up to full power, tap the B button, and immediately afterward hold left (or right) on the +Control Pad and the B button. If done correctly, Kirby will perform his fully charged electric barrier and his long-range attack at about the same time. The graphics surrounding Kirby will glitch for a split second, but there are no adverse side effects. Under normal circumstances, Kirby would have to recharge after performing either attack, but through this glitch, he no longer needs to, although the timing can be tricky.

No-Recoil Damage

If Kirby ducks before an enemy attacks / walks into him, Kirby won't be knocked backward but instead will stay crouched down while taking damage. Additionally, if Kirby has an ability and crouches down before being attacked, he'll take damage but won't lose his ability; normally, Kirby only has to be hit once to lose his current ability. This glitch doesn't work with grab attacks, however.

Food Cancel

If the player takes damage while inhaling a food item that is not inside a bubble with the right timing, the recovery effect of that item will be canceled. Furthermore, Kirby will stay bloated as if he had swallowed a normal item or enemy, pressing B in this state doesn't shoot a puff of air, star or item but merely executes the animation.

Kirby Super Star Ultra

Superspeed Waddle Doo

Either the Copy or Bomb ability is needed. Head to Skyhigh in Milky Way Wishes and enter the room in the door maze where a Parasol Waddle Dee and a Parasol Waddle Doo float down. Enter the right-most door to go into the next room, then head straight back into the previous room by going into the same door Kirby appeared out of. Zapping / Bombing the Waddle Doo (who is on the right) and making it touch the platform where the middle door is located will make it run around the room at increasing speeds before eventually falling through the floor. The Waddle Doo will occasionally travel in the same manner, though in the opposite direction it is facing.

This glich is patched in the European version.

Computer Virus Audio Glitch

The player must select Helper to Hero and choose Simirror as his/her fighter. The player must normally progress through the sub-game until he/she makes it to the Great Dragon section of the Computer Virus battle. The player must then wait for the Great Dragon to breath fire, then he/she must immediately guard, reversing the flow of the flames. After the Great Dragon is done attacking, the fire sound effect can still be heard for another second.

Floating Knuckle Joe

Kirby must go to Aquarius in the Milky Way Wishes sub-game. Kirby must continue through the level until he finds a Broom Hatter with a Knuckle Joe. Past that, he will find another pair of the duo. If the player watches the Knuckle Joe closely, it will sometimes jump on the ledge, and the game will register it as being on ground when it is walking on air.

Freezing the Game

The Suplex ability is needed. The player must head to Peanut Plains in the sub-game Dyna Blade and continue through the level until he / she reaches the ledge the leads to the Mid-boss battle with Chef Kawasaki. On the opposite ledge, there is a Bomber. Kirby must wait until it is about to fall, then dash grab it. He will fall down into the room, and he should use the Suplex ability's Rock Drop attack (performed with the A button). If the Bomber was grabbed at exactly the right moment, it will freeze the game and cause the buttons to stop responding; the music will keep looping, but the game must be reset to continue playing. It may take a few tries to do this.

Non-Ability Waddle Doo

The Copy Copy Ability is needed. Go to Skyhigh in Milky Way Wishes and advance before encountering the Parasol Waddle Dee and Waddle Doo. Copy the Waddle Doo when it's on the ground, and as soon as Kirby grabs the Beam ability, go back to Copy. Keep repeating, and eventually Kirby will take no ability from the Waddle Doo when he beat it.

Puffs of Dust in the Air

Kirby must start dashing, then turn in the opposite direction. Right when the turn is made, Kirby must jump into the air, and the puffs of dust will still be seen at his feet.

Suplex's Bounce Glitch

When dashing off of a platform, if Kirby is at the correct distance, he will "trip" straight through the air without falling.

Delayed Defeat of Dyna Blade

If the final blow is dealt to Dyna Blade (particularly in Helper to Hero) during some of her attacks, most notably her "swoop" attack, she will continue to finish her attack without any of the typical explosions seen upon defeating various Bosses and Mid-Bosses. Once the swoop is finished, the explosions will be seen as she flees the battleground.

Non-Damaging Suplex Flip

A defeated Mid-Boss may bounce off of the far left side of the screen in The Arena and not take damage. Kirby should perform his Body Slam attack very close to the left wall and facing it: the Mid-Boss (in rare cases) will bounce off the wall, and land on its back without exploding. This phenomenon is also occasionally observed using the Fighter and Yo-Yo abilities' grab attacks.

Yo-Yo Ability: Bury a Defeated Mid-Boss

When a Mid-Boss is defeated and lies immobile on the ground, Kirby (or Gim, if playing Helper to Hero) should use Yo-Yo's Hammer Drop; the Mid-boss will in rare instances disappear in the ground. The Mid-Boss will not be heard to explode until its normal "delay-in-explosion" time is expired: only then will the explosion be heard, but not seen.

Invisible Wall Barriers

When fighting Mid-bosses in succession, such as in Helper to Hero, a defeated Mid-Boss can be thrown a distance using some abilities / characters. Rarely, a thrown Mid-Boss will hit the side of the screen (the side that continues to scroll in the cross-arena direction) while it is scrolling and drop down onto the ground. Using Jet ability's / Capsule J2's Rocket Dive on an incapacitated Mid-Boss will occasionally produce this result.

Ability Star Super-Squeak

First, a Helper must be created by Kirby; then Kirby must gain an ability. Now, the ability should be discarded, and the helper must then be neutralized by Kirby's Normal Beam: the Ability Star will break and make a loud squeak (which is a higher-pitched version of one of the sounds normally produced shortly after having discarded an ability).

