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Possess foes to control their actions!
— Kirby Battle Royale - Kirby's 25th Anniversary Copy Ability Poll

Ghost is a Copy Ability in the Kirby series, debuting in Kirby: Squeak Squad.


Kirby: Squeak Squad

Ghost focuses on possessing foes and using them to deal damage. By itself, Ghost Kirby can float around freely, as well as charge forward to destroy blocks or possess enemies. Because Ghost can possess enemies, it can solve many of the game's puzzles, albeit usually in a less efficient manner than the intended solution(s). Most of Ghost's capabilities are based only on what enemies it possesses, which cannot be taken through doors; for the various enemies that can only deal damage through contact, the only way to deal damage is for the possessed enemy to take damage itself, although this damage does not effect Ghost directly. Various enemies that grant Copy Abilities can be possessed to perform moves similar to those of their respective Copy Ability, but they are usually less effective than the Copy Ability itself; some have moves that are exclusive to them, and not present in the actual ability, though. When Ghost possesses a terrestrial enemy (one that doesn't actively fly), the player can cause the enemy to jump, even if they cannot jump normally; these possessed enemies can jump infinitely to make up for their lack of flight. However, Ghost cannot possess all enemies; Ghost cannot possess Gordo, Shotzo, Squeakers, mid-bosses (including the Squeaks), and bosses; Ghost is also not capable of climbing down ladders or falling through platforms, meaning some locations require the player to discard the ability to advance. Ghost is an unlockable Copy Ability, only obtainable after collecting all seven pieces of the Ghost Medal; because it is unlockable, it lacks an Ability Scroll. Ghost is obtained from the Tedhaun mid-boss.


Ghost Kirby
Move Controls Image Description
Tackle B Ghost Technique 1.png Kirby dashes forward 3 tiles, destroying breakable blocks in his way and possessing the first enemy he touches.
Control Try Stuff Ghost Technique 2.png Kirby can control the possessed enemy. Pressing X causes Kirby to destroy the possessed enemy and allows him to act freely again.

Note: All enemy attack names are conjectural, though some are named after similar moves Kirby's Copy Abilities can perform.

Move Controls Description Element
Fireball B Acchi fires a small fireball forward. The fireball continues to burn upon making contact with the ground for several seconds. Sizzle
Meteor Up + B or hold B Acchi shoots a small fireball slightly higher than normal. Once again, the fireball continues to burn upon coming in contact with the ground for several seconds. Sizzle
Slide Left + Left or Right + Right Acchi pushes their body with their feet to slide for a long distance. This can defeat enemies if it does contact. None
Descend A or B When Batty touches a ceiling, Batty will cling to it. Pressing A or B will cause it to uncling. None
Swim/Flounder Up, Down, Left, Right When underwater, Blipper has no problem moving around and is easy to control. When outside of water, however, Blipper will be more difficult to control, and bounces around awkwardly. None
Big Waddle Dee
None None Big Waddle Dee can only walk around and jump. None
Bio Spark
Knife Throw B Bio Spark throws three knives that can damage enemies. None
Sword Slice B while dashing Bio Spark slices repeatedly with its sword. None
Invisibility Up (while standing) Bio Spark becomes invisible and invincible, but he cannot move. Enemies will get hurt if they touch Bio Spark while he is wearing this cloak. None
Air Drop Hold A + Hit side of enemy Bio Spark grabs an enemy, jumps up, and pounds them onto the ground. This attack is extremely hard to do and defeats any enemy in one hit. None
Transform B Blockin starts out as what appears to be a Star Block, but after performing this move, it reveals its true form. None
Punch B Boxin throws a single quick punch. None
Jump Punch Right or Left + B + A Boxin leaps and throws a heavy punch.


