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Giant Schnoz is a large enemy in the Kirby series, debuting in Kirby Mass Attack. It is a member of the Schnoz family.

Physical Appearance

Giant Schnoz, like Schnoz and Big Schnoz, is a large, bipedal dog-like creature. Unlike its smaller cousins, however, Giant Schnoz is green and has large fangs sticking out of its mouth, with the points worn flat from unseen use. It also has a big, round nose protruding from its face. It paws the ground like a rhinoceros before charging at the door, which kinks its nose somewhat. Giant Schnoz has a large tail. The end of its tail a ring with spikes that it is able to retract.


Kirby Mass Attack

Giant Schnoz appears exclusively in Stage 5 of Green Grounds. It is different from the other Schnozes in that it pushes the end door instead of a Heave Ho Block. The beast slowly nudges the door away from the Kirbys, then occasionally charges up and swings its tail wildly.

When the creature is pushing the door, the ring on its tail is bare, and thus can be grabbed by the Kirbys. When they latch on, the player must to rapidly tap a button in order to defeat Giant Schnoz. If he/she fails, the Kirbys are launched into the left wall at the beginning of the room, and spiky balls fall from the trees. No matter how far Giant Schnoz gets with the door, failing to win the conflict resets its position to the beginning.

If the player succeeds when tapping the button, Giant Schnoz is launched off the screen by the Kirbys, but not before the creature gives one last grunt.


  • Nothing happens if Giant Schnoz reaches the end of the passage with the door. It cannot go any further, but Giant Schnoz regardless tries its best to nudge it more.