Enemy Vaporized via Inhalation

On very rare occasions, Kirby can attempt to inhale two Copy Ability-bearing enemies and then be unjustly denied the Mix Ability. Upon inhalation, the enemy farthest from Kirby's mouth will disappear instantaneously, and Kirby will only inhale the closest one; Kirby may gain this enemy's ability by swallowing, and "Mix" will not be achieved.

Kirby's Epic Yarn

Pass Through Cloth Blocks

The glitch is performed in the Star Shooter sequence of Cloud Palace. There is a spot where multiple Cloth Blocks are stacked on top of each other. Have Kirby shoot stars at the blocks while moving straight forward, then diagonally upwards after colliding with the blocks. If done correctly, Kirby will pass through the remaining blocks into a small compartment and get the Star Bead inside without having to shoot out all the Cloth Blocks. To get out, Kirby can shoot the remaining blocks under him.

Stuck Fluff

A second player is needed to activate this glitch. Kirby and Prince Fluff must enter the battle with Yin-Yarn and wait for the second Soocher attack. While Kirby goes to the door, Prince Fluff must jump to the top of the screen. At the moment Fluff touches the top of the screen, Kirby must go through the door. If done correctly, the Soocher attack will end and the top of Fluff's head will be stuck in the ceiling, thus suspending him in midair. He will be unable to move, but because he is technically airborne, he can still use the Yarn Whip and turn into the Parachute and Weight forms(although he will still be stuck in place). To end the glitch, Kirby must defeat Yin-Yarn alone and allow Angie to take both of them to a different platform. This glitch also works vice versa (i.e. Kirby jumping to the top of the screen and Prince Fluff exiting the door, making Kirby stuck).

Waddle Dee Anti-Jump

At Fountain Gardens (located in Grass Land), there are two Waddle Dees sleeping next to each other with beads over them in the shape of a heart. Kirby must get on both of them, with one foot on the left Waddle Dee and the other foot on the right Waddle Dee. If Kirby tries jumping directly upward, he will still be standing on the Waddle Dees, but his feet will transform like he's jumping. This glitch also works at Big-Bean Vine, using the two Waddle Dees on the ground (the one with the bow and the one cowering in fear).

Geyser Drop

Kirby must head to Water Land and jump on the whale's geyser. If Kirby stands completely still and waits long enough, the geyser will suddenly disperse. While this itself is not a glitch, something glitchy happens afterward: Kirby will fall a short distance through the air, but his feet will still be in standing position.

Standing on Air

To perform this glitch, Kirby must go to Splash Beach in Water Land. After going up to the clouds and waking up the sun, he must come down and walk through the level until a turtle swimming on rising and falling water is seen. If Kirby gets onto the turtle and stands on it, it looks like he is standing on air at a very small distance from the turtle, rather than on the turtle itself.

Waddle Doo on a Mushroom

In Mushroom Run, if a Waddle Doo is pushed off onto a mushroom while preparing to fire, it will be stuck in this pose while bouncing. If the Waddle Doo is left off the screen for awhile, and Kirby returns, the Waddle Doo will be facing the opposite way it was facing when pushed off, and it will be walking in place.

Infinite Saucer Electricity

Though this glitch does not require input from both players, for unknown reasons, a second player is needed to activate it. After Kirby and Prince Fluff have attained Saucer form via the Metamortex in Weird Woods, either player should collect a treasure while Saucer's full-screen electric attack is activated. After the information box about the treasure is dismissed and the game unpauses, the attack will continue infinitely until the player presses the button again or the Transformation runs out. The result is that all Yarn Blocks and enemies other than Scarfys who appear on-screen will be instantly destroyed. The sound effect of the attack will not play during the glitch.

Kirby Mass Attack

End-of-Stage Hover

Whenever a stage ends with a rainbow bubble, the Kirbys must pull it to the ground. While it floats upward, use the heroic heart to lure the group to the right edge of the screen. A cutscene will begin, and one Kirby will appear slanted, as if standing on an invisible incline. This is likely because the game creates a slanted platform (presented as a rainbow) at the beginning of the scene but hides it for a reveal. It forms where a Kirby is standing, causing him to clip onto it.

Enter Stage Early

To enter a stage, the player must tap it, then tap it again once the Kirbys have dashed over to it. With this glitch, if a stage is unlocked and the player rapidly taps it, the Kirbys can enter without landing on the stage icon. This only works for stages that are located on a different rung of the map and are passed on the way to them. For example, if the Kirbys are located on Stage 1 of Volcano Valley and the player rapidly taps Stage 6, they will race toward the stage and enter before even reaching it. If the player exits immediately, the game does not have time to register where the Kirbys just were, which can cause them to appear on any of the stage icons that led up to the exited stage.

Kirby Panicking on Dry Sand

For this glitch, Kirby should go to Stage 9 of Volcano Valley or play Survival Rush. If using the Volcano Valley method, he should go to the room with Buzzybat's door and go to the room with Great Gear. If on Survival Rush, he must go to the middle door and defeat any other mid-bosses until he gets to Great Gear. When Great Gear turns the floor to quicksand, the player should have a Kirby get caught in the moving sand but mustn't let the Kirby sink off the screen. The player has to keep him near the top of the quicksand floor. When the sand hardens and if done just right, the Kirby(s) will still act like they are sinking, even though they are at the top of the floor and not sinking in quicksand. If the player taps the screen while the glitch is in progress, the Kirby(s) will stop panicking.