Heavy Punch Up + B Boxin throws a heavy punch.
Bronto Burt
Flight Up, Down, Left, Right Although not an actual attack, Bronto Burt can fly around. None
Bubble Head
Bubble Blast B Bubble Head fires one bubble. If it hits an enemy, they become a bubble item. None
Bubble Beam B (Hold) Bubble Head shoots a stream of bubbles that transform enemies into bubble items. None
Grab B Bun grabs an enemy and throws them. None
Charge Jump A (Hold) Chip charges up and unleashes a huge jump. It normally jumps while moving, but goes higher when charged. None
Explosive Coconut B Cret drops an explosive coconut from the bottom of its cloud. None
Explosive Drop B (On wall) Crimp swiftly shoots a small, seed-like explosive to the ground that damages enemies. None
Cupid's Arrow B Cupie fires a lone arrow. By holding B, the arrow will go farther. None
Change Direction Up, Down, Left, Right Flamer changes directions. It only moves along floors/walls/ceilings and will move by itself. None
Burning Attack B (Midair) Flamer will emit a fiery cloak and charge through the air, crashing into anything in its path. Flamer will take damage itself if it hits an enemy. Sizzle
Blow Up B Foley will drop to the ground, blowing up and defeating itself. However, this attack does not hurt Kirby. Sizzle
Gaw Gaw
Swat B + (Optional) Up, Down, Left, Right By pressing B, Gaw Gaw slices enemies with its claw, which it will swing in the desired direction with the use of the +Control Pad. This attack can also dig through dirt.



A + B Gaw Gaw lunges forward and bites an enemy's face, defeating them in one hit. By climbing a wall with Up, Gaw Gaw does not need the A button to be pressed for this move. None


Sea Spray B Glunk launches several projectiles up from the top of its head. None
Golden Waddle Dee
Surprised B Although not an attack, Golden Waddle Dee's eyes widen in a shocked manner. None
Torpedo Surge B Gussa speeds up for as long as the B button is pressed. If Gussa hits a wall, it will get stuck temporarily. None
Hot Head
Fireball B Hot Head shoots a single fireball forward. The fireball can be shot at an upward angle by holding Up. Sizzle
Fire Stream B (Hold) Hot Head breathes out a stream of damaging fire for a short period of time. Sizzle
Heavy Knight
Slash B Heavy Knight slashes with its sword. None
Heavy Slash Side + B Heavy Knight takes one giant step forward and cleaves anything in its way with a swing of its sword. None
Laser Ball
Laser B Laser Ball fires a laser. However, the laser he fires won't bounce off slopes like the Laser ability. None
Laser Barrage B (Hold) Laser Ball emits two to three lasers, depending on how long it is charged. By holding down the A button, Laser Ball can move back while charging. None
None None Maiga can only jump. None
Roll B Metalun tucks in its feet and slowly rolls forward. None
Doze Off B Noddy falls asleep. By pressing B again, Noddy wakes up. None
Ice Breath B Pengy expels freezing cold ice breath from its mouth, freezing enemies. Blizzard
Drop B Perara drops down to the ground, swaying left and right. None
Spring A Perara charges up and leaps off the ground and high into the air. None
Transform B Scarfy turns into its one-eyed form. Scarfy will move faster in this form, but it changes back shortly. None
Sir Kibble
Cutter Boomerang B Sir Kibble throws his cutter, which soon returns to him. This cutter can slice through ropes. None
"Anger" Mode B (or get attacked by an enemy) Snooter becomes "angry" and moves faster by itself. None
Spit Up Move in front of an enemy. Snooter swallows an enemy and spits them out, defeating them. This move cannot be used while Snooter is in "Anger" Mode. None
Electric Field B Sparky makes an electrical field around itself, damaging any enemies who come in contact with it. Zap
Leap B (Hold) Starman flies around, and can be steered with the +Control Pad. None
Sword Knight
Slash B Sword Knight slashes with its sword. None
Tornado Spin A or B Twister spins at rapid speed, damaging enemies without getting harmed itself. Twister will not be able to go through walls, however. None
Laser B The UFO fires a laser. None
Flight A The UFO jets in a random direction. None
Transform B or A Uja will start out as a strange, black cloud. Pressing "A" turns the cloud into a sword. In sword mode, it attacks with the "B" button. By pressing "B" as a cloud, it becomes a hand that can use grab attacks on enemies. None
Waddle Dee
None None Waddle Dee can only walk or jump. As a result, Ghost Kirby can only use Waddle Dees as living shields. None
Waddle Doo
Beam Whip B Waddle Doo emits a small energy whip which electrocutes enemies. Zap
None None Wheelie can only damage enemies by ramming into them. However, this will also harm Wheelie. None
Can be seen through hacking.[citation needed] Most are unfinished
Big Metalun
Roll B Big Metalun tucks his arms and feet then starts rolling rapidly. None
Hammer B Bonkers slams his hammer. None
Hammer Combo Up + B Bonkers slams his hammer repeatedly. None
Quick Hammer Down + B Bonkers lightly slams his hammer None
Coconut Bomb A + Down Bonkers throws a small coconut bomb. None
Big Coconut Bomb A (Hold) + Down Bonkers throws a big coconut bomb. None
Hammer Jump A + B Bonkers jumps and slams down his hammer. None
Box Boxer
Punch B Box Boxer throws a punch. None
Energy Blast B + Down Box Boxer unleashes an energy blast. None
Hand Slap Move in front of an enemy. Box Boxer flings an enemy upwards and claps them with his ears. None
Present B Boxy spits out a present. None
Bubble B Buboo releases a bubble. None
Waddle Dee Bubble B + Up or Down Buboo releases a bubble with a waddle dee inside. None
Wander A (Hold) Buboo will start to go from side to side. None
Circle A + Up or Down Buboo will start to circle around the center. None
Gao Gao
Spin B Gao Gao will spin in the direction of Kirby (its not finished). None
Drill Spin Up + B Gao Gao will spin upwards into a twister and descend onto Kirby or a random position (not finished either). Sizzle
None None Gordo moves around and damages enemies. None
Mr. Frosty
Ice B Mr. Frosty spits out an ice cube. None
Big Ice Up + B Mr. Frosty spits out a big ice cube None
Jump Throw Side + B Mr. Frosty jumps and throws an ice cube None
Big Jump Throw Up + Side + B Mr. Frosty jumps and throws a big ice cube. None
High Jump Throw A + B Mr. Frosty jumps high then throws an ice cube. None
Big High Jump


