Gigant Edge is a mid-boss appearing in Kirby's Return to Dream Land. Gigant Edge is one of the more common mini bosses and he will grant Kirby with the Sword copy ability when inhaled.


Gigant Edge is a large knight with green and teal armor. He has a dark green helmet with a white spike on top, a white chest plate, a black base, and teal armor. He carries a large sword and a large black metal shield with a spike in its center. Gigant Edge has two yellow markings shaped like swirls on his teal armor and orange feet. He has a V-shaped opening in his helmet like Sword Knight, but no visible eyes can be seen in the pitch-black space inside.

In EX mode, Gigant Edge trades in his green-colored armor for bronze and gold-plating, but is otherwise unchanged appearance-wise. His feet are also gold-colored as well.


Gigant Edge EX

Gigant Edge makes use of around 4 different moves: a dash attack where he rushes Kirby, a simple sword slash, a charged attack which sends out a shockwave, and a guard that momentarily reflects all damage.

In Normal Mode, he generally follows a pattern of sword slash > dash > guard > shockwave > dash > guard, from where it repeats anew.

However, in EX Mode, Gigant Edge mixes his strategy up a bit and modifies a few of his attacks to be more brutal. For example, he may try to change direction in the middle of a dash, he may swing his sword multiple times in a sword-slash-attack, and he may skip the charge altogether in his shockwave attack, choosing to jump instead.


  • He slightly resembles Blade, with the spike on his head and vaguely similar body shape. A mini-monster that very much resembles Blade also resembles Gigant Edge even more.

    The mini-monster that bears a striking resemblance to Gigant Edge.

  • Gigant Edge is one of the only mid-bosses to have no eyes. The others are Master Hand and Kibble Blade. In Kirby's Epic Yarn, the Reactor and Combo Cannon are mid-bosses, and they also have no eyes.
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