Note: This glitch does not work on Stage 6 of Sandy Canyon due to the fact that the floor does not turn to quicksand during the first battle with Great Gear.

A Kirby's Silent KO

For this glitch, go to Stage 8 of Sandy Canyon and go to the end of the first room and find the pull ring and the Big Mummbon. Have one Kirby attack the Big Mummbon, one Kirby pulling the ring, and the rest stand where the door is supposed to be at. When the Big Mummbon shoots out a poison blob, make sure the Kirby attacking the Mummbon gets hit, and have the rest go through the door. The Kirby that was attacking the Mummbon will be KO'd, but when it happens, he will not scream.

Big Stickle's Wall

In Stage 6 of Dedede Resort, as the Kirbys travel through the fishing grounds, a Big Stickle will swim alongside the land and settle under a wall of Metal Blocks. A group of Star Blocks and a Waddle Dee appear in the player's way to slow him/her down; if the Kirbys pass these as quickly as possible and reach the Metal Blocks before Big Stickle does, they fail to trigger the cutscene where Big Stickle breaks the blocks. This makes it impossible to progress simply by moving right. Instead, the player must reposition the heroes slightly left to trigger the cutscene.

Disappearing Defeated Kirby

This glitch sometimes occurs in Kirby Quest; when a certain Kirby is hit by an attack, instead of falling down and turning blue, he will instead fly all the way beyond the top of the screen and not come back down. When this occurs, the player will not be able to advance and will be forced to go back and start the chapter again. This glitch can also be remedied by turning the Nintendo DS off and back on.

Big Blucko's Weird Platform

The Kirbys climb through Big Blucko.

Go to Stage 1 of Volcano Valley. After defeating the first Cryball, the player must make his/her way over to the flaming Snoozroot, then defeat it to move on. The next part takes about five Kirbys or more: When the heroes find Big Blucko, they must wait under the platform. When the titanic monster stops on top of the platform, the player must gather the Kirbys and attempt to drag them through said platform. Blocked by the Big Blucko, most of the Kirbys will fall back to the ground. Occasionally, one (or more) of them will not fall, and will be stuck inside the platform while standing on thin air. The player must tap the screen to end the glitch. A more common result of this glitch is that one Kirby will suddenly teleport to the ground above, appearing to the left of Big Blucko.

Satellite Push

A satellite pushes the Kirbys part-way into the ceiling.

Go to Stage 11 of Volcano Valley. Locate one of the mushroom-covered satellites moving up and down in space. Have a few Kirbys swim over to the ceiling above it, then wait. The satellite should move up to the Kirbys and push them into the ceiling without hurting them. The glitch lasts only a second or two, as the Kirbys will be pushed back into real space when the satellite moves down. The glitch is somewhat risky to try, because doing it incorrectly will result in KO'd Kirbys.

Walking on Brambles

Three Kirbys sitting unharmed in the brambles.

After defeating Lady Ivy the first time, return to Sandy Canyon and battle her again. Once she's defeated, flick a Kirby off the left or right side of the screen. He will land on the thorns below but will not be hurt. He can walk around down there until the Kirbys leave the stage through the door.

Kirby's Return to Dream Land

Sound Carry-Over Glitch

Kirby will need the Spark ability. Right before Kirby gets on a Warp Star, the player must charge up Kirby's barrier. Right when Kirby touches the Warp Star, the player must press the 1 button. He / she will hear both the sounds of Kirby getting on the Warp Star and Kirby's Spark Wave attack. This glitch can also be done with the Tornado ability. First, battle a Sphere Doomer that offers the tornado ability before the battle and defeat it while keeping the ability (Stage 1 in Onion Ocean is highly recommended). Instead of grabbing the Energy Spheres, use the regular tornado attack and charge up. Right when the whirlwind attack is used, touch the energy spheres. The player will hear the whirlwind attack sound and the Energy Sphere sound.

Neither of these glitches can be performed in The Arena or The True Arena.

Undead Magolor Glitch


Kirby's Return to Dreamland - Undead Magolor Glitch

video demonstration

There must be at least two players using Kirby, and one will need the Spark ability. When Magolor charges in at the end of his first phase after losing his star shield, position the Kirby with Spark a fair distance to the right from the Kirby with the Ultra Sword, have that Kirby begin charging up, then have the other Kirby swing the sword. If done correctly, Magolor's HP will empty during the cutscene where the player needs to shake the Wii Remote. After this, it will act as if the player failed the Wii Remote shake and Magolor will regain one piece of his star shield and begin attacking again as usual, but the background music will be silent, and the players will be unable to move or take damage, forcing the players to use the either start or Home buttons to leave the stage. If any player shakes a Wii Remote during the cutscene, the game will freeze.

Frozen Magolor Soul Glitch

Kirby needs an ability with an invincible dashing attack (Ninja works particularly well). Deplete half of Magolor Soul's health and wait for him to use his dark Flare Beam attack. When he tries to ram Kirby from the background, he must hit Magolor Soul with the dashing attack. If done correctly, Magolor Soul will be frozen in place, spinning wildly until the second ball of energy is offscreen. It is not yet clear whether his hitbox still works while frozen.

Ghost Wings Glitch

At least two players (one as Kirby and another as Meta Knight) must battle Mr. Dooter EX. One player must deplete half of the Boss's health and dodge his first attack. The players must then have Meta Knight and Kirby positioned a far distance from each other and Meta Knight needs to be grabbed by the Boss's fist. The usual ball of light will warp to Kirby. The person controlling Meta Knight must press the 2 Button while the Knight is still caught in Mr. Dooter EX's fist. A pair of ghost wings will fly above Kirby until Mr. Dooter EX begins to juggle Meta Knight and his other items. This glitch lasts only a short time.