A + B + Up Mr. Frosty jumps high then throws a big ice cube. None
Swallow Move in front of an enemy. Mr. Frosty grabs an enemy, swallows them and spits them out. None
Cannon Ball B Shotzo shoots a cannon ball. None
Angle Up Shotzo changes his angle. None
Ninja Star B Spinni throws a ninja star. None
Claw B + Up Spinni attacks with a claw. None
Lunge A + Down Spinni lunges forward. None
Bomb B The Squeaker throws a bomb. Sizzle
Grab Move in front of an enemy. This move does not work on enemies and will instead freeze the enemy in place and make it invincible as if it were being grabbed. None
Capers B Tedhaun will send his Capers to chase Kirby (they will only chase Kirby not an enemy). None

Other Games

Ghost makes other appearances in the Kirby series, albeit not as a Copy Ability.

Kirby Super Star Ultra and Kirby's Dream Collection Special Edition

Ghost is not a Copy Ability in these games. Ghost instead serves to represent the player's best time in a course in Gourmet Race or a Challenge Stage in Kirby Super Star Ultra and Kirby's Dream Collection Special Edition respectively. Ghost will perform the same actions the player did, although this does not have any effects on the actual player (e.g. Ghost will perform the actions needed to destroy obstacles in the way, but this does not actually destroy the obstacles for the player; thus, when Ghost destroys obstacles in the way, but the player doesn't, Ghost appears to be passing through solid terrain). Ghost data will only be around until the player quits the stage; once the player quits the stage, the Ghost data will be gone, despite the best time still being present.

In Kirby Super Star’s Gourmet Race, as well as in Kirby Air Ride’s Free Run mode in Air Ride and Top Ride, the player's best time is instead represented by a four-pointed star.

Kirby: Triple Deluxe, Kirby Fighters Deluxe, and Kirby Fighters 2

Ghost appears in the Kirby Fighters sub-game and the Kirby Fighters Deluxe eShop game. In multiplayer and training mode, there is an option to enable or disable ghosts; this is enabled by default. If enabled, when a player is defeated, the defeated Kirby transforms into a Ghost Kirby, although instead of only being a light blue, each Ghost Kirby retains its normal colors. Ghost Kirby can attack non-ghosts to deal slight damage (it cannot KO them) and, more importantly, return back to life with some health restored; getting defeated after being revived results in a progressively longer period before the Kirby transforms into a ghost. Ghost also has a few more techniques to attack with, in addition to vanishing.

