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A ghost!
— Announcement • Kirby Battle Royale

Ghost is an enemy in the Kirby series, debuting in Kirby Battle Royale. It is invincible, and cannot be defeated.

Physical Appearance

The ghost is a spirit that takes the form of a flat white skull. It has a large red eye with a black sclera and white pupil, four bumps that represent teeth, and floating hands with five digits. It wears a blue pirate bandana and has blue flames erupting from its back.


Kirby Battle Royale

The ghost appears exclusively in the Coin Clash game mode. A few seconds after a match begins, it appears in a cloud of purple smoke. It chuckles evilly to itself and begins roaming around the stage. The enemy moves in simple patterns while projecting a red spotlight onto the area immediately in front of it; this represents the spirit's line of sight. When a Kirby enters this red area, the enemy lunges forward to grab him.

After grabbing a Kirby, the ghost shrouds him and makes him begin to rapidly drop coins. The victim is then instructed by an on-screen prompt to tag an opponent—this can be done by pressing B when another Kirby is in front of player's character. The Kirby rushes forward and, if the tag successfully hits, passes the ghost onto the tagged player. Because the goal of the game is to collect and hold onto as many coins as possible, staving off the ghost is a priority for all players.

Related Quotes

Grab coins while fleeing ghosts!
— Description • Kirby Battle Royale


KBR Ghost Concept

Concept artwork

  • Concept artwork of the ghost depicts it with a bomb for a body. It may have been planned to detonate after capturing a Kirby.
  • Of all the enemies in the Kirby series, ghost and rock hand are the only ones whose names are treated as common nouns.
  • The ghost gets faster if it has not successfully caught a player for a long while.
  • If any players are airborne and the ghost spots them, it can jump and dash to tackle them.



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