Invisible Hammer

Kirby should enter Stage 3 of Onion Ocean. After reaching the Copy Essence that yields the Hammer ability, Kirby must take on that Copy Ability. He must then rush into the waterfall to the right while performing Hammer Throw. If done correctly, Kirby's hammer will appear invisible and may not work when attacks are used.

Kiss of Death

If Kirby eats food and shares it with another player while touching a Gordo, Kirby will lose all of his health in the process and lose a life as soon as the mouth-to-mouth animation is over. Players other than Kirby can also achieve this. This glitch is easiest shown in Stage 4 of White Wafers.

Unloaded Cannon

If a Gigatzo or Volttzo falls during its charge up, its attack will be cancelled, but in Gigatzo's case, its attack animation will continue. This is best exploited in Dangerous Dinner's first stage while in Another Dimension.

Minor Foreground Clipping

The moving spikes in one of rooms of Dangerous Dinner's second stage appear to be in front the water when lowered due to placement errors.

3D Classics: Kirby's Adventure

Star Rod Piece, Yet no Dance

At a Boss stage, when a Boss explodes, Kirby can still take damage by running into it. If this happens after collecting a part of the Star Rod, Kirby will take damage before he can begin his dance, and will be unable to beat the Boss stage, because the player has already collected the piece of the Star Rod.

Throwing Nothing

When fighting Paint Roller, if Kirby has the Throw ability he can grab a drawing. If Paint Roller runs into the object with having his last bit of health, Paint Roller will explode; Kirby will be left holding nothing until he makes the throwing motion. This is also the case for Backdrop, and this use of both abilities is not solely limited to the Paint Roller boss battle.

Pedestal Seizure

In Level 3 Stage 4, Kirby should float underneath the platform he is on. Floating up into the block beneath the Warp Star will cause Kirby to begin to shake violently from left to right. Kirby will end up on either side if he goes through the top of this pedestal.

Ladder-Climb Seizure

The player should hold "left" or "right" and "up" or "down" at the same time to cause Kirby to shake violently when climbing any ladder. This glitch is also present in the original Kirby's Adventure.

Discarding of Copy Abilities Halted

Kirby cannot discard any Copy Ability he has while he is ascending into the air via jumping.

Flashing Ice Cubes

Kirby should grab an Invincibility Candy, have either the Ice or Freeze abilities, and freeze an enemy; the enemy will freeze into an ice cube that flashes as long as Kirby's Invincibility Candy holds out. The flashing ice cube doesn't harm any enemies if it isn't pushed by Kirby.

Poppy Bros. Sr.: Through the Roof

At the end of Level 4 Stage 2, Kirby fights two Poppy Bros. Sr.s; when either jumps up high to throw a bomb, Kirby should defeat the jumping Mid-Boss at his highest point. The Mid-Boss will be KO'd mid-air, pushing up through the roof of the arena and then falling back down.

Kirby's Super Float-Dive

If Kirby presses "up" on the +Control Pad just before he enters a body of water, he will inhale a bit of air and will go under the water, then automatically float up to the surface; puffed-up Kirby will appear pink instead of blue when he is under the water. This glitch is most easily activated by having Kirby fall back to the surface right after having just jumped out of the water.

Backdrop Ability: Stick 'em to the Ceiling

If Backdrop Kirby uses his "Back Breaker" move ( ↑ on the +Control Pad), while he's under a solid ceiling with 2-3 "block lengths" of vertical space between them, the object/enemy will occasionally stay stuck to the ceiling while Kirby lands down to complete the move.

Getting off a Slope Mid-Slide

If Kirby uses most any attack while walking/running down a slope, he will travel horizontally into the air while performing that attack.

Kirby: Triple Deluxe

Invisible Attacks

In this game, as well as in Kirby's Return to Dream Land, bosses' health meters have certain "checkpoints" (e.g.: final blow, 1/4 left, 1/2 left, or 3/4 left), varying in number according to the Boss; when reached, these will either defeat them, or anger and invigorate them during battles; Kirby (or King Dedede in his sub-game, Dededetour) can use most abilities and their respective move-sets, against a boss so that the damage dealt reaches one of these thresholds. It is not often seen, but occasionally at the beginning of the following cutscene (or anything similar), Kirby's attack will not appear at all, yet the boss will take damage. The likelihood of activating this glitch increases as Kirby is placed closer to the Boss when making these decisive attacks. This glitch is most often seen during the use of the Hammer ability's Hammer Flip.

Hovering Under Ceilings

In order for this glitch to work, one must first locate a floating/overhanging solid surface that has at least one base angle of 90 degrees (any type of Block, for instance); Kirby or King Dedede should be placed under one of these 90 degree edges: if the player presses (and holds) only the "A" button, the game's programming is such that the playable character(s) automatically slide horizontally past the edge (in the direction that leads to the open space, not the solid surface) to fully extend the height of the jump. During the automated repositioning, the player must hold either "left" or "right", so that Kirby or King Dedede moves under the solid surface, and away from the original edge; normally, at this point the character(s) would have hit the ceiling and the appropriate animation would appear; however, if performed correctly, Kirby or King Dedede will continue to move along the underside of the solid surface, still performing their "jumping" animation. This glitch is apparent only for the duration of the actual jump height determined by the player.

