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Giant Rocky is a large enemy appearing in Kirby & The Amazing Mirror that gives the Stone ability. He appears to be the larger counterpart to the enemy Rocky. Like Rocky, he attacks by jumping and slamming his body on the ground. However, his massive size prevents him from walking around. Like all large enemies, he can only be inhaled with a Super Inhale.


Giant Rocky somewhat resembles Rocky, but is a Large Enemy, meaning he is a great deal larger and a bit harder to beat head-on. He is grumpy in appearance, has yellow feet, and wears a yellow hard hat (which is complete with an apparently unused light).


  • Although official art shows Giant Rocky with a cleaved, craggy body, his in-game sprite instead shows Giant Rocky with a smooth, dull, orange body.
  • In Kirby's Return to Dream Land, a mid-boss named Moundo appears, who looks a bit similar to Giant Rocky.
  • Giant Rocky has the highest HP of all the enemies in Kirby & The Amazing Mirror.