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Giga Clanksprout is a mid-boss in the Kirby series, debuting in Kirby Mass Attack. It is a large variant of Clanksprout.

Physical Appearance

Giga Clanksprout resembles a normal Clanksprout, but is radically different in a number of ways. It has a small eye with a purple eyelid. Two angular, metal claws and key ring connect to it. Unlike most Clanksprouts, which emerge from the ground, Giga Clanksprout hangs from the ceiling. A beaded metal chain connects its head to its body, which comprises three parts: a yellow slab of stone, a contraption made of gears, and a rectangular mouth full of sharp teeth.


Kirby Mass Attack

Giga Clanksprout appears in Stage 8 of Sandy Canyon, as well as the Survival Rush sub-game. When the Kirbys enter the final room, clouds of dust emerge in the ceiling. Giga Clanksprout lunges downward, initiating the fight.

Giga Clanksprout grabs a Bomb Block.

In its first phase, Giga Clanksprout aims at the group of heroes and lunges downward, trying to grab one. If it succeeds, it drags the Kirby off-screen and KOs him, dropping his body to the ground. The mid-boss stops and charges briefly before lunging, giving the Kirbys time to dodge. After three attempted grabs, Giga Clanksprout drops a Bomb Block that can crush or blast away nearby Kirbys. This bomb detonates after eight seconds. Dust clouds appear on the ceiling, showing where the mid-boss will strike next; the player must flick Kirbys into the Bomb Block to push it beneath Giga Clanksprout, leading it to grab the bomb right before it detonates (though in this phase, the dust clouds form immediately over the block). The mid-boss drops its guard, stunned, providing the player an opportunity to flick the Kirbys at its key ring. After pulling the entire head down a bit, they are shaken off.

The Kirbys pull back Giga Clanksprout's head.

The second phase is nearly identical to the first, though Giga Clanksprout moves faster and its dust cloud appears to the side of the Bomb Block. The bomb also detonates after 16 seconds rather than eight. The third phase is identical to the second, but with a twist at the end: When the Kirbys finish tugging on Giga Clanksprout, its entire body drops down. Its perpetually chewing mouth drops down as well. The Kirbys pull the mid-boss's head back while a button-tapping sequence occurs. If the player fails, the mid-boss redoes its second phase. If he/she succeeds, the Kirbys launch Giga Clanksprout's head into its mouth, and the creature chews itself into oblivion.