The Double Air Bullet

When battling Queen Sectonia and her various forms, she will often cause Kirby to fly into the air and land in a different part of the arena. If Kirby is floating before she does this, the player can manually shoot out an air bullet (air puff); so long as the air bullet's (and Kirby's) related animation is present, a second air bullet will automatically be shot out when Queen Sectonia forces Kirby into the air. The very first time this move of the Queen's is introduced (including the instance where she breaks the crystal platform), it is not possible to activate this glitch, since the introduction is a mini-cutscene.

Invisible Air Bullet

In Kirby Fighters, during rounds 1-6, a round must be won while Kirby is exhaling a normal air bullet that will not be prematurely obstructed; if correctly performed, his body will automatically deflate, an intact air bullet won't be seen, and only the remnants of that dissipating air bullet become visible. Immediately after this, Kirby will perform his victory dance.

Hovering Over Land

There are certain platforms that allow Kirby or King Dedede to pass down through them by crouching. These platforms are often connected to a continuous, solid surface (for example, ground that continues horizontally, being level with the platform, at least initially); the connection between the two, or "joint", is critical here. Either character must be placed just to the left or right of the joint, so that, technically, the character is standing on the permeable platform. If Kirby or Dedede crouch, their auto-corrected motion should be identical to that of the above glitch, "Hovering Under Ceilings": the motion of the characters' descent will be auto-corrected by the game, so that the character will move slightly away from the solid surface and then descend straight down. While this phenomenon is occurring, the player should hold either left or right, so that Kirby or Dedede will move toward the solid surface (i.e., opposite the horizontal direction of the auto-correction's motion). If placed and timed correctly, the character will be in his initial "falling" position while hovering over the solid surface; per attempt, this glitch is only apparent for less than one second.

Vanishing Enemies

In various Stages of Royal Road, timed piston bars are often found in rooms where they shoot from the background to the foreground. Inhabiting many of these rooms, are common enemies that Kirby can grab using some of his varied abilities; if Kirby grabs an enemy and flings it into the hit-zone of any of these piston bars, the enemy can be finished off by the piston without making its ending "pop" sound. The defeated (but still visible) enemy must be thrown toward the bars just before they strike the foreground and, if timed correctly, they will not be visible when hit; as soon as the timed piston bars recede, the enemy will have disappeared without making a sound.

Gigant Edge DX's Instant Ram

When battling the deluxe version of Gigant Edge, if the mid-boss hasn't reached the half-way "checkpoint" in his health meter, he will cycle through his attack set in order: the first is a charged slash to the ground, sending a shockwave toward his foe; the second is the critical attack: a direct lunge and then a reverse lunge (if his enemy evades him). If Gigant Edge DX is right next to either side barrier of the arena, the player should direct the mid-boss to lunge at Kirby or Dedede so that the mid-boss charges into the barrier. Once he charges into the barrier and falls back, Gigant Edge DX will instantaneously charge into the wall a second time: concerning this attack, he won't make his usual preparation of raising his blade, like he would if he rammed into the wall from a greater distance away.

Bomb Ability: Explosion Animation Carry-Over

During the battle against Queen Sectonia's second form (Dreamstalk-fused Sectonia), when each of the first three sets of eyed flowers are defeated, Bomb Kirby will be summoned into the air and flung onto another system of platforms in the background. If a bomb(s) is placed just before Kirby is flung into the air, the blast radius of the explosion will not increase when the screen's view accelerates into the background: the blast will shift forward, synchronized with the screen's movement.

Spear Ability: Quick-Vanishing Spears

Using Spear Throw or Spear Barrage, Kirby should aim the spear so that it barely touches, and sticks into, an unbreakable solid surfaces' bottom edge; the spear, once stuck correctly, will fade out and vanish virtually the instant it sticks to the wall (this is normally not the case, with there being a delay in vanishing). This glitch is quite easily seen by using the prescribed method in the very beginning of The Arena and The True Arena: the walls on either side of the Warp Star provide the perfect conditions required (precision can easily be achieved by using Spear Throw while positioned on the platform directly beneath the Warp Star).

No Magic Arrow Shot

Using Archer Kirby, charge up the Magic Arrow in the opposite corner of Flowery Woods' arena during the halfway point. When Archer Kirby is off screen, shoot the Magic Arrow. The sound effect will play, but the arrow will not appear and no damage will be dealt.

Star Skip

In Stage 8 of Royal Road, go to the room with the sliding block. After sliding the block to the last pit, have Hypernova Kirby quickly inhale the three Insect Lanzers and then fall down with the block. Kirby will skip a star or two, even though it went right through him.

Less Stars

Similarly to the previous one, this involves the sliding block room in Stage 8 of Royal Road. Use the left pit and inhale the Insect Lanzer through the wall. Bring the sliding block to the last pit and inhale the three Insect Lanzers. When going down the final pit, there are typically six stars for Kirby to collect on the way. When using this glitch, only a few will appear. Floating back up the pit and falling back down will cause some of the missing stars to appear, but it's not a guarantee that all of them will.

Mowlee Bros. Miss

Mowlee Bros. Miss glitch

In the fight with the Mowlee Bros., inhale a block, turn around, and walk against the wall. When the Mowlee Bro. is vulnerable to attack, turn around and quickly shoot. It should miss, going right though the Mowlee Bro.

Caught on Jewels

If Beetle Kirby flies under the slant of a jewel platform in Stage 5 of Royal Road and holds the direction of it on the +Control Pad, he will not fly up to the ceiling. Instead, he will get caught on the edge of the platform, vibrating slightly. If the player releases his direction, Kirby will remain stuck for a second longer before flying up to the ceiling.

