Giga Clanksprout is the mid-boss version and possible leader of the Clanksprouts. It only appears in Stage 8 of Sandy Canyon in Kirby Mass Attack.

Physical Appearance

Giga Clanksprout resembles a normal Clanksprout in every way, but the few differences are as follows: Its claw looks different, it has a ring attached to it, and its eye is smaller than usual.


Giga Clanksprout's main attack is trying to grab a Kirby in its claw. If it manages to grab one, there is no possible way to save him, and it will take him upwards and the Kirby will take damage. It also occasionally drops time bombs that can either crush the Kirbys or blow them up when the timer runs out.

How to Defeat

To defeat Giga Clanksprout, the Kirbys have to push the time bombs into the spot where Giga Clanksprout will emerge, which is indicated by dust. Giga Clanksprout will grab the bomb and accidently blow itself up. It will then reveal its weak spot, which is the ring, and the Kirbys have to grab it to pull the whole boss down. On the first two phases of battle, Giga Clanksprout will shake the Kirbys off, but on the final phase, the Kirbys will pull the ring back and launch Giga Clanksprout into his own jaws. Giga Clanksprout will unintentionally chew itself to pieces, destroying it.