In Kirby Fighters Deluxe, Ghost Kirby can be used in single player, but only in team battles; Ghosts are disabled in any other battle, so getting defeated there simply results in a loss, even if there's more than one Kirby alive.

In Kirby Fighters 2, Ghost can be used by characters other than Kirby, and it can also be used in Story Mode: The Destined Rivals, as it gives the player a buddy for every battle. The Ghost Stone Story Items increase Ghost's potency, decreasing the time required to become a ghost, as well as giving more health upon revival.


Move Controls Description
Kirby: Triple Deluxe
Kirby Fighters Deluxe
Kirby Fighters 2
Attack B Kirby slaps with one of his hands.
Double Attack Press and hold B, and then release Press and hold B, then release Kirby slaps twice with one hand.
Tackle Dash + B Kirby dashes forward while performing a headbutt.
Vanish Hold A Kirby vanishes, becoming invisible and being unaffected by attacks and hazards. When reappearing, Kirby cannot act immediately.

Flavor text

GameFlavor text
Kirby: Squeak Squad
I will possess... I will control... I'm a spooky soul... I'm not scary, though. Right?

Related Quotes

Fight on as Ghost Kirby even if you're knocked out! Attack your foes to return to life!
— Ghost Kirby • Kirby Fighters Deluxe
In a team battle, fight on as Ghost Kirby after you're defeated! Attack your foes to return to life!
— Ghost Kirby • Kirby Fighters Deluxe
When you're defeated, fight on as a ghost! If you can land a hit on an enemy, you'll be revived!
— Being a Ghost • Kirby Fighters 2

In Other Languages

Names, etymology and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology and notes
Japanese ゴースト Translates to Ghost.
English Ghost
Simplified Chinese 幽灵 Translates to Ghost.
German Geist Translates to Ghost.
French Fantôme Translates to Ghost.
Italian Fantasma Translates to Ghost.
Spanish Fantasma Translates to Ghost.


Hearbell.png This section contains unused content that was cut, altered or otherwise does not appear in-game.
  • In Kirby: Squeak Squad, Ghost is one of two Copy Abilities that ignores the Spray Paint function (the other being Metal).
  • When a bubble item is sent to Ghost Kirby's mouth, he will inflate and drop on the ground and remain motionless until the item is either swallowed or discarded; this happens with the UFO ability as well.
  • When Kirby acquires any Copy Ability, he does a waving-walking pose; when he does this with the Ghost ability, a blue foot is revealed.
  • If Kirby goes underwater while he has the Ghost ability, he will appear normally and be able to swim.
  • Kirby's tongue changes from red to purple when he acquires this ability.
  • All enemies that Kirby possesses are completely immune/unaffected by lava, spikes, vents, air/water flow, and other hazards. The only thing these enemies aren't immune to is other enemy attacks and drowning if applicable.
  • Although not seen as a Copy Ability, Kirby is seen in a ghost costume in the Kirby: Right Back at Ya! episode Scare Tactics - Part II.
  • If Bio Spark performs the Air Drop attack and lands in a pit, the game camera will be set on the area Bio Spark fell, even if Kirby moves off the screen. This will require either exceptional navigation skills to get to the next door or simply exiting the level to fix this glitch.
  • The Ghost ability has made more cameo appearances in the Kirby series than it has playable appearances.
  • The concept and gameplay mechanics of the Ghost ability are very similar to those of Avenging Spirit/Phantasm, a 1991 action-platformer game released by Jaleco.
  • This is one of the few abilities to change the appearance of Kirby's hands. Others include Animal, where Kirby's hands have claws, UFO, where his hands disappear entirely, Burning, where his hands catch flame, and ESP, where his hands hold psychic energy.
  • While not appearing in Kirby Battle Royale, a ghost enemy appears in the Coin Clash Battle Mode. Players that are captured by the ghost pass it off to other players by performing a dash move, similarly to how the Ghost ability uses Tackle.
  • Applying the effects of Ghost manually to enemies normally not controllable reveals that movesets for these enemies (including mid-bosses, Gordo, Shotzo and the Squeaks) were included but went unused.[1]



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