Forward-Facing 3D Helmet Cannon

Forward-Facing 3D Helmet Cannon glitch

Kirby must obtain the Bomb ability and enter a stage containing a 3D Helmet Cannon (two of which are Stage 3 of Lollipop Land and Stage 5 of Royal Road). When Kirby puts on the helmet, he must drop the Copy Ability. He will then turn around and face to the right like he normally does. This direction does not affect his firing pattern as the cannonballs still launch into the background. The glitch does not work with any other Copy Abilities.

Kirby and the Rainbow Curse

Dig and Dash Skip

The Goal of Dig and Dash is situated in the stage's first room, but is blocked off by a thick wall with Grindarr built into it. Move Kirby to the upper area in front of the wall. If Elline draws a rainbow rope and Kirby rolls up it at a specific angle, he can briefly pass out of bounds, letting him roll atop the wall and into the area with the Goal.[2] This makes it possible to complete the stage in less than a minute.

Kirby: Planet Robobot

Hitting Mecha Knight Indefinitely

This glitch involves the Hammer, Archer or Bomb abilities. After Kirby defeats Mecha Knight+ or Stock Mecha Knight in The Arena and The True Arena, before Mecha Knight touches the ground while Kirby is still moving, Kirby must hit Mecha Knight indefinitely. As a result, Mecha Knight will go up and down indefinitely until Kirby stops attacking him.

Hurting on the Wall Lag

This glitch involves the UFO ability. In the beginning of Stage 3 of Rhythm Route, after Kirby uses the Warp Star to warp to the top of the tower, Kirby must go to the left until Kirby reaches the wall. While Kirby takes damage when touching the wall, the game starts to lag. To end this glitch, the player must exit the game and restart again.

Water Seizure

Kirby must go to Stage 3 of Overload Ocean. He must proceed through the research facility until he reaches the room with a switch in the foreground and a screen in the background. Ahead, Kirby must ride the first 3D Warp Star, skip the second one and ride the third. Enter the door on the right. Kirby will end up in a room with a chest containing a Code Cube and some food. The player must jump, hold up on the Circle Pad, inhale the food, and land in the water. If done correctly, Kirby will be repeatedly splashing on the water's surface.

Going Through Gigavolt II's Hand Glitch

At the end of Stage 5 of Access Ark, Kirby must be in the Robobot Armor in ESP mode. Then, Kirby must use Psithunder Flash to move the second Haltworker to the right but do not kill it. During the battle of Gigavolt II, destroy Gigavolt II's armor without killing the second Haltworker. After that, Kirby must go to the far left side so that one of Gigavolt II's hands will slam onto the ground. Then, Kirby must attach to the screw on its hand and slightly turn with the Circle Pad until Kirby is at about the southeast direction of the said screw. Let the second Haltworker hit Kirby and Kirby will be rejected from the screw on Gigavolt II's hand and lose the ESP ability. Now, Gigavolt II's hand will remain stuck on the ground. This will allow Kirby to go through Gigavolt II's hand. However, Kirby will not be able to reattach to the screw on its hand. To end this glitch, Kirby must scan the second Haltworker to take on Spark mode and fire at Gigavolt II's hand so that the screw on its hand will be unscrewed automatically, causing the arm to explode.

Kirby Battle Royale

Aqua Ball Physics

Waddle Dee's Aqua Shot is supposed to be destroyed when it hits a wall. However, when in the right spot and when firing at the wall at the right angle, the water orb can do various actions, ranging from sliding across the wall, sticking to it for a while, or even going through it.

Kirby Star Allies

Art Board Softlock

This glitch involves the Artist ability and at least one ally is required. When Kirby gets the Invincibility Candy, Kirby must use the art board and quickly kiss the ally. If done correctly, the art board will be with Kirby and softlock. This glitch ends when Kirby enters the door. The glitch can also work in Guest Star ???? Star Allies Go! while playing as Vividria.

Sticky Mr. Frosty Snowball

A snowball sticks to Mr. Frosty.

When Mr. Frosty tosses several snowballs into the air to launch them at Kirby, Kirby can spit a star at him with good timing. On some occasions, this causes one snowball to permanently stick to Mr. Frosty. It blocks Kirby's projectiles and can even destroy snowballs Mr. Frosty attempts to attack with.[3]

Guest Star Kirby

Kirby begins Guest Star ???? Star Allies Go!

The glitched ending, saying "Guest Star Knuckle Joe" instead of "Guest Star Kirby".

The player could use Kirby in Guest Star ???? Star Allies Go! by using the touch screen in Handheld Mode. The player needs to tap between the "New Game" and "Best Time" buttons. The best position is above the clock icon, tapping the blueish outline of the "New Game" button. If done correctly, the top should say "Guest Star Kirby," with Kirby's face in the top left, and the Start button at the bottom right. The mode can now be played as Kirby, but has some side-effects that aren't present in the Story Mode. His pause description text will display "(未せつてい)," meaning "(Not set)" in all languages regardless of whatever Copy Ability he currently has equipped. As the game never expects Player 1 to be able to transform via Copy Essence in this mode, Kirby is unable to gain a Copy Ability by touching one; the same applies for ability items. Instead, Kirby must swallow the ability item or the enemy it belongs to in order to copy it. The specialized Room Guarder Kirby must fight in Level 5 is Twin Bonkers. If one manages to beat Guest Star Kirby, the ending will erroneously say "Guest Star <name of Helper corresponding to last applicable/current ability>" instead of "Guest Star Kirby". This glitch was patched in update 3.0.0.

Boss Health Meter Glitch

If the player is able to activate a boss' second phase before their health meter has a chance to appear, it will never appear, but will behave like normal. This glitch was patched in update 3.0.0.

Cutscene Replay Glitch

If one plays the ending cutscene via the Theater, the last slot's character will remain in a T-pose without the Helper hat. Only two helpers are necessary for this glitch. By doing this with Broom Hatter, the original hat from the enemy model is shown, but it's green, something not normally seen. This glitch was patched in update 3.0.0.

Cutscene Replay Glitch Version 2

Get three helpers, with the character in the P3 spot being Parasol Waddle Dee. Next, go to the final boss battle. Fight it normally until the fourth phase. From there, dismiss the helper in the P2 slot. Then continue fighting the boss as normal. After that, play the ending cutscene via the Theater, and the Waddle Dee will be stuck in a T-Pose and the character in the P4 slot will have obtained the animations that were supposed to play for P3. This gives P4 a parasol, the green coloring (even if they were a Dream Friend) and may warp the model. Like the previous glitch, Broom Hatter will wear the original hat from the enemy model. More characters may be able to be in P3 without crashing the game upon trying to rewatch the cutscene, but it is unknown currently. This glitch was patched in update 3.0.0.

Bag Crash

This is a game-crashing glitch. To perform this glitch, a player needs to play as either Rick & Kine & Coo or Gooey, then they need to kill themselves by getting crushed under a platform while they are still guarding themselves. This kills the character, but the protective bag is still there, so the game searches its character to despawn the bag from it. Since the character died first, the bag cannot be despawned without its character, which leads to this error, closing the game.

Hyness Out Of The Friend Circle

A minor visual glitch occurs if Hyness is hit by Ninja's Stealth Slash or Staff's Unrelenting Staff during his Friend Circle attack. Like any enemy, Hyness briefly stays in place while taking damage from this attack, but The Three Mage-Sisters continue rolling forward as usual. As a result, Hyness appears to be detached from the Friend Circle. Once the Stealth Slash or Unrelenting Staff ends, Hyness is warped back to where he's supposed to be.

Blizzard Staff Crash / Game Wipe

This glitch involves the Staff ability. Take the Blizzard Staff to a water stage, such as Reef Resort. Then, after the mid-boss's health is depleted, use Unrelenting Staff on it, which will create more ice effects than normal and will lag the game significantly. Using a Friend Heart to recruit Chef Kawasaki as a friend, go over to the patch of enemies above the rare Picture Piece and use Cook Pot, which will make an abundant amount of effects for when an enemy is hit. Chef Kawasaki's animation is slower as well. This is a very risky glitch to perform and is highly likely to cause a crash that will wipe the save file.

Healing Possessed Helpers

In order to perform this glitch the player needs an ability, friend, or Dream Friend that can spawn food (Artist/Vividria, Cook/Chef Kawasaki, and Adeleine & Ribbon are examples of this). If in a boss battle that can possess helpers (like Morpho Knight or Void Termina), a possessed helper is still able to heal by picking up food or performing "Face-to-Face" with other players.[4]

Super Kirby Clash

Parallel Nightmare's Glitchy Defeat

Parallel Nightmare's Revenge appears in the background.

Parallel Nightmare and Parallel Nightmare's Revenge's defeat animation—the one in which the villain falls off-screen and explodes—occasionally causes graphical glitches. The most common effects are a slight visual stutter[5] or Parallel Nightmare reappearing on-stage when Team Kirby celebrates its victory, still in his falling pose.[6][7]

Landia Softlock

When taking on a quest against any of the Landia bosses, including Landia himself, his EX form, and Parallel Landia, after their defeat animation, the game may softlock and not continue to the victory screen as it normally would, leaving Team Kirby trapped on the stage indefinitely, forcing the player to close the game.[8]

Camera Panned Too High

During Aeon Hero (Dark)'s defeat animation, when his crystal prison floats up into the dimensional rift, the camera pans up to follow him as usual. However, after the rift closes, the camera may still be fixated on the location the dimensional rift was originally at. As a result, when Team Kirby celebrates on the victory screen, they will remain below the camera and unseen by the player.

Kirby Fighters 2

Long KO freeze

Go to the training mode and select the an ability that can hit multiple opponents near each other; Staff's Super Long Jab, Fighter's Giga Force Blast, and Archer's Magic-Star Arrow work well for this. Damage both CPUs until they are one hit away from being KO'd. When landing the final blow, if both CPUs are defeated slightly after one another, the amount of time the screen is frozen is abnormally long

In the Super Smash Bros. series

This section will only list glitches in the Super Smash Bros. series that are Kirby-related.

Super Smash Bros. Melee

Kirby's Frying Pan

Pick Kirby and Mr. Game and Watch in the Mushroom Kingdom stage. Have Kirby steal Mr. Game and Watch's power and stand right on the edge of the bricks, then use the B move. If done correctly, the frying pan will stay on Kirby's hand, even after he gets rid of the ability.

Flat Kirby

Kirby and Jigglypuff (two players) are needed for this glitch. Have Kirby suck in Jigglypuff, then have him float up in the air. Both players then perform Rollout on both the characters. As Kirby falls, both players release Rollout and when the characters collide, Kirby will get somewhat flatter. The glitch can be repeated with Kirby getting flatter and flatter each time.

Pixel Yoshi

Two players are needed for this glitch, one of them being Kirby, the other, Yoshi. Have Kirby steal Yoshi's ability, then eat him with the ability. The player playing Yoshi must then mash buttons and the control stick to have Yoshi break free. Once Yoshi is free from the egg, he'll become smaller. If done over and over again, Yoshi can become as small as a pixel.

Super Smash Bros. Brawl

Kirby Earthquake

To start off, select the Pictochat stage. Go to the right corner of the stage and jump until the falling animation starts and perform the down+B move. Instead of sliding off, the character will be wedged to the stage and it starts to look like an earthquake occurring. This lasts for however long the move lasts. This can also be performed on custom stages if there are two regular slopes in two opposite directions, the second slope being one space left and higher up than the first slope. Performing the glitch on the upper slope results in exactly the same thing. This glitch doesn't work on the left side of the stage. This video demonstrates it.

Giga Trouble

Two players are needed. Have Bowser transform into Giga Bowser. The second player then performs the Kirby Earthquake glitch, with Giga Bowser right next to the corner. Kirby will be stuck forever, and Giga Bowser will continuously take damage.

Item Cooking

Two players are needed. Pick Kirby and Olimar, and a large enough stage. Get the smash ball for Kirby and move Olimar far away from him. Then, have Olimar continuously pluck out Pikimin. If Olimar is far enough away, he won't get sucked into Kirby's pot, but his Pikmin will. Have Olimar keep plucking out Pikmin until the pot reaches the maximum number of items it can hold, and it spews out a number of items. (The glitch can be performed by replacing Olimar and his Pikmin with Fox and his blaster.)

Bang, Bang, Bang

First, get a Smash Ball for Kirby. Then, have another player grab an assist trophy. Once he has grabbed one, have Kirby start banging the utensils. Kirby will never stop banging until the match ends.

Aura Kirby

Pick the Bridge of Eldin stage. Then, grab a smash ball for Kirby. Let the bridge be destroyed. When the bridge starts to get fixed, jump into it with Kirby and use his final smash. If Kirby is inside the bridge when it finishes rebuilding, it will push him above it. In the end, Kirby will look like he has a final smash attack when in reality he doesn't.

Final Stucker

As of now, the only platform this will work on is the tree from the original Pokémon Stadium. It's similar to the Kirby Earthquake glitch, but only with the Up+B move. Go onto the ledge, then use the Up+B move. The character will become stuck for a few seconds and then get released.

Steal and Warp

The glitch is performed on a stage where there are two solid platforms one above the other, not including custom stages. The three suitable stages: Skyworld, Mario Bros. and Big Blue. The match must be on team stamina mode. Kirby needs to be on one team, and two other computer-controlled characters on the other team. Both teams need to have 1 stamina. Go onto the top solid platform and steal someone's power. Kirby should have somehow warped the other character to the platform below.

Walk Through Walls

Create a stage where several solid stone blocks are bunched up next to each other. Have Kirby jump right between the tiny space between the blocks. Kirby will now be inside the blocks. He can escape by flying to the top.

Fatal Inhale

This glitch requires Kirby and Bowser. The battle should be a stamina battle. Bowser's health should be low, at most 30 stamina left. Allow Bowser to get a Smash Ball, and let him become Giga Bowser. Attack Giga Bowser until his HP is 0. Giga Bowser instantly returns to normal. Normal Bowser doesn't collapse. Use Kirby's inhale. If done correctly, Bowser will immediately die. This can be done with any character, but with anyone besides Kirby and King Dedede, the person needs to use a standard attack to hurt Bowser.

Stopped Cymul

The Cymul enemies found in the Subspace Emissary will block any projectile that hits them, except Waddle Dees and Waddle Doos thrown by King Dedede. If a Cymul is moving and gets struck by one of these, it will take minor damage and stop moving around - this seems to indicate that it's all a glitch, as Cymuls don't permanently stop moving when hit with any other projectile.

Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U

Sideways Gordo

If King Dedede uses his Side Special, he will throw a Gordo. Players may attempt to hit the Gordo back at him. If King Dedede uses his Side Special while a Gordo is in play, he will just swing the hammer and throw no Gordo. If a player hits a Gordo back at Dedede and he uses his Side Special to block it, there is a small chance it will get stuck to the hammer; this will result in the Gordo moving out of game boundaries, teleporting underneath King Dedede, and disabling the player's ability to use the Gordo Throw. This also allows one to see the backside of the Gordo, which is usually impossible. Other moves can cause this to happen as well, such as his forward smash. Starting the Jet Hammer in midair will cause the Gordo to fall away, replenishing Dedede's Gordo Throw.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Dedede Face Glitch

If King Dedede inhales an opponent holding a Bob-omb, and that opponent throws the Bob-omb with the right timing when being inhaled, then King Dedede's face will be distorted. The face reverts to normal when Dedede taunts, but after finishing the taunt, the face becomes distorted again. Once King Dedede loses a stock, his face reverts to normal when he respawns.

Permanent Metal Texture on Kirby Glitch

This glitch must be performed against Wii Fit Trainer or Mr. Game & Watch. If Kirby uses a Metal Box to become metal or is turned gold by Xerneas, then he copies Wii Fit Trainer or Mr. Game & Watch right as his metal effect is wearing off, his body will be partially metal when he discards the Copy Ability. However, he will not behave as if he is metal or gold, so it is only a cosmetic effect. The more percent Wii Fit Trainer or Mr. Game & Watch has when they are copied, the more of Kirby's body the glitch will turn metal. The glitch retains its effect